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Updated February 8, 2016 - 11:10 PM EST
Islamists Shoot Down Libyan Fighter Jet
NATO Plans Biggest Build-Up Since Cold War
ISIS Executes Hundreds in Iraq
  ISIS Bombers Target Iraqi Troops in Anbar Attacks
  Netherlands to Probe Civilian Deaths in Iraq Airstrikes
  Iraq: Planned Baghdad Wall 'Not a Wall Exactly'
  Oil Price and ISIS Ruin the Kurds' Dream of Riches
Erdogan: US Must Choose Between Turkey, Kurds
  EU Demands Turkey Let Refugees In, But Keep Them From Europe
US Not Planning on New Israel Peace Process
  US Warns Netanyahu Not To Spurn Aid Package in Hopes of Better Deal
Super Bowl a Chance for More War Hype
The US Military Bombs in the Twenty-First Century  by Tom Engelhardt
When in Rome: 'Criminal Consequences' for Assange's Tormentors?  by Thomas Knapp
Hillary Is the Candidate of the War Machine  by Jeffrey Sachs
Danger Ahead  by Justin Raimondo
Oil Price and ISIS Ruin the Kurds' Dream of Riches  by Patrick Cockburn
Throwing More US Troops at Afghanistan Isn't the Answer  by Daniel L. Davis

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American Bombs Are Still Buried Under German Towns, and They're Blowing Up
Reports Hint Suu Kyi Could Become Myanmar President
Saudi King Calls for Others Not to Interfere in Kingdom
Congo to Probe Alleged Sex Abuse by Peacekeeers in Central African Republic
Three British Troops Injured in Covert Operation in Iraq
1965-1975 Vietnam: Unseen Images of the War From the Winning Side
ISIS Executes Hundreds in Iraq
Amnesty: Iraqi Authorities Turn Blind Eye to Shi'a Militia Vicious Reprisal Killings
Shi'ite Militia Warns Against Sending Arab Forces to Syria, Iraq
All 39 Indian Hostages From Punjab Alive in Iraq, Says Minister
Iraqi Kurds Protest Against Turkey, 3 Police Wounded
UAE Says It's Prepared to Send Ground Forces to Syria
Syria Says Any Foreign Troops Would Return 'in Coffins'
Aid Reaches Besieged Damascus Suburb: Red Cross
In Aleppo, Underground Schools Face Bombardments and Burnout
Second Member of ISIS Execution Cell Identified as Briton: Report
Videos Made by Civilians Fleeing Aleppo Show Scenes of Devastation
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Refugee Camps Are Factories for Terrorists? Not Really.
Around 35,000 Syrians Have Arrived at Turkish Border in 48 Hours: Governor
Over 68,000 Migrants Entered Europe in January as Syria War Intensifies
Austria Dodges Asylum Claims by Dumping Migrant Fingerprints
Austria's Finance Minister Asks EU to Cover Costs of Additional Migrants
As Syrians Flee Anew, Neighbors' Altruism Hardens Into Resentment
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Al-Qaeda Mourns Death of Top Commander in Yemen
Cross-Border Yemeni Shelling Kills Two in Saudi Arabia
Somalia Spokesman: Video Shows Laptop Handed to Bomb Suspect
Somali Airport Security Is 'Zero,' Says Pilot Whose Plane Was Bombed
Ethnic Fighting in Congo Leaves 29 Dead
Al-Qaeda Group Claims Attack on Police Station in North Mali
Egyptian Police Shoot Four Suspected Militants in Raid Near Cairo
Tunisia Finishes Libya Border Fence Intended to Keep Out Militants
General Defends French Response to Rwanda Massacre
Algeria Reinstates Term Limit and Recognizes Berber Language
Burundi Grenade Attacks Kill Four, Including a Child
Civilians Fleeing Darfur Clashes in 'Dire' Conditions: UN
Militants Free Australian Woman Kidnapped in Burkina Faso
Haiti Leaders Move to Install Provisional Government
Haiti President Steps Down Without Successor in Place
Haiti Protesters Stone to Death Ex-Fighter as Political Crisis Deepens
Haiti Postpones Carnival as President Steps Down Amid Unrest
Haiti Leader Departs as He Came: Amid Uncertainty, Disorder
Israel, US Gear Up for Large-Scale Missile Defense Drill
Hamas Kills Its Own Commander for Unnamed 'Violations'
Poll: Support for Third Intifada Waning Among Palestinians
IDF Censor Requires Bloggers to Submit Posts for Review
Sudanese Migrant Stabs Israeli Soldier, Is Shot Dead: Police
Israeli Forces Kill 14-Year-Old Palestinian
Tent That Served as Synagogue Burned in West Bank
West Bank Settlers' Listings on AirBNB Draw Palestinian Anger
What Israelis Weren't Told About the Alternatives to the Oslo Accords
Hundreds More Candidates Allowed to Contest Iran Election
Several Dual Citizens in Iran Face Espionage Charges: Official
Afghan Interior Minister Close to Quitting as Crisis Deepens: Sources
Kunduz Residents Live in Fear of Taliban's Return
Sangin 'On Verge of Falling Back Into Afghan Taliban Hands'
Efforts to Revive Afghan Peace Talks Continue in Pakistan
2 Radio Journalists Attacked by Gunmen in Afghanistan
China Voices Regret at North Korea Rocket Launch: Foreign Ministry
Japan Did Not Try to Shoot Down North Korean Rocket
Seoul Mulls Missile Defense System After North Korea's Rocket Launch
North Korea Will Continue Launching Satellites: Interfax Cites Embassy
Storms May Brew, but in North Korea Pride Over New Satellite
UN Council Condemns North Korea Launch, US Vows 'Serious Consequences'
Suicide Bomber Kills Nine, Injures Dozens, in Pakistan City of Quetta
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Names Former General to Head Key Advisory Panel
Sri Lanka's Tamil Leaders Call for UN Help on 4,000 Missing
German Authorities Conduct Anti-Terrorism Raids in Mainz
American Bombs Are Still Buried Under German Towns. and They're Blowing Up.
Spain Police Arrest 'ISIS Jihadists'
2 Puppeteers Held in Spain for Allegedly Praising Terrorism
Anti-Islam Groups Rally Across Europe; Clashes in Amsterdam
Dutch Referendum 'No' on Ukraine Pact Would Force Rethink, Minister Says
London Bus Explosion for Movie Alarms Onlookers Fearing Terror Attack
France's National Front Reaffirms Anti-Euro Stance
El Salvador
El Salvador Detains Ex-Soldiers for 1989 Jesuit Priest Killings
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