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Updated February 4, 2016 - 11:15 PM EST
UN Panel To Rule in Julian Assange's Favor
UN Declares Syria Peace Talks 'Paused'
  Rebels Fume as Syrian Army Breaks al-Qaeda's Siege in North
  Syrian Gains in North Hinder Turkey's Ability to Back Rebels
  Counting the Civilian Cost of US-Led Air Strikes Against ISIS
  Lebanese Army Kills Six ISIS, Captures 16 in Border Area Raids
Iraq Tribal Leader Warns of New Extremist Groups
  Pentagon Admits: 'Well Above 4,000' US Troops in Iraq
Saudi Warplanes Attack Yemen Cement Factory
General Says Israel 'Effectively' Part of Anti-ISIS Coalition
Hillary Clinton, Conscription, and Militarized Feminism  by Lucy Steigerwald
America's Myth of a Peaceful Nation  by Vasko Kohlmayer
What the President Should Do: End US Support for the War in Yemen  by Emma Ashford
Cruz and Rubio: Heirs to Bush-Obama Militarism  by Sheldon Richman
Is Trump a Realist?
 by Leon Hadar
The Big 5 and the Sad State of Foreign Policy in 2016  by Stephen Walt

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An Improbable Solution
by Philip Giraldi
'This Is a Joke': Snowden, Others Slam New EU-US Data Sharing Deal
Slovenia Offers Instructors, Equipment to Fight ISIS
Google Weighs Using Anti-Jihad Results to Fight Terrorism
A Golden Age for Pentagon Waste
UN Panel: Too Often Only Half of Aid Money Get to the Needy
111 Killed in Iraq; ISIS Attacks Ramadi Security Forces
Arabs, Kurds Retake Northern Iraq Village From ISIS
Iraq Building Security Wall Around Baghdad: Military Commander
ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi's Nephew Killed in Airstrike East of Ramadi
Second Batch of US F-16 Jets Arrives in Iraq
Iraq Kurd Leader: 'Time Has Come' for Statehood Referendum
Aleppo Offensive Uproots Hundreds, Kills Aid Workers: UN
Russian Military Officer Killed by ISIS Shelling in Syria
France Accuses Syria, Allies of 'Torpedoing' Geneva Peace Talks
Canadian Who Says He Fought ISIS Detained in Australia
Britain Pledges Extra $1.75 Billion for Syria Before Donor Conference
Syrian Refugee Crisis
US Rejects 30 Syrian Refugees Amid Tightened Security
London Mulls Money, Syrian Refugees Contemplate Survival
Canada Considers Housing Syrian Refugees at Military Bases
Lebanon Needs $12 Billion to Cope With Refugee 'Earthquake'
The Migrant Crisis: No End in Sight
Trying to Stem Refugee Influx, Sweden Asks: When Is a Child Not a Child?
Disappointed by Austria, Migrants Go Home
EU Agrees Funding for Turkey to Curb Migrant Flows After Italy Drops Objections
Hundreds Flee Conflict-Hit Area in Southeast Turkey as Curfew Lifted
Turkey Deliberately Sends Kurdish Army Soldiers to Clash Zones
Mortar Bombs From Syria Land Near Turkish Soldiers Clearing Mines
Turkey Broke Aviation Treaty in Blocking Russian Plane: Moscow
Rebel Shelling Destroys Museum in Yemen
Suicide Attack in Yemen's Aden Wounds Security Chief
Ex-BBC Journalist Jailed in Iran Before Foreign Minister's UK Visit
British Airways Will Resume Flights to Iranian Capital in July
Foreign Minister Invites Iran's Rouhani to Germany
Israel Demolishes 23 Homes in Hebron Area to Make Way for IDF Training Zones
Israel Looks to Crack Down on CBS for Reporting Three Palestinians Killed
Israeli Officer Dies in Palestinian Attack, Three Assailants Killed
Two Hamas Fighters Buried After Gaza Tunnel Collapse
Netanyahu Denounces Israeli Tourism Minister's Attack on US Reform Jews
Israeli Cop Indicted for Exposing Jewish Women Who Spent Time With Arabs to Extremist Group
Price of Peace: Colombia to Seek Millions in New US Aid
Poll: Most Haitians Would Vote if They Saw Elections as Fair
The War at Home
Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul Quits 2016 GOP Presidential Race
Rick Santorum Drops Out of Presidential Race
Cruz: President Donald Trump Would Nuke Denmark
New Safe Harbor Data 'Deal' May Be More Politicking Than Surveillance Reform
How FBI Blocks Whistleblower Fighting Dismissal; New Bill Could Help Others
Pentagon Chief Unveils Plans to Buy More High-End Ships, Fighters
In First US Mosque Visit, Obama Slams 'Inexcusable' Anti-Muslim Rhetoric
Wyoming Town Abandons Mosque Opposition, Pivots to Anti-Refugee Rhetoric
Marines Say Only Trace DNA Found at Helicopter Crash Site in Hawaii
Afghanistan Is on the Brink After US Invests $100 Billion
Wasil Ahmad: Taliban Assassinate Afghanistan's 10-Year-Old Hero of Uruzgan Siege
Afghanistan's Minister of Refugees: 'No Agreement on Taking Back Deportees From Germany'
North Korea
Japan Readies to 'Destroy' North Korea Rocket
North Korea's Rocket Plans Seen as Disrespectful of China
Use of 'Dictator Law' Rises in Thailand as Junta's Reforms Falter
US Says Open to Patrols With Philippines in Waters Disputed With China
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Lauds Choice of Ethnic and Army-Backed Parliamentary Speakers
US Says Making Progress in Aircraft Carrier Collaboration With India
Declaring De-Radicalization Success, China Reduces 11 Sentences
Ukraine Economy Minister Quits in Blow to Reform Hopes
Hundreds of Soviet Regime Victims Reburied in Ukraine
France Seeks to Extend State of Emergency Despite Protests
Central Europe Guardedly Welcomes US Military Spending Boost
Cameron Says to Assert British Parliament Is Sovereign Over EU Laws
Poland's New Government Revisits Presidential Jet Crash in Russia
Bulgaria Charges Four Ukrainians Over Sofia Grenade Attack
Egyptian Forces Kill Two Militants in Clashes in Upscale Cairo Area
Italian Student Missing in Egypt Likely Dead: Italian Foreign Ministry
Bomb Likely Caused Somalia Plane Blast: US
Angolan Rebel Savimbi's Family Sues 'Call of Duty' Makers
Congolese Warlord Katanga on Trial Again After Completing ICC Sentence
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