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Updated January 27, 2016 - 11:17 PM EST
Pentagon on Afghanistan: US 'Can't Really Leave'
  Taliban Infiltrator Drugs, Kills 10 Afghan Police
Rebels Invited to Syria Talks, Will Anyone Come?
  Facing Turkish Threats, Kurds Not Invited to Syria Talks
  ISIS Bombing Kills at Least 24 in Syria's Homs
  Rescuers Unable to Help 31 Drowning Refugees Due to Laws
Leading Iraqi Shi'ite Says US Airstrikes Failing
  Fresh Rumors of US Military Activity; 162 Killed Across Iraq
Russia Slams US Corruption Claims, Demands Proof
Pentagon Chief Faces 'Open Revolt' on Spending Priorities
Leader of Oregon Occupation Arrested After Deadly Shootout
Saudi Arabia Is Killing Civilians With US Bombs  by Marjorie Cohn
How To Avert Real Change in Election 2016  by Andrew Bacevich
Beware Joseph Biden's 'Trial Balloon' on Escalation in Syria  by Daniel L. Davis
Libya: We’re About To Return to the Crime Scene  by Justin Raimondo
The Iraq War’s Known Unknowns  by Ray McGovern
Learning to Love – and Use – the Bomb  by Jonathan Marshall

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Bibi's Favor

by Philip Giraldi
Robert Gates: Republicans' Grasp of National Security Is at a Child's Level
Doomsday Clock Remains at 3 Minutes to Midnight, but That's Horrible News
UNICEF: 1 in 9 Children Live in World's Conflict Zones
12 Years After Calling a Reporter, DoJ Whistleblower Faces Ethics Charges
Israeli Defense Minister Accuses Turkey of Buying ISIS Oil
Fresh Rumors of US Military Activity; 162 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq's Military Is Still Struggling Despite US Training
Another ISIS Mass Grave With Women and Kids Found
No Proof Russian Air Strikes in Syria Killed Civilians: Lavrov
Russia's Lavrov Denies Offering Asylum to Syria's Bashar Assad
Russia's Lavrov: Would Be 'Unfair' to Hold Syria Peace Talks Without Syrian Kurds
France Says Riyadh Opposition Grouping Must Lead Talks With Syrian Government
Mideast Refugee Crisis
Denmark Adopts Controversial Law to Seize Asylum Seekers' Valuables
Russia Won't Take Back Refugees Who Crossed Into Norway: Lavrov
More Than 1,200 Boat Migrants Rescued Off Libya on Tuesday: Italian Coast Guard
Central European Countries Push for Back-Up EU Border Plans Over Migrants
Canada to Lift Sanctions, Allow Bombardier to Export to Iran
Iran Excludes Most Candidates in Elite Assembly Election
Pope Asks Iran to Work for Peace, Stop Spread of Terrorism

Boosting Middle East Economy Is Way to Beat Extremism: Iranian President

Ayatollah Khamenei Turns US Sailors' Arrest Into Twitter Meme
Israeli Culture Minister to Propose 'Loyalty Bill' in Bid to Control Artistic Funding
New Israeli Civics Textbook: Israeli Arabs Behind Most Attacks in Current Terror Wave
Hunger Striking Palestinian Journalist Clings to Life: Lawyer
UN Chief Ban Slams Israeli Settlements as 'Provocative Acts'
Netanyahu Accuses UN Chief Ban of 'Giving Terror a Tailwind'
IDF Officers: ISIS Will Turn Its Attention to Israel
Death of Stabbed Israeli Woman Raises Pressure on Netanyahu
Middle East
Israeli 'Spy Vulture' Captured in South Lebanon
UN Panel on Yemen: Consider Creating Commission of Inquiry
The War at Home
Navy Finds No Sign of Shooting at San Diego Medical Center
FBI: Man Plotted Machine Gun Attack on Masonic Temple
Spy Agencies Disproportionately White, Male
Police Give All Clear After Saudi, Qatar Missions to UN Evacuated Over Suspicious Package
Somalia Received Saudi Aid the Day It Cut Ties With Iran: Document
Kenyan Troops Abandon Somali Camp to Al Shabaab Militants
Kenya Sends More KDF Troops to Somalia
Attacks on Aid Workers in Somalia Almost Double in 2015, Kill 17: UN
New Libya Unity Government to Be Proposed 'Within 10 Days'
EU Considering Sanctions on Libyans Blocking Peace: Diplomats
Central African Republic Court Cancels Legislative Election, Orders Re-Vote
Mali Al-Qaeda Group Releases Video of Swiss Hostage: Monitor
Burkina Faso Army Arrests Dozens of Suspects After Armory Raid
Senegal Interrogates 900 People in Counter-Terrorism Operation
Forces of Ivory Coast Leader Must Be Probed for Abuse: Lawyer
Putin's Top Security Adviser Says US Is After Russia's Minerals
Russia Will 'Reset' Relations With West on Its Own Terms, Official Says
Ombudsman: German Army Is 'Short of Almost Everything'
German Jews Fear Rising Antisemitism During Mideast Refugee Influx
Ukraine Deliberately Drags Feet on Minsk Peace Deal: Lavrov
Bosnia to Apply for EU Membership Feb. 15: Presidency
Romania Promises Aid to Poor Moldova if It Reforms Its System
Indian Jet Drops 5 Live Bombs Over Its Own Territory
Kerry Fails to Sway Cambodian Leaders on South China Sea
China Denounces 'Irresponsible' US Official's Remarks on North Korea
Myanmar Police Force Hundreds From Factory Area Slums
US Eases Air Travel, Export Financing Sanctions on Cuba
New US Rules Allow Infrastructure Projects, Movie Shoots in Cuba
Effect of US Sanctions Relief Depends Partly on Cuban Action
Surge of Americans Tests Limits of Cuba's Tourism Industry
Explosions Near Venezuelan Legislature Trigger Panic
Australia Day, a Day of Mourning for Aborigines
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