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Updated February 9, 2016 - 11:17 PM EST
US Intel Chiefs Hype ISIS in Funding Push
Syrian Islamists Squeezed on Multiple Fronts
  Kerry: US Pushing for 'Immediate' Syria Ceasefire
  UN Documents Mass Execution of Detainees in Syria
Official: Chechen Spies Infiltrated ISIS Cells
  Russian Air Strikes in Syria 'Good Thing': Del Ponte
  Saudi FM Confirms Talks on Sending Special Forces to Syria
US Falls Short in Anti-ISIS Coalition-Building
  Canada PM: Airstrikes in Iraq, Syria to End by February 22
Child Soldiers Make Up a Third of Yemen Fighters
  Yemeni al-Qaeda Factions Fight Over Local Control
  ISIS Claims Credit for Car Bomb in Saudi Capital
Islamists Shoot Down Libyan Fighter Jet
Turkish Forces Accused of 'Massacre' Over Cizre Raid
US Sees NK Satellite Launch as Excuse for Missile Buildup
US Policy Adapts to Russian-Backed Syrian Gains  by Gareth Porter
In This Campaign, Foreign Policy Establishment Not Faring Well  by Ivan Eland
Clinton Stokes Fears of Russians Coming to the Baltics, When They're Actually Leaving  by Kenneth Rapoza
Opposing the Plutocracy Means Opposing the Warfare State  by Gary Chartier
Risking World War III in Syria  by Joe Lauria
Clinton, Petraeus, Snowden, and Manning: The Tail of Two Americas  by Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

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Hackers Post Antiwar Message on Alabama Government Websites
Russia Announces Surprise Military Drills in South
Drone Crashes Into Empire State Building
Hacker Fulfills Threat to Dump Data on 20K FBI Agents
Troops Recapture Anbar Town; 120 Killed Across Iraq
Iraqi Official Calls Turkish Soldiers Stationed in Iraq 'Intruders'
Iraq Will Send More Troops to Base Outside Mosul
A Chronological Look at Canada's Involvement in the Fight Against ISIS
Iraqi Woman Charged With Role in US Female Hostage's Death
Russian Firepower Helps Syrian Forces Edge Toward Turkey Border
Bahrain's FM Refutes Ambassador's Statement on Sending Troops to Syria
UN War Crimes Team Has Shared Files on Foreign Fighters in Syria
Moscow Slams UN Chief for Syria Comments
Germany, Turkey Vow Diplomatic Effort to End Aleppo Violence
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Syria Refugee Camps Set Up as Turkey Limits Entries
Turkey, Germany to Seek NATO Help Monitoring Migrant Flow From Syria
Greece Says Will Have Refugee Centers Open by Feb. 15 Deadline
Dutch Step Up Border Controls as Migrant Flows Continue
Bill Calls to Suspend MPs for Denying Israel as Jewish, Democratic State
Arab-Israeli Lawmakers Suspended for Meeting Families of Killed Palestinians
Israel Eyes More Entry Permits to Palestinian Workers to Douse Tensions
PM, Ya'alon Said to Nix Bennett Call to Attack Hamas Tunnels
Middle East
Saudi Intercepts Scud Missile From Yemen
Displaced by Fighting, Kurdish Residents Call for Peace
Sanctions Lifted, American Tourists Head to Iran
Swiss Use Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets to Break Up Kurdish Rally
Four Killed in Crash of Russian Military Helicopter
IRA Faction Says It Attacked Dublin Boxing Event, Killed Man
Australia Deports Hundreds of Asylum Seekers to Nauru
Obama Says the US and Italy Are Working Together in Libya
Egyptian Foreign Minister: Libya Intervention Should Wait
Report: Sniper Takes Out Three ISIS Terror Chiefs in Libyan City
Libya Warns Ship Owners Over 'Unauthorized' Oil Deals
Italy Demands Justice for Slain Student, Egypt Rejects Accusations
Red Carpet for President Sisi's Convoy Criticized in Egypt
UN: At Least 21 Hutus Killed in 'Alarming' East Congo Violence
US: Stronger Regional Coordination Can Counter Africa Extremism
Sudan Army Urges Civilians to Return to Clashes-Hit Darfur Area
US Peacekeeping Expert to Coordinate Sexual Abuse Response
Uganda Police Buy Anti-Riot Gear Ahead of Museveni's Re-Election Bid
Mumbai Terror Attack Collaborator Says Pakistani Intelligence Part of Plot
Pakistan Probe: No Evidence Links Militant Group to Indian Air Base Attack: Officials
Suicide Bombers in Afghanistan Kill Nine, Wound 23
Philippine Autonomy Delay Stalls Disarming of Muslim Rebels
North Koreans Claim 'Spy Arrest' Is Latest Clampdown by Japan
Nepal Ethnic Minorities Call Off Blockade Over Charter
Hong Kong Riot Police Clash With Protesters Amid Crackdown on Street Vendors
Mexico: Sikh Actor Barred From Flying to US 'Because of Turban'
Mexico IDs Human Remains as Youths Missing in Veracruz
Gunmen Kidnapped Crime Reporter in Southern Mexico
Rebel Attack Ups Tension in Colombia Peace Drive
Colombia Says Rebels Must Free Hostages Before Any Peace Talks
Peruvian Dies After Stepping on Land Mine at Chile Border
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