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Updated February 5, 2016 - 11:23 PM EST
Released: 198 Photos Relating to Detainee Abuse
US 'Complicit' in Afghan Child Soldiers
  Afghanistan Won't Be Able to Pay for Its Military Until 2024 (at Least)
Pentagon: ISIS Fighters in Iraq, Syria Declining
  Citing Buildup, Russia Accuses Turkey of Plan to Invade Syria
  Saudi Arabia Willing to Participate in Ground War in Syria
Iraq Blames ISIS as Anbar Attacks Kill 28 Troops
  Iraq Seeks to Take ISIS Territory Off Internet to 'Stop Propaganda'
  String of Blasts Hits Baghdad; 283 Killed in Iraq
UN Panel Rules in Julian Assange's Favor
US Estimates: Up to 6,000 ISIS Fighters in Libya
Israeli Censor Seeks to Expand Control to Facebook Users
US Drone Strikes Kill 12 in Yemen, Including Top Islamist
Let’s Talk About Bernie Sanders and the Middle East  by Derek Davison
War Is an Afterthought in the Democratic Primary  by Conor Friedersdorf
ISIS Was Born in a US Detention Facility (and It Wasn't Gitmo)  by Andrew Keane Woods
Rand Paul in Retrospect  by Justin Raimondo
Inconsistent Impatience on Cuba  by Paul R. Pillar
The Logic of Hunger-Striking Palestinians: When Starvation Is a Weapon  by Ramzy Baroud

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The Significance of Julian Assange's Case
FAA: Drones Flown Within 32 Miles of the Super Bowl Could Face 'Deadly Force'
Classified Data in Personal Email of Colin Powell and Aides to Condoleezza Rice
Venezuela President Vows to Resist Ouster
Violence Continues
String of Blasts Hits Baghdad; 283 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Divisions Undermine Battle Against ISIS
Italy to Send 130 Military Personnel to Iraq to Recover Wounded
After Four Months, Russia's Campaign in Syria Is Proving Successful for Moscow
Syrian Army Source Sees Aleppo Encircled Soon
Turkish PM Davutoglu Says Humanitarian Corridor to Aleppo Cut Off
Turkey Says Refused Access to Russian Flight Near Syria
World Pledges $10b for Syrians, but Peace Prospects Bleak
Iran's Zarif Says Any Syria Ceasefire Should Exclude Operations Against Nusra, ISIS
Red Cross Delivers Food, Medicine to Besieged Syrian Town
Iran Calls on US to Reassure European Banks Over Trade With Tehran
Iran to Strengthen Missile Program: Army Chief
Iran Anticipates Saffron Sales Will Soar After Lifting of Sanctions
Israel Clamping Down on 'Illegal' EU Building in West Bank
Israel Locks Down Palestinian Town After Deadly Attack
While Brazil Rejects Israeli Envoy, It Inaugurates Palestinian Embassy
Netanyahu Calls for Punitive Measures Against Arab MKs Who Visited Families of Terrorists
Two Israeli Arab Girls Held for Stabbing Security Guard: Police
High Court 'Suspends' Detention of Hunger-Striking Palestinian Journalist
2 Israelis Sentenced for 2014 Murder of Palestinian Teenager
Smuggled Gold Bars and Steroids Uncovered in EU Diplomat's Car at Israel-Jordan Border
Middle East
Czechs Release Two Lebanese as Missing Czechs Return From Lebanon, US 'Shocked'
HRW: West Notoriously Silent on Saudi Rights Abuses
Turkey Reinstates Vatican Envoy After Row Over Pope's Armenian Remarks
Mideast-EU Refugee Crisis
EU May Give Syrian Refugee Host Countries Trade Preferences: Merkel
Swedish Minister Vows to Curb Refugee Flows in 2016
Syria Civil War: Up to 70,000 Refugees Head to Turkey, Says PM
Paris Attack Leader Said He Slipped in With 90 Extremists
Woman in Hiding Tells Why She Blew Whistle on Paris Attacker
In Supposed No-Go Zone, British Muslims, Christians Say No to Fanatics
Poland Increases Government Surveillance Powers Despite Protests
Germany Conducts Raids Over Suspected Attack Plans
Plan to Keep Britain in EU Hits 'Pain Threshold', Says Merkel Ally
DR Congo
Congolese Army Attacked UN Troops Meeting Islamist Rebels: UN
Congo, UN Troops Fire in Air to Stop Clash Between Machete-Armed Villagers
UN Peacekeepers Linked to New Central African Republic Rape Cases
Tortured Italian Student Died 'Slow Death': Egypt Official
Airline CEO: Explosive Residue Found in Somalia Incident
Burundi Rebels Say Trained by Rwandan Military: UN Experts
China Sheds More Light on 3 Missing Hong Kong Booksellers
Ahead of Chinese New Year, Xi Pushes Economic, Military Reform
Isolated Nepal PM Could Be Toppled by Constitution Crisis
North Korea Launches Newest Offensive: Cigarette Butts
Kashmir Avalanche: Indian Soldiers Missing in Siachen Feared Dead
Sri Lankan Anthem Sung in Tamil for First Time Since 1949
White House Seeks to Boost Aid to Colombia to $450 Million
Venezuela Opens Debate on Political Prisoner Amnesty
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