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Updated January 28, 2016 - 11:08 PM EST
US Considering Fresh Military Action in Libya
  Pentagon: US Seeks 'Worthy Partners' for Libya War
Iraqi Kurds Agree to Hold Vote on Secession
  Suicide Bombers Stage Mass Attack; 200 Killed in Iraq
  Syrian Govt to Attend Peace Talks, Rebels Reiterate Preconditions
'Systematic' Saudi Targeting of Yemeni Civilians
  Yemen Airstrikes: 'There Are No Sirens, You Just Hear the Boom'
Iran Navy Warns US Warship Out of Training Area
24 Killed as Turkey Expands Curfew Against Kurdish Cities
The 5 Lamest Excuses for Hillary’s Vote to Invade Iraq  by Stephen Zunes
The Effort To Exonerate Team USA for the Rise of ISIS  by David Mizner
America Should Stop Reassuring Saudi Arabia  by Doug Bandow
Hillary Clinton’s Nightmare  by Andrew P. Napolitano
The Limits of Jihadi Nihilism  by Graham E. Fuller
Is Iran Really So Evil?  by Stephen Kinzer

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French Justice Minister Quits Over Hollande Plan to Amend Constitution
4 Egyptian Soldiers Killed, 12 Injured in Sinai Explosion
Bosnia Not Ready for EU Membership: Diplomats
John Bolton: Fundraising on Track to Draw $21 Million for Hawk Candidates
Turkish Journalists Face Life in Jail Over Syria Report
Suicide Bombers Stage Mass Attack; 200 Killed in Iraq
Number of Syria's Besieged Communities Rises to 18, UN Says
Syrian Opposition's Manna Says No Peace Talks Without Kurds
Russia Says PYD Kurds Could Join Syria Talks Later
UN Says Syria Ignored Most of Its Requests to Deliver Aid
Syria: Russian Air Force and Local Militia Hunt for Turkish Nationalist Suspected of Killing Pilot
Mideast Refugee Crisis
Putin Aide: Syrian Vote Must Include Refugees
Sweden to Expel Up to 80,000 Failed Asylum-Seekers
Syrians Fleeing War Find Unlikely Refuge in Sudan
Frustrated With Germany's Asylum Red Tape, Some Iraqis Return Home
Germany Has a New Plan for Syrian Refugees: Give Them Jobs, Not Sanctuary
Saudi Soldier Dies in Border Shelling From Yemen
Harrowing Treatment of Yemeni-Americans Demands Government Probe, Groups Say
Labor Party Seeks Details of UK Role in Saudi-Led Airstrikes on Yemen
David Cameron Urged to Suspend Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Over Fears Weapons Used Against Yemen Civilians
Iranian Released in Prisoner Exchange Finds Fault With Its Handling
Grandson of Ayatollah Khomeini Is Excluded From Election Panel
Hope but Also Frustration for Iranians After Sanctions Lifted
Iran's Rouhani in France to Revive Business Ties After Nuclear Deal
France Asks EU Partners for New Sanctions on Iran
Iranian President Pitches Iran as Safest Country in Middle East
Iran's Rouhani Rules Out Apology for Saudi Embassy Attack
Israel Feels the Heat of US, EU, and UN Criticism
UN Chief Rebuffs Netanyahu's Claim That He Stokes Terror
Genocide Scholar Blasts Israel's 'Racist' Teaching of the Holocaust
8 Hamas Men Missing After Gaza Tunnel Collapse: Security
Elite Israeli Soldier Jailed for Shooting Camel
ICC Orders Georgia-Russia War Crimes Probe
Ukraine Needs Big Scalps to Fight 'Brutal' Corruption: Ombudsman
Lithuania Opens Trial of Ex-Soviet Military Officers Over 1991 Killings
The War at Home
The Admiral in Charge of Navy Intelligence Has Not Been Allowed to See Military Secrets for Years
Wounded Warrior Project Spends Lavishly on Itself, Insiders Say
Rep. Mike Pompeo Wants to Revive Mass Surveillance Program
Hacker Accused of Giving US Military Personal Data to ISIS
Ferguson Releases Details of Proposed Consent Decree
Some Officers Bristle at Recall of Military Equipment
Afghanistan Fails to Improve Human Rights: HRW
Change of US Command Set in Afghanistan
ISIS Radio Expands Reach in Afghanistan
Taliban Sabotage Cuts Major Power Source for Afghan Capital
North Korea
North Korea May Be Readying Long-Range Missile Launch Soon, Japan Media Reports
US, China Agree on Need for New UN Measure on North Korea
US Slams Taiwan President's Planned Visit to Contested South China Sea Island
Indonesia Evacuates Hundreds of Members of Sect After Clashes
Britain Could Use Sanctions to Pressure Maldives Government
Vietnam Communist Party Re-Elects Trong as Consensus Rule Prevails
Japan Steps Up Campaign for Full UN Security Council Seat
Five Kenyan Police Killed After Truck Hits Explosive Device
After Attack, President Says Kenya to Remain in Somalia Peace Force
At Least 12 Killed in Suicide Blasts in North Nigeria
Nigeria Violates Rights, Ignores Military Violations: Human Rights Watch
Tunisia Says Breaks Up Militant Cell Linked to ISIS
African Leaders Trying to Push Burundi to Take Peacekeepers: Officials
Foes From Mozambique's War Spar as Energy Windfall Looms
Egypt F-16 Crashes During Training Drill, Kills Crew
Sudan Opens Border With South Sudan for First Time Since 2011 Secession
Israel Supplies South Sudan Government With Wiretapping Equipment
OAS to Send Special Mission to Haiti Amid Political Crisis
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