The Pentagon is asking for 800 more troops in Iraq and Syria supposedly to fight ISIS. This will bring the total to over 4000 – and you can bet more will soon be on their way.

That's because if you give the War Party an inch, they'll take a mile.

This is being done behind the backs of the American people: most people just don't know about it. And by the time they find out, we'll be at war in Iraq again.

That's why we need you to help us sound the alarm. We've been fighting the War Party since 1995: but we can't do it without your help. Please make your tax-deductible donation today.
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Updated February 11, 2016 - 8:53 PM EST
World Powers Agree on Syria Ceasefire Plan
Rebels 'Abandoned' by US Over Syria Offensive
  Taking Advantage of Offensive, Kurds Move Against Rebel-Held Base
  Report: Over 500 Killed in February Fighting Around Aleppo
  Erdogan Slams US for Not Declaring Syrian Kurds Terrorists
  Iraq PM: Saudi Troops in Syria Would Be 'Dangerous Escalation'
NATO DMs OK More Troops on Russia Frontier
  US Navy Aircraft Returning to Former Cold War Base in Iceland
N. Korea Orders Military Takeover of Inter-Korean Factories
Afghan Police Officer Killed After Attacking NATO Delegation
Obama Proposes Removing Rights Conditions on Egypt Aid
Boko Haram Bombers Kill Over 60 in NE Nigeria Town
Military Prosecutor: Scathing Senate Report on CIA Interrogation Accurate
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Iraq PM Says Sending Saudi Ground Troops to Syria Would Be 'Dangerous Escalation'
Russia, Pressed to End Syria Bombing, Proposes March Truce
International Red Cross Stepping Up Aid to Displaced in Northern Syria
Border Hospitals Overwhelmed by Russian-Backed Assault on Syria's Aleppo
Five Australian Children Stranded in Syria After Mother's Death
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Turkey, Greece Seek NATO Mission in Aegean
EU Agrees Greece Border Demands, Heralding Schengen Suspension
EU Moves Towards Longer-Term Border Checks Inside Free-Travel Zone
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EU Executive Recommends Suspending Third of Migrant Relocations to Austria
Iran to Upgrade Missiles, Get Russian Defense System: Minister
US Navy Rebukes Iran After Propaganda Video Shows Sailor Crying
Khomeini Grandson Loses Appeal to Stand in Iranian Election
Netanyahu's 'Wild Beast' Quote Was Apartheid-Speak, Says Chief Palestinian Negotiator
Netanyahu, Herzog Trade Barbs Over Plan for Separating From Palestinians
Ya'alon Wants Return of Soldiers' Bodies From Gaza as Part of Israel-Turkey Reconciliation Deal
Israeli Lawmaker Says Palestinian Nation Doesn't Exist, Because Arabic Doesn't Have 'P'
Netanyahu's Wife Abused Household Staff, Court Rules
Saudi-Led Airstrike Kills Yemeni TV Director, Family
Last Call: The Life and Death of an Ambulance Driver in Yemen
Jordan Rejects 1982 Paris Attack Suspects Extradition
Colombian Rebels Promise End to Use of Child Soldiers
Gunmen Open Fire on Motorcade by Jamaica Opposition Party
Canada: Kevin O'Leary Slams Liberals' ISIS Plan, but Not for Same Reason as Conservatives
The War at Home
CIA Director Freaks Out After Senator Wyden Points Out How the CIA Spied on the Senate
Senate Panel Approves Three Bills to Fight ISIS Online Recruitment
Concern Over Health of Guantanamo Prisoner in 9/11 Case
Julian Assange Brands Hillary Clinton a 'War Hawk' Who Fueled Rise of ISIS
US Justice Dept. Sues Ferguson, Missouri, Over Police Reforms
Bill Would Ban State Efforts to Weaken Encryption
FBI Still Can't Unlock Encrypted Phone of San Bernardino Shooter
ISIS Recruitment Videos Use Same Formula as Hollywood
North Korea 'Executes' Army Chief of Staff Ri Yong-Gil
US Urges China to Increase Sanctions Pressure on North Korea
North Korea's Rocket Launch Frays Ties Between South Korea and China
North Korea Turns to 'Old Workhorse' Rocket to Repeat Past Success
Senate Passes Bill to Hit North Korea With Harsher Sanctions
South Korean Firms Begin Pull-Out From Industrial Park in North
Russia Says Planned US Missile Shield in South Korea Can Trigger Arms Race in Region
Japan Imposes Sanctions on North Korea After Satellite Launch
Landmine Kills Four Civilians in East Ukraine
IMF Warns Ukraine It Will Halt $40 Billion Bailout Unless Corruption Stops
Latest Poll Indicates Growing Support for British EU Exit
EU Warns UK Deal 'Fragile' as Paris, East Seek Changes
Bosnia Says It Is Ready to Submit EU Membership Application
Serbia 'Not Cooperating' in Arrests: UN War Crimes Tribunal
French Lawmakers Approve Bill to Revoke Terrorists' Citizenship
Russia Presents Revised Claim of Arctic Territory to United Nations
Christian, Muslim Leaders in Cyprus Support Peace Talks
Stalin-Era Prison Chief Jailed for 20 Years in Romania
UN Wants to Send Experts for Burundi Mass Graves Probe
Rwanda Calls for 'Maturity' Over Burundi Crisis
Somali Militants Planning Attacks Disguised as Peacekeepers: AU
At Least Six Killed at Cameroon Funeral by Two Suicide Attackers
US Says Political Crisis Building in Democratic Republic of Congo
Sudan Summons US Envoy Over Darfur Sanctions Draft Resolution
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