Why Do We Need More?

The government is going ahead with a nuclear "modernization" program that will cost an estimated $1 trillion – and make the unthinkable all too thinkable.

"Precision" and "miniaturized" nukes are slated to be added to our already huge nuclear arsenal, tempting policymakers and the military to actually use them.

Instead of achieving the dream shared by Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, we are going backwards – back to the bad old days of a world terrorized by the specter of nuclear war.

Help us stop the madness. Help us educate the American people. Help us put an end to this gift to the military-industrial complex.

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Updated February 13, 2016 - 1:27 PM EST
US Iraqi Allies Fighting US Syrian Allies
  Syrian Rebels: Ceasefire Deal Won't Work
  Assad Welcomes Peace Talks, Says Goal Is to Retake Syria
  After Ceasefire Deal, Rebels Report New Shipments of Missiles
  Syria Truce Deal Makes Aid a Political Tool, Critics Say
  Iraq PM: ISIS Will Be Wiped Out By Year's End
Russian PM Says There's a New Cold War
Turkey Kills 27 Militants in Kurdish Southeast
Red Cross Rejects Saudi Demand to Leave Northern Yemen
ISIS Claims Downing of Libyan MiG-23 Over Benghazi
US Answer to Taliban Victories in Afghanistan: Blame Russia
Democrats Use Debate To Embrace History’s Warmongers  by Branko Marcetic
Saudis Intervening in Syrian War Would Risk Russian Wrath  by Patrick Cockburn
Should Henry Kissinger Mentor a Presidential Candidate?  by Medea Benjamin
It’s True – The US Already Has Boots on the Ground  by Lucy Steigerwald
Coming to Terms With Iraq  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Why China and America Don't See Eye to Eye on North Korea  by Doug Bandow

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Thousands of Egyptian Doctors Protest Over Alleged Police Brutality
Taliban Battle Leads to Kabul Blackout
Iran Says Ready to Put Rivalries Aside With Saudi Arabia
How Police Use a Dangerous Anti-Terrorism Tactic to End Pursuits
Shi'ite Militia Accused of Kidnapping; 91 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Says Moving Troops, Preparing Offensive to Retake Mosul
Sunni Resentment Muddles Prospect of Reunifying Iraq After ISIS
Three Iraqi Presidential Guards Kidnapped Near Northern Town
China Rules Out Joining Anti-Terrorism Coalitions, Says Helping Iraq

'No Bashar Al-Assad in the Future', Says Saudi Foreign Minister

UN Task Force Demands Immediate Aid Access in Syria
Russia Hit 1,888 Targets in Syria in a Week; US Count? Just 16
Russia Keeps Bombing Despite Syria Truce; Assad Vows to Fight On
Turkey's Erdogan Warns Patience Will Run Out on Syria
IMF: Palestinian Economy Stalled by Slow Aid, Israeli Restrictions
Israel Said to Have Spent $250m Trying to Thwart Hamas Tunnels
Israel and EU End 3-Month Crisis, Agree to Resume Talks on Palestinian Issue
Shin Bet: Terror Attacks in Israel Drop Back to Pre-Escalation Level
Court Awards Damages to Worker Humiliated by Netanyahu's Wife
Mideast Quartet to Give Recommendations on De-Escalation of Violence and Two-State Solution
Middle East
Yemen Loyalists Advance Toward Rebel-Held Capital
United Arab Emirates to Bolster Its Efforts Against ISIS, US Says
Court Rules It Is Not Illegal for UK Spies to Hack Computers
Cameron Defends Britain's Desire for Sovereignty Before EU Summit
The Independent, Once a British News Power, Will End Its Print Edition
Colombia's ELN Rebels Declare 72-Hour Lockdown
Venezuela Leader Gets Emergency Powers, Rivals Vow Ouster
US and Cuba to Formalize Deal Allowing 20 Flights a Day Between Countries
Police Officer Fatally Shot While on Patrol in Haiti Capital
Mideast Refugee Crisis
Turkey Says Up to 40,000 People Newly Settled at Camps
Thousands of Iraqi Refugees Leave Finland Voluntarily
France to Evict Almost 1,000 Migrants From 'Jungle' Near Calais
Lebanese Army Arrests Illegal Syrian Residents in Bekaa
Pakistan Denies Claims of Boosting Nuclear Arsenal
Pakistan Says No Organized Presence of ISIS, Despite Intelligence Chief's Warning
Pakistan Arrests 97 Al-Qaeda and Other Militants; Foils Jailbreak Plan
Pakistan Foils Plot to Free Daniel Pearl's Killer
US Okays Sale of 8 Lockheed F-16 Fighter Jets to Pakistan, Pentagon Says
Congress Passes Tougher North Korea Sanctions, Sends Bill to Obama
US Deploys More Patriot Missiles in South Korea
Chinese FM: US-South Korea Missile Defense System Threatens China
North Korea Halts Probe Into Fate of Kidnapped Japanese
North Korea Feels Global Pressure but Not Completely Ostracised
Political Mood Sours as Transition Talks Hit a Snag
In Myanmar, Slum Eviction Highlights Suu Kyi's Military Challenge
Philippines/China/Hong Kong
Philippines Considers Two-Way Sea Talks With China – if Wins Case at the Hague
Beijing Offers Support for Hong Kong After New Year Violence
Teenager Seized for Boko Haram Attack Tells How She Tore Off Suicide Vest and Fled
Nigeria to Probe Generals Over Arms Fraud
'I Am a Prisoner of Conscience', Pro-Biafra Leader Tells AFP
Six UN Peacekeepers Among 9 Troops Killed in Mali Attacks
At Least Six Killed at Cameroon Funeral by Two Suicide Attackers
Ex-Guantanamo Detainee Is Freed From Moroccan Prison
Rwanda to Send Burundi Refugees to Other Countries After US Warning
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