The illustration to the right is from the Vietnam war era – a lighter engraved with the tragedy of those times. And it doesn't look as if the lesson of that war has taken hold among the politicians – who have been leading us into yet more Vietnams in the Middle East.

Homeless veterans beg in the streets, the economy is going down the tubes, and we're $13 trillion in debt – and yet all we hear are calls for "American leadership" to save the world.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya – the list of quagmires grows daily. When will we say "Enough!" When will America come home?

We're fighting the War Party every day: exposing their lies, countering their propaganda, and bringing the truth to the American people. But we just can't continue to do it without your financial assistance. Please – make your tax-deductible donation today.

Because those who won't learn the lesson of history are bound to repeat it.
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Updated February 17, 2016 - 11:21 PM EST
28 Dead, Many Injured in Turkey Car Bomb
Judge Demands Apple Create iPhone Backdoor
US Air Strike Hits Syrian Bakery, Kills 15 Civilians
  Turkey, Saudis Seek Backing for Syria Invasion
  In Attacking Syrian Kurds, Turkey Risks Tensions With US and Russia
  Report: Islamist-Leaning Free Syrian Army Faction Flees Aleppo
52 Afghan Forces Killed in 2-Day Taliban Offensive
  Pentagon Hopes to Stop Paying for Afghan 'Ghost Troops'
  US Burn Pits on Chemical Arms Facilities Tied to Soldiers' Illness
US Spent Millions Planning Cyberattack on Iran
  Israel's Rash Behavior Blew Operation to Sabotage Iran's Computers
Under Fire, Ukraine PM Survives No-Confidence Vote
Obama’s ‘Moderate’ Syrian Deception  by Gareth Porter
How CIA Botched Everything  Patrick L. Smith interviews Ray McGovern
US Should Stop Subsidizing Bad Israeli Economic and Occupation Policies  by Doug Bandow
The Democrats’ Kabuki Primary  by Justin Raimondo
A Lady With a Smile  by Uri Avnery
Why Not Being Friends With a War Criminal Like Kissinger Matters  by Kevin Gosztola

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After 25 Years of US Role in Iraq, Scars Are Too Stubborn to Fade
Obama Says Will Try to Block ISIS From 'Digging In' in Libya
US Authorizes Up to 110 Daily Flights to Cuba
Oil Loses 4% as Hopes Over Saudi, Russia Deal Fade
Mass Grave Found in Ramadi; 118 Killed in Iraq
3 Americans Have Been Freed, Iraqi Officials Say
UN Staffer Killed in Iraq, First Since 2010
Iraqi Kurdish Deputy PM Says Deal With Baghdad 'Easy' if Salaries Paid
Canada Wants Iraq to Probe Allegations of Massacre of 55 Yazidis
Iraqi Army Helicopter Crash Kills Nine: Spokesman
Turkey Says Ground Operation in Syria Is Only Way to Stop War
Kurdish Gains Risk Turkish Overreaction in Syria
Russia Denies Syria Airstrike That Killed at Least 9 People
Saudi Arabia Took Part in Weekend Air Strikes Against ISIS in Syria: Pentagon
Erdogan Says Russia-Backed Syrian Offensive Aims to Forge Kurdish Militia Corridor
ISIS Shrugs Off Any Saudi Ground Force in Syria
How a Reporter's Quest for Online Bargains Led to a Network of Syrian Contacts
Russia Says Turkey Supplies ISIS Via Syrian Town of Azaz
UN Envoy Wins Syria Government Green Light for Aid Convoys: UN
UN Council Concerned by Turkey Actions in Syria, Says Venezuela
China Sends Missiles to Contested South China Sea Island
China Warns US of 'Serious Consequences' Over Washington Plaza Name
US Stealth Jets Fly Over South Korea Amid North Korea Standoff
South Korea President Vows More Action on North Korea
Vietnam PM Wants Stronger US Role in South China Sea
Penetrating Every Stage of Afghan Opium Chain, Taliban Become a Cartel
Indonesia Plans Tougher Anti-Terrorism Laws After Jakarta Attack
Pakistan's Sindh Province Allows Hindu Marriages to Be Registered
Large Crowds to Cross US-Mexico Border at El Paso for Pope Visit
Canada's Thousands of Missing and Killed Indigenous Women 'Higher Than Thought'
Mideast-EU Refugee Crisis
EU Falling 'Silent' on Turkish Abuses for Help on Migrants: Rapporteur
Not in My Backyard? Mainstream Scandinavia Warily Eyes Record Immigration
Canada: Syrian Boy Seeking Refugee Status Ordered Deported to United States
Saudi Arabia Stops Yemen-Bound Ship Carrying Communications Equipment
Saudi Coalition, Houthi Rebels Restricting Yemen Aid Access: UN
Top Officials Escape Assassination Attempt in Yemen's Aden
UN Says a 'Humanitarian Catastrophe' Is Unfolding in Yemen
Washington Post Reporter Is Briefly Detained by Israeli Officers
Netanyahu: 'Suspension Bill' Will Enjoy Full Coalition Support
Right-Wing 'Moles' Targeted Palestinian Laborers on Buses With Israelis
Merkel: Now's Not the Time for Major Progress to Palestinian State
Netanyahu: French Peace Initiative 'Puzzling,' Only Unconditional Direct Talks Will Lead to Peace
Middle East
Bahrain Charges US Journalists Over 'Illegal Gathering' Then Releases on Bail
Young Saudis See Cushy Jobs Vanish Along With Nation's Oil Wealth
Boko Haram
Humanitarian Needs Create Boko Haram Recruiting Ground
Nigerian Women Freed From Boko Haram Face Rejection at Home
Hamas Says Egypt Sealed Border After Rare 3-Day Opening
Somalia: Pentagon Denies US Drone Crash in Somalia
UN Asks Congo to Probe New Central Africa Abuse Allegations
Ukraine Military Reports Highest Daily Death Toll Since November
Turkish Warplanes Violate Greek Airspace 22 Times in 24 Hours
Germany Shuts Down Islamic Center in Bremen, Raids Apartments
Hungary Assails Human Rights Advocates in the Country, UN Expert Says
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