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Updated February 3, 2016 - 11:16 PM EST
Pentagon Seeks Big Budget, Citing Russia, China
  Army, Marines Chiefs Say Women Should Have to Register for Draft
US Killing More Civilians in Iraq, Syria
  Kurds Say ISIS Must Be Defeated in Syria First
  Russia Relents, Will Not Oppose Terror Groups at Syria Talks
Pentagon Pushing for More Troops in Iraq
  Unpaid Wages Fueling Desertions Among Kurdish Peshmerga
Rand Paul Suspends Presidential Campaign
House Again Votes to Try to Derail Iran Deal
30 Killed in Fighting East of Yemen Capital
North Korea Informs UN of Planned Satellite Launch
US Airstrikes Kill 46 Afghanis, Destroy ISIS Radio Station
The Peace Movement's War Story  by Ira Chernus & Tom Engelhardt
Want Endless War? Well, Hillary Clinton's Your Choice  by Marjorie Cohn
Taiwan: The Latest Claimant to Roil the South China Sea  by Ted Galen Carpenter
The Establishment’s Last Stand  by Justin Raimondo
Neocons Forgive Cruz His Sins  by Ali Gharib
Drones and 'What Makes Us Different'  by Joseph Nevins

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Denmark Wants to Watch Everything You Do Online
Kerry Sent 'Secret' Email to Clinton From Personal Account
Muslim Conference Calls for Protection of Religious Minorities
Britain Rules Out Sending Combat Troops to Libya
Falluja Civilians Starving as 27 Are Killed in Iraq
Iraq Oil Price Plunge Could Be Catastrophic
Iraqi Kurdish Leader Calls for Non-Binding Independence Referendum
Iraq Awards Italian Firm Trevi Contract to Repair Mosul Dam
Syrian Army Threatens to Encircle Aleppo as Talks Falter
Syria Allows Aid Into Rebel-Held Area as Peace Talks Stall
Senior Opposition Negotiator Alloush Says Not Optimistic on Talks
US Calls on Russia to Respect Syria Ceasefire During Peace Talks
Britain Says Russia Trying to Carve Out Mini-State for Assad in Syria
Russia Assured Israel It Isn't Transferring Arms to Hezbollah in Syria
Syria Condemns Turkey 'Cross-Border Shelling'
US Official Visits Kurdish Rebel Group in Syria
Rouhani Vows to Ensure Fair Elections in Iran
Iran Signs Deal to Buy 20 More Passenger Airplanes From ATR
Rouhani Invites US Firms to Invest in Changing Iranian Economy
FBI Creates Facebook Page in Farsi for Case of Missing US Agent
Palestinian Families Homeless as Israeli Military Demolishes West Bank Houses
Israeli NGO Seeks Demolition of Illegal West Bank Road in Palestinian City
Middle East
Hezbollah Kills Four Qaeda-Linked Militants in North Lebanon: Security Source
Turkey Detain Leftist Militants Suspected of Planning Attack
Saudi Court Quashes Death Sentence for 'Apostate' Poet
Russia Puts Five Former US Officials on Blacklist for Alleged Rights Abuses
Socialists to Try to Form Govt in Spain, but Chances Slim
Venezuelan Party Launches Bill to Oust President
Venezuela Ex-Ministers Seek Probe Into $300 Billion in Lost Oil Revenue
Murder Rate Dips, but Venezuela Still Global Hotspot
Colombia Says Time Running Out for Peace Talks With ELN Rebels
Mideast-EU Refugee Crisis
Nine Migrants, Including Two Babies Drowned Off Turkish Coast: Coastguard
Jordanians 'At Boiling Point' Over Syrian Refugees
When I Grow Up, I Want to Be...
Canada's Syrian Refugee Plan Draws US Senate Panel Scrutiny
Denmark Extends Border Control on Border With Germany
Germany's Gabriel Calls for Fewer Migrants as Registrations Triple on Year
Britain Could Deny New Migrant Benefits Under EU Deal: Draft
Stranded Migrants Block Main Greece-Macedonia Artery Demanding Passage
More Than 62,000 Migrant Arrivals in Greece Last Month: IOM
Satirical Video Urges Africans to Adopt Europeans in Response to Anti-Refugee Comments
Two Injured as Explosion Forces Plane to Turn Back in Somalia
Mortar Shells Target Somalia Palace
Kenya Holds Trucks Carrying Food Aid Into Somalia on Militant Fears
Nigerian Separatists Threaten to Blow Up Hijacked Ship
Funding Falls Short for Task Force to Fight Nigeria's Boko Haram
ISIS Threatens Libyan Oil Refineries, Ports
Grenade Attack Kills One as Burundi Violence Continues
Zimbabwe Chief Prosecutor Charged Over Mugabe Bomb Plot Case
General Campbell: Afghanistan Needs Long-Term US Commitment
Taliban Gun Down 10-Year-Old Militia Hero in Afghanistan
Karachi Protest: Pakistan Clashes at Airport Kill Two
Pakistan's State Airline Suspends Flights After Workers Die in Protest
Pakistani Women at Forefront of Drive to Give Poor Rural Girls an Education
North Korea
US: North Korea Launch Plan 'Argues Even More Strongly' for Tougher Sanctions
The War at Home
Afghanistan, Iraq Vets Dump on Donald Trump After IED Talk in Iowa
Crypto Flaw Was So Glaring It May Be Intentional Eavesdropping Backdoor
Remains Retrieved From Crash Site of Marine Choppers
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