The Pentagon is asking for 800 more troops in Iraq and Syria supposedly to fight ISIS. This will bring the total to over 4000 – and you can bet more will soon be on their way.

That's because if you give the War Party an inch, they'll take a mile

This is being done behind the backs of the American people: most people just don't know about it. And by the time they find out, we'll be at war in Iraq again.

That's why we need you to help us sound the alarm. We've been fighting the War Party since 1995: but we can't do it without your help. Please make your tax-deductible donation today.
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Updated February 10, 2016 - 11:18 PM EST
Sanders, Trump Trounce Opponents in NH Primary
  Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie Drop Presidential Bids
  GOP Candidates Compete Over Who Will Commit Most War Crimes
Officials Emphasize Wars on Record Budget Bid
  US Intel Officials Hype ISIS in Funding Push
  US Intel Chief: 'Paranoid' Russia Pushing US Into Cold War Spiral
  Angling for NATO Bases, Poland Commits More Troops to Mideast
ISIS Kills 10 in Bombing Against Damascus Police
  Syrian Airstrike Hits MSF-Supported Hospital Near Jordan Border
  Pentagon: Russia's Airstrikes 'Change Syria Calculus Completely'
Iraq Claims Victory in Virtually-Destroyed Ramadi
  Shi'ite Militia Seize Christian Neighborhoods in Baghdad
  Security Forces Finish Securing Ramadi; 285 Killed in Iraq
Israel Summons Foreign Media to Berate Them
US to Send More Troops To Aid Afghans Pressed by Taliban
Aden Woes Point to a Long War for Saudi Control of Yemen
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Security Forces Finish Securing Ramadi; 285 Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Troubled Finances Slow Efforts to Rebuild Ramadi
Iraq PM Calls for 'Fundamental' Change to Cabinet
Protests Intensify in Iraqi Kurdistan Amid Economic Crisis
In Chaotic Iraq, ISIS Is Just One Challenge Among Many
Russia Says It Has New Plan to End Syria War
Damascus Vows to Recapture Aleppo From Rebels
Hoarding, Fuel Shortages Seen as Syrian Troops Near Aleppo
UN Fears for Hundreds of Thousands if Syria Troops Encircle Aleppo
EU's Tusk Says Russian Bombings Make Situation in Syria Even Worse
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Thousands of Child Asylum Seekers Deported Back to War Zones, UK Home Office Admits
Turkey Letting in Syrian Refugees in 'Controlled Fashion': Foreign Minister
Slovak PM Says EU Will Either Control Migration This Year or Collapse
EU Eyes Shifting Some Development Funds Toward Tackling Migration Crisis
Kurdish Leader Accuses Ankara of 'Massacre' in Flashpoint Town
Turkish Soldier Killed in Operations Against PKK Militants
Turkey Summons US Envoy Over Comments on Kurdish PYD in Syria
Israeli Military Says Top Mission Is Countering Gaza Tunnels
Hamas Fighter Killed in New Gaza Tunnel Collapse
Israel Locks Down Palestinian Village After Settler Stabbed
Israel's Army Chief: Soldiers Must Disobey Patently Illegal Orders
Netanyahu: We'll Surround Israel With Fences 'To Defend Ourselves Against Wild Beasts'
Middle East
Iran to Become Strong Competitor to Russia on EU Oil Market: Official
Kuwait Backs Alliances Against ISIS, but No Troops
Pentagon Seeks Funding for Libya, Africa Military Operations
Egyptian Policeman Who Killed Man in Custody Jailed for Eight Years
ISIS Crucifies Civilian 'Spies' on Advertising Billboards in Libya
Mali: Landmine 'Kills 3 Soldiers' in Central Mopti
Zimbabwe Activist Jailed Over Mugabe Dairy Bomb Plot
The War at Home
Obama Sends Congress Record 4.1 Trillion 2017 Spending Plan
DoD Releases Military Intelligence Program Request for Fiscal Year 2017
Department of Defense Releases Fiscal Year 2017 President's Budget Proposal
Air Force Warns Airmen Against Talking Politics on Social Media
US Budget Proposes Scrapping Weapons-Grade Plutonium Disposal Project
Wyden Hammers CIA Chief Over Senate Spying
Meet Hijarbie: Barbie With a Muslim Makeover
North Korea Satellite Achieves Stable Orbit: US Official
North Korea May Get Plutonium From Restarted Reactor in Weeks: US
South Korea Says Working With US, Japan on 'Strong' North Korea Sanctions
North Korean Shipping Firm Skirts UN Sanctions, Gets Port Access
US Intel Warns of Expansion of Terror Groups in Bangladesh
Controversial Trial of Islamic Opposition Opens in Tajikistan
Death of Former Leader Poses Potential Problems for Nepal
Indonesia Imprisons Seven ISIS Supporters
Indian Police 'To Use Slingshots' Against Protesters
Hong Kong Riot Police Fire Warning Shots in Bloody Street Clashes
Sri Lanka War Crimes Investigation Must Be Impartial With or Without Foreign Judges: UN Official
UK Lawmakers Say Proposed Spy Law Fails to Protect Privacy
Trident: Getting Agreed Labour Position 'May Be Impossible'
Russian Military Deployed Near Ukraine for Huge Exercises
French Lawmakers Vote to Include Stripping of Nationality for Convicted Terrorists in Constitution
France, Germany Press Brussels on Terror Funding Crackdown
Lawsuit by Killer Breivik Prompts Soul-Searching in Norway
Journalist Kidnapped in Southern Mexico Found Dead
Two Corpses Found in Mexico After Apparent Abduction
New Probe Rejects Claim Missing Mexican Students Incinerated
PM Calls for Peace on Haiti's First Day With No President
Australia Drops Charge Against Suspected Kurdish Militant
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