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Updated February 1, 2016 - 11:20 PM EST
ISIS, al-Qaeda Battle Along Lebanon-Syria Border
  ISIS Bombs Kill 71 Near Syria Shrine
  Finally in Geneva, Syrian Rebel Negotiators Threaten to Leave
  Kerry Claims Syrian War 'Worst Since WW2'
Saudis: US, UK to Help With Yemen Targeting
  Top Salafist Cleric Killed in Yemen's City of Aden
Boko Haram Fire-Bombs Nigeria Village, 86 Dead
  Cameroon Denies Killing Civilians in Nigeria Raids
Taliban Suicide Bombing Kills 20 Police in Afghan Capital
Girl Made Up Migrant Rape Claim That Outraged Germany
Is Congress Declaring War on ISIS…or on You?  by Ron Paul
Don't Shoot the Messenger, Israel  by Ban Ki-Moon
McConnell's Authorization for Use of Force Is Bad Politics and Policy  by Brian Darling
Remember Kosovo?  by Justin Raimondo
Moving Toward a World Beyond War  by Thomas F. Lee
UN Fiddles While Palestine Burns  by Nick Everett

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The Trump Doctrine Revealed
'Eyewash': How the CIA Deceives Its Own Workforce About Operations
Report: 2,300 Journalists Killed in Past 25 Years
Marco Rubio, Following Donor Dollars, Veers From Limited-Govt Positions
PACs for and Against Cuba Embargo Bring in Big Money
ISIS Executing Children; 182 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq Militia Attacks May Constitute War Crimes: HRW
French-Speaking Jihadist Executes 'Apostates' in ISIS Video
US Air Force Awards $272 Million Contract to Expand Balad Air Base in Iraq
Baghdad and Iraqi Kurds Agree to Cooperate on Economic Reform
UN Asks for $861 Million to Help Iraq Meet Humanitarian Bill
Battered by War, Iraq Now Faces Calamity From Dropping Oil Prices
Official: ISIS Has Lost Five Percent of Territory It Once Held in Syria
Syria Residents Starving to Death Despite Aid Delivery
New Battle Brews in Iran Over Contracts With Foreign Oil Companies
Americans Who Travel to Iran Risk Arrest, US Warns
Iran Gives Medals for Capture of US Sailors
Yemen's Houthis Detain Journalist, Activists in Sanaa
Troops Spread Out Across Aden in Security Boost Following Extremist Attacks
Saudi Arabia
Americans Not Believed Among Militants Detained by Saudis: US Officials
Saudi Arabia IDs Mosque Attacker as 22-Year-Old National
UK-US Spy Operations Also Reportedly Targeted Israeli Missile Project
Netanyahu Threatens to Eclipse 2014 War to Destroy Gaza Tunnels
Israel to Allow Non-Orthodox Jewish Prayer at the Western Wall
Israel Would Consider Invitation to Peace Talks With Palestinians: Spokesman
Israel Rejects French Ultimatum: 'This Isn't How One Makes Peace'
Israel Opposition Blames Government Failings for French Recognition Threat
Abbas Welcomes French Statehood Plan: 'We Will No Longer Accept Occupation'
UN Chief Doubles Down on Israel Comments in NY Times
Israeli Wounded in Stabbing Attack Near Jerusalem's Damascus Gate
Palestinian Police Officer Opens Fire Near Israeli Settlement, Wounds Three Soldiers
Israeli Teen Facing Multiple Prison Sentences for Refusing Military Service Says She 'Won't Break'
Israel's Liberal Artists Decry Attempts to Limit Expression
Israeli Supreme Court Stiffens Jail Sentence for Bilingual School Arsonists
Turkey Says Another Russian Jet Violated Turkey's Airspace
Ukraine Reports First Military Casualties in 3 Weeks
Petrol Bombs at Greek Minister's House
'Visit My Mosque' Day in UK Bids to Tackle Islamophobia
The War at Home
Judge Rules FBI Unlawfully Refused to Comply With Information Act Requests
Clinton Camp Opposes Withholding of Emails
US Anti-Islamic Bills Create 'Environment of Fear'
F-35 Software Overrun With Bugs, DoD Testing Chief Warns
After Kent State: 1970s Anti-War Student Art Ė in Pictures
Pentagon to Take No Additional Action Against Gen. Petraeus
Mideast/Euro Refugee Crisis
Swedish Police Foiled Planned Attack on Immigrants in Stockholm
At Least 37 Migrants, Including 10 Children, Drown Off Turkish Coast
10,000 Refugee Children Are Missing, Says Europol
Germany's Merkel Says Refugees Must Return Home Once War Is Over
Number of Syrian Refugees on Jordan Border Reaches 20,000
Greece Pledges to Speed Up Delivery of Migrant 'Hotspot' Centers
'Major Risk' of ISIS Crossing Mediterranean With Refugees: French Minister
Aegean Sea Refugee Crossings Rise 35 Fold Year-On-Year in January: Watchdog
Egypt Says Made No Arrests in Connection to Russian Plane Crash
Egypt Arrests Cartoonist for Illegally Running a Webpage
African Union Abandons Plans to Send Peacekeepers to Burundi
Burundi Authorities Arrest 2 Western Journalists
3 Dead, 56 Wounded in Suicide Bombings Near Lake Chad
Three Killed in Suspected Islamist Attack in Northern Kenya
Nigeria Reinstates General Implicated in Mass Murder
Head of Libya's Unity Government Meets Army Chief
France Says to Wind Down Central African Republic Force by Year-End
Chinese President Calls for East Jerusalem as Capital of Palestinian State
US Navy Destroyer Sails Near Disputed Island in South China Sea
President Xi Jinping of China Is All Business in Middle East Visit
US Broadens Fight Against ISIS With Attacks in Afghanistan
Pakistan Arrests Elusive Top Ganglord in Crime-Ridden Karachi
Colombia's FARC Rebels Will Enter Politics, Seek Alliances: Leader
Colombia Rebel Leader Says Most Will Abandon Arms
Female Fighters Who Strike Fear in the Hearts of Colombian Troops
Venezuela: Maduro's Critics Want to Know: Is He Actually Colombian?
Twisting Inquiry Into Buenos Aires Bombing Takes New Turn
Mexico Kills Two, Nabs 22 in Bust of Sinaloa Cartel Smuggling Ring
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