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Updated February 2, 2016 - 11:02 PM EST
Pentagon to Use ISIS to Push for Bigger Budget
  In Rome, Nations Talk Growing ISIS War, Expanding Into Libya
4409 Killed in Iraq During January
  US Offers Helicopters for Iraq's Attack on Mosul
  UN Declares Syria Talks Started, Rebels Insist They're Not Staying
Al-Qaeda Seizes Key South Yemen Town
Taliban Suicide Bombing Kills 20 Police in Afghan Capital
S. Sudan Army Suffocated 50 Civilians in Shipping Container
Probe: Most West Bank Settlement Land Deals Forged
$100 Billion in Iranian Assets Unfrozen in Nuclear Deal
Adding Up the Costs of Hillary Clinton’s Wars  by Conn Hallinan
Donald Trump Is Not the Only One Demonizing China  by Ivan Eland
Obama Plans Massive Military Escalation and the Media Barely Seems to Care  by Adam Johnson
Hands Up, Don't Execute  by Dan Sanchez
Feeding the Military-Industrial Complex  by Jonathan Marshall
How America Was Seduced by the 'Easy War'  by Sebastian J. Bae

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US Military Commander Rejects GOP Pledges to 'Carpet-Bomb' ISIS
EU Law 'Veto Powers' to Be Unveiled
Surprise: Among Muslim Republicans, Trump Is No. 1
Argentine Prosecutor Who Alleged Iran Behind '94 Bombing Tied to NY Money
4409 Killed in Iraq During January
HRW: Iraq Shi'ite Militias Have Carried Out Revenge Attacks Against Sunnis
US Envoy Says Syria Trip Not Tied to Geneva Peace Talks
US Official Presses Russia on Humanitarian Access in Syria
Syrian Opposition Says Government Must Implement Goodwill Measures Within Days
UN: Syria Approves Aid Deliveries to 3 Besieged Villages
Israeli Satellite Photos Show Russian Air Force Deployment in Syria
War Crimes Should Not Be Part of Any Syria Amnesty: UN Rights Boss
Russia's Military Says Turkey's Airspace Violation Claim a 'Provocation'
UN Rights Chief Urges Turkey to Investigate Shooting of Civilians
In Poconos, a Turkish Cleric Shrouded in Mystery
Turkey's Erdogan Woos Latin America
Turkey Has Spent $9 Bn on Refugees: Erdogan
Five Czechs Missing in Lebanon Since July Have Been Found
Lebanon Reminds Foreign Truck Drivers They Need Visas to Enter Turkey
Israeli Military Partially Closes Main Palestinian City
UN Chief Tells Israel, Palestinians: 'Writing Is on the Wall'
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Attacker in West Bank: Army
Al-Aqsa Mosque Manager Banned From Al-Aqsa
Abbas to Kerry: Support French Initiative to Convene International Peace Conference
Former Iranian President Criticizes Hardliners for Eliminating Rivals
US Adds Five Russian Officials to Human Rights Sanctions List
Terror Threats Thaw Budgets Across Europe
Cyprus President Warns UN Chief No Rush to Reach Peace Deal
Home of Moldovan Central Bank Chief Hit by Grenade
France and Belgium Tighten Security Cooperation Post Attacks
UK Awaits Outcome of Libya Talks as It Weighs Military Options
Egyptian Christian Students Stand Trial for Insulting Islam
Tunisia Police, Islamist Militants Clash, Two Dead: Government
Amnesty Condemns Reinstatement of Nigeria General
African Union Says Crisis in South Sudan Is Worsening
The War at Home
Hinting at Endorsement, Adelsons Give Cruz Maximum Donation
State Dept Tried to Make 'Standalone' Network for Clinton
Hillary Clinton: People Are 'Selectively Leaking' About FBI Inquiry
Paul, McConnell Argue Against Army Cuts in Kentucky
Mike Huckabee Suspends 2016 Presidential Campaign
Martin O'Malley to Suspend His Presidential Campaign
4 Ex-Blackwater Contractors Appeal Convictions in Iraq Shootings
Poll: Muslim Voters Say Islamophobia Top Issue in Primaries
Navy Seeks Answers as 2 LCSs Break Down in a Month
Is Law Enforcement 'Going Dark' Because of Encryption? Hardly, Says New Report
Mideast-EU Refugee Crisis
Refugees Bring Entrepreneurial Spirit to Risk-Shy Germany
As Children Die Reaching for Europe's Shores, Empathy Fades
French Demolish Migrant Church, Mosque at Migrant Camp
Finland to Test Drones on Russian Border as Migrant Flow Grows
Fear and Paranoia Lead Finns to Form Vigilante Groups to 'Protect Women' From Asylum Seekers
Syrian Child Labor Found in Turkey Clothes Factories: Charity
Syria Refugee Women in Lebanon Face Abuse, Exploitation: Amnesty
Seven Civilians Injured as Bomber Explodes in Afghanistan
Germany Offers Afghanistan Help to Take Back Migrants
China Says US Seeks 'Hegemony' After South China Sea Sailing
China Sentences Two Men to Death in Killing of Tibetan Religious Leader
China's Xi Sets Up Five New 'Battle Zones' in Military Reform Push
US Calls on China to Clarify Status of Booksellers
Suu Kyi Allies Form Myanmar Ruling Party After Decades of Struggle
Artists and Prisoners Face Former Foes as Myanmar's New Rulers Take Seats
Venezuela's UN Envoy: Not Concerned About US Investigations
Two Guatemala Ex-Soldiers Tried for Sex Slavery, Murder
France Calls to End US Sanctions on Cuba During Castro Visit
Haiti Opposition Alliance Declining to Meet With OAS Mission
Almost Half of Colombians Think There Will Be Peace Agreement
Weekend Shootouts Claim at Least 18 Lives in Mexico
Reverberations From a Rise in Mexico's Murder Rate
Mexico: Cross-Border Cartel Sting Netted 22 Arrests, 2 Dead
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