The illustration to the right is from the Vietnam war era – a lighter engraved with the tragedy of those times. And it doesn't look as if the lesson of that war has taken hold among the politicians – who have been leading us into yet more Vietnams in the Middle East.

Homeless veterans beg in the streets, the economy is going down the tubes, and we're $13 trillion in debt – and yet all we hear are calls for "American leadership" to save the world.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya – the list of quagmires grows daily. When will we say "Enough!" When will America come home?

We're fighting the War Party every day: exposing their lies, countering their propaganda, and bringing the truth to the American people. But we just can't continue to do it without your financial assistance. Please – make your tax-deductible donation today.

Because those who won't learn the lesson of history are bound to repeat it.
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Updated February 16, 2016 - 11:20 PM EST
UN: 50 Killed in Airstrikes Against Syria Hospitals
  Assad: Syria Ceasefire Not Possible Within a Week
  Mass Grave of 100 Bodies Uncovered in Eastern Syria
Turkey Threatens Syrian Kurds Advancing on ISIS
  Turkey 'Shocked' by US Putting Them in 'Same Basket' as Kurds
  Samples From ISIS Attack on Iraqi Kurds Test Positive for Mustard Gas
  US Urges Calm as Turkey Rails at 'Terrorist' Russia
28 Palestinians Shot as Israeli Troops Raid Refugee Camp
Department of Justice Wears Many Hats in NUMEC Affair  by Grant Smith
Candidates: No Foreign Policy Experience Preferred  by Ivan Eland
The Govt Just Admitted It Will Use Smart Home Devices for Spying  by Trevor Timm
Israel and Syria: Plan B is to Balkanize  by Dan Sanchez
Trump Stands His Ground on Foreign Policy  by Daniel McCarthy
BBC Imagines World War III  by Gilbert Doctorow

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Device That Shut Down Albuquerque Airport Car Center Was a Pipe Bomb
Republicans Stand Down for FBI Probe of Clinton Server
US OK's First Factory in Cuba Since Revolution
Germany Inches Toward Interventionism
Trump Slams 'Bush Kept US Safe After 9/11' Line
Operation to Reclaim Baghdad Suburb Begins; 42 Killed in Iraq
Deputy PM Rules Out Russian Air Force Operation in Iraq
Samarra's Sunnis Fear Displacement a Decade After Iraq Shrine Attack
Nearly 5,700 Buildings in Iraq's Ramadi Need Repair
Syrian President Assad Says Ceasefire Doesn't Mean Parties 'Stop Using Weapons'
US Urges Russia, Turkey to Avoid Escalation Over Syria: State Dept
Turkey Ups the Ante Against Russia, Kurds Following Hospital Attack
In Syrian War, a Bigger Role for Russian Strategists
Merkel Says Supports Some Kind of No-Fly Zone in Syria
Turkey Says Russia Carrying Out 'War Crime' by Syria Hospital Attack
Support in Russia for Syria Strikes Slips, but 59 Percent Still in Favor
China's Silk Road Revival Steams Ahead as Cargo Train Arrives in Iran
Iran Signals New Welcome to European Rail Tourists
State Department Calls for Release of Iranian Opposition Leaders
Senator McCain Says Could Subpoena US Sailors Held by Iran
Israeli Trooper Filmed Pushing Disabled Palestinian to the Ground
President Rivlin Attacks Bill Aimed at Suspending Israeli Arab Lawmakers
Time for Arab States to Publicize Their Israel Ties, Netanyahu Says
Israel's Olmert Becomes First Israeli PM to Go to Prison
Israel Starts Returning Terrorists' Bodies to Families
Palestinian Authority Police Detain Journalist for Reporting on Salary of Palestine TV's Hairdresser
Middle East
Bahrain Arrests Four Americans During Anniversary Protests
Lebanon Presidency Deadlock Persists as Hariri Stands by Franjieh
Ukraine Bans Russian Cargo Trucks in Tit-for-Tat Move
Ukrainian Prosecutor Quits Over Corruption as Government Teeters
Bosnia Applies for EU Membership, Hoping to Make Up Ground
Former UN War Court Convict Arrested in Bosnia on Fresh War Crimes Charges
Racial Profiling Seems to Be a Weapon in Europe's War on Terrorism
ISIS Says Behind Dagestan Bomb Blast That Killed Two Policemen
Europe Ends Sanctions on Belarus, Seeks Better Ties
Italy Sends More Troops to Naples After Jump in Killings
Mideast-EU Refugee Crisis
For Veteran Turkish Smuggler, Only an Army Could Stop Migrant Flow
Turkey Limits Visas for Iraqis, Citing Illegal Immigration
Germany Expects 500,000 Refugees This Year
Nearly Two-Thirds of Czechs Oppose Taking in War Refugees: Poll
Clashes in Turkey on Anniversary of Kurdish Leader's Arrest
Turkey, Israel Close to Deal on Compensation Over Mavi Marmara: Turkish Official
South Korea's Leader Warns of North Korea Collapse
Top South Korean Lawmaker Calls for Nuclear Arms
China Urges United States, North Korea to Hold Direct Talks
White House Says Expects China Will Support New Sanctions on North Korea
South Korea's Park Vows All-Out Effort to Punish North for Provocations
South Korean Army Helicopter Crash Kills Three
Investigator Asks UN to Notify N. Korea's Kim of Possible Probe for Crimes Against Humanity
China/Hong Kong
US Admiral Warns Against Chinese Fighter Flights From South China Sea Runways
Beijing's Top Official in Hong Kong Calls Rioters 'Radical Separatists'
British Intelligence Used to Put Two Migrant Workers on Thailand's Death Row
Chinese Uighur Was Tortured Into Confessing Role in Bangkok Bomb: Lawyer
Buddhist Monks Scuffle With Troops in Thailand Over Leadership Protest
Indian Students Protest in Thousands as Government Cracks Down on Dissent
As Indonesia Hunts Down ISIS, Homegrown Jihadis Regroup
Tasked With Combating Opium, Afghan Officials Depend on It
Ethnic Rebels' Show of Force Highlights Suu Kyi's Peace Challenge
Pakistani University Reopens After Attack; Teachers Allowed Guns
Turkmenistan Drafts New Constitution Extending Presidential Term
2 Killed, More Than a Dozen Injured in Burundi Blasts
Several Wounded in Clashes Between Ugandan Police and Opposition
Islamists Kill Somalia's Former Defense Minister With Car Bomb
Boko Haram Land Mine Kills 2 in Cameroon Military Convoy
Colombia Looks to Revive Legacy of Guerrilla-Priest
US Military
October Runaway Army Blimp Was Missing Batteries
Navy May Install Railgun for Zumwalt-Class Destroyer
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