Why Do We Need More?

The government is going ahead with a nuclear "modernization" program that will cost an estimated $1 trillion – and make the unthinkable all too thinkable.

"Precision" and "miniaturized" nukes are slated to be added to our already huge nuclear arsenal, tempting policymakers and the military to actually use them.

Instead of achieving the dream shared by Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, we are going backwards – back to the bad old days of a world terrorized by the specter of nuclear war.

Help us stop the madness. Help us educate the American people. Help us put an end to this gift to the military-industrial complex.

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Updated February 12, 2016 - 11:02 PM EST
US Iraqi Allies Fighting US Syrian Allies
World Powers Agree on Syria Ceasefire Plan
  Saudis Confirm Plans to Send Ground Troops to Syria
  Saudis Intervening in the Syrian Civil War Would Risk Russian Wrath
  Russia: US Warplanes Bombed Aleppo Hospitals, Not Russians
US: NATO Mulls Possibility of Joining ISIS War
  CIA Director: ISIS Has Used Chemical Weapons, Can Make More
  NATO Sends Warships to Try to Keep Refugees Out of Europe
US Increases Strikes Against ISIS in Afghanistan
  Are US Troops Getting Drawn Into Combat in Afghanistan?

Obama Hides 'Black Budget' Requests From Public

Bipartisan Bill Would End US Draft Registration
Saudi Arabia Orders Aid Groups Out of Northern Yemen
North, South Korea in Tit-for-Tat Moves at Industrial Zone
How Republics Perish  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The US Military Suffers From Affluenza  by William Astore
Feminism Demands We Say No to America's Deadly Imperial Wars  by Sarah Lazare
End Draft Registration – Now!  by Justin Raimondo
'No-Fly Zone' in Syria Is Still Insane  by Daniel Larison
Saudis Goad Obama to Invade Syria  by Joe Lauria

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Uzbek Rights Group Says US Move Endangers Labor Activists
US Issues Sanctions Against Three ISIS Leaders
Iraqi Civilians Win UK Supreme Court Challenge to Sue for Damages
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius Is Stepping Down
Thousands Homeless in Anbar; 72 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi PM Discourages Kurdish Independence Referendum
Germany Offers 500 Million Euro Credit to Iraq to Aid Reconstruction
Russia Helps Mediate Local Deals With Rebels in Syria: Minister
Russia Raises Specter of Interminable or 'World War' if Syria Talks Fail
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Erdogan Threatens to Ship Syrian Refugees to Europe
Some 50,000 Syrian Refugees Heading Toward Turkish Border: Turkish Minister
German Government Ends Row Over Tighter Asylum Rules
Austria Reports Rise in Conscripts Volunteering for Border Duty
Central Europeans Need to Do More to Help Refugees, UN Agency Says
Pro-Government Forces Seize Camp Outside Yemen Capital
Report: Yemen President Offers Its Biggest Island Out to UAE for 99 Years
Top Yemeni Commander Survives Assassination, Three Killed
Iran's Main Opposition Leaderless, but Insists It's Not a Spent Force
Iran's Rouhani Calls for Political Unity Before Crucial Votes
UN Rights Expert Accuses Israel of Excessive Force Against Palestinians
Israel Pays Family of Dead UNIFIL Soldier
Official: Hamas Prevents Senior UN Staffer From Leaving Gaza
Joint List Leader: PM's Political 'Scheming' Behind Ban on Israeli Arab MPs
Israeli Soldier Gets 7 Months After Filming His Abuse of Palestinian Detainee
Turkish Security Complete Operations in Kurdish Town: Minister
No Plans at This Time for Joint US-India Navy Patrols: State Dept
Asia Pacific Is World's 'Deadliest Region for Journalists'
Dozens Face Riot Charges Over Hong Kong Lunar New Year Violence
Fifty-Two Inmates Dead in Cartel Prison Battle in Northeast Mexico
Colombia Lawmakers to Meet Over FARC Disarmament Zones
The War at Home
Bush Slams Cruz's 'Chest-Pounding' on ISIS
Ted Cruz's Definition of Torture Is So Extreme, His Father's Torture Might Not Even Qualify
Cruz Defends Evangelist Who Said God Sent Hitler to Hunt Jews
Lawsuit Demands Information on Shadowy 'Countering Violent Extremism' Programs in US
New Survey Suggests US Encryption Ban Would Just Send Market Overseas
New York Police Have Used Stingrays Widely, New Documents Show
Brother of Ex-Chinese Official Sharing Golf Secrets in US, Not State Secrets: Attorney
TSA Touts New Academy for Agent Training
Ukraine Tells Israel It May Prosecute Shas MP Who Visited Crimea
Hundreds of Schools Attacked, Destroyed in Ukraine War: Rights Activists
EU Refines UK Offer, Up to Cameron Now to Clinch Deal
British Man Bored by ISIS Role in Syria Gets 7 Years in Prison
Russia Will Not Request Lifting of EU Sanctions at Munich Conference: Deputy PM
Poland Says US Patriot Missile Defense First Choice, Sets Conditions
Cypriot President Says Peace Talks Make Progress but Work Needed
Greek Navy Helicopter Crashes With Three People on Board
Nigerian Suicide Bomber Gets Cold Feet, Refuses to Kill
Nigeria Vexed by Boko Haram's Use of Women as Suicide Bombers
UN Mission Sends Burundi Officers Home Over Unrest
France Consulting on New UN Resolution on Burundi Violence
ISIS Fighters Head South in Libya, Threatening Sahel
Suspected Islamist Militants Kill Three at Mali Customs Post
South Sudan President Re-Appoints Rival Under Peace Deal
Former Guantanamo Inmate Bailed in Morocco: Lawyer
Uganda Says Senior Lord's Resistance Army Leader Surrenders in Central African Republic
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