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Updated February 21, 2016 - 11:28 PM EST
ISIS Bombs Homs, Damascus, Over 140 Killed
  Turkey: US Arming ISIS Alongside Syrian Kurds
  US, France Reject Russia-UN Call for Turkey to End Border Strikes
  Syrian Kurds Seize ISIS Town of Shahdadi
US Warplanes Hit Militants in Libya, 49 Dead
  Libya: America's First, and Latest, Target
This Is the Real Reason Apple Is Fighting the FBI
  No, Apple Has Not Unlocked 70 iPhones for Law Enforcement
  FBI Escalates War With Apple: 'Marketing' Bigger Concern Than Terror
US Rejects Turk Demand to Cut Ties With Kurds
  New Kurdish Militant Group Claims Credit for Turkey Bombing
Iraqi Tribesmen Clash With ISIS in Fallujah
Decision Looms for Sergeant Who Protected Afghan Boy
State Dept Releases Hundreds of Hillary Clinton Emails
Trump Is Right, Bush Lied About WMD  by Jon Schwarz
The Heartbreaking Irony of Winter on Fire  by Lev Golinkin
Hillary Clinton's Hypocrisy on Dissent  by Robert Parry
Darkness at High Noon in Korea  by John Feffer
When God Despairs  by Uri Avnery
The Saudi Slaughter in Yemen  by Adil E. Shamoo

More Viewpoints

Trump: 'Secret Papers' May Link 9/11 to Saudi Arabia
Epic Journey of a Refugee Cat to Find Its Family
5 Questions for CIA Director John Brennan
Germany's Arms Exports Rise to 7.5 Billion Euros
Canada Divided as 25,000 Syrian Refugees Settle In
US Military Kept Nukes on Okinawa
145 Killed in Iraq as Fallujah Uprising Enters Day 2
US Has Not Supplied Arms to Syrian Kurdish YPG: State Dept
Saudi Minister Says Syrian Rebels Should Get Surface-to-Air Missiles
Australian Jihadi Killed While Working for ISIS Bank
Turkey's Erdogan Says Saddened by US Arming of Syrian Kurdish Militia
US Spurns Turkey Demand to Cut Kurdish Ties After Bombing
Turkey Urged to Release Syrian Journalist Rami Jarrah
Kurdish Militant Attack Kills Three Turkish Security Force Members: Army
Three Turkish Soldiers Killed as Building Collapses in Southeast Turkey
Fridges and Flour: Syrian Refugees Boost Turkish Economy
US May Soon Break Iran Taboo With New Military Discussions
Oh, Nuts! US Pistachio Growers Worry About Competition From Iran
Massive Rally Held in Yemen Against Saudi Attacks
UN: Yemen on Brink of Humanitarian Catastrophe
86-Day Palestinian Hunger Strike Challenges Israeli Detention Policy
'Call Me a Terrorist, but I'm No Different From Israeli Troops Defending Their Homeland'
Israeli Forces Shoot Dead Three Palestinian Assailants
Sodastream Faces Off With Israel Over Palestinian Permits
Lebanon/Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Cancels $4 Billion Aid Package for Lebanon's Security Forces
Britain Strikes 'Special Status' Deal With the European Union
Kosovo Opposition Releases Tear Gas in Parliament
European Spy Agencies to Boost Intel-Sharing on Extremists
Afghan Teen Charged With Raping Worker at Belgian Asylum Center
Russia Could Cut Defense Procurement Spending: Sources
Colombia Probing 100 Alleged Disappearances at Prison
Colombia Peace Drive Wobbles, President Says Time Short
Colombia's Ex-Rebel Fighters Struggle to Find Jobs, Rebuild Lives
Haiti Leader Committed to Interim Gov't Lasting 120 Days
Bolivia Leader Seeks 19-Year Rule Via Tense Referendum
The War at Home
Facebook, Twitter Side With Apple in Encryption Fight
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Refuse to Choose Between Apple and the FBI
John Mcafee Offers to Unlock Killer's iPhone for FBI
Apple and Feds Reveal San Bernardino Shooter's Icloud Password Was Reset Hours After Attack
The War at Home
Ex-NSA Head Asks Court to Toss Out Lawsuit
'Open the Land': the Shawnee Aim for a Return to Ohio
South Sudan
Fighting at UN Compound in South Sudan Kills 18: MSF
Peace Monitors Want to Spur Launch of South Sudan Government
South Sudan Rivals Talk Peace While Killing Civilians: UN
Ugandan Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters in Southern Kampala: Witness
Uganda Polls: Museveni's Main Rival, Besigye, Arrested
Morocco Arrests 10 Suspected ISIS Militants, Including Frenchman
Morocco, Citing Arab Disunity, Says Won't Host Summit
Egypt's Sisi Tells Interior Minister to Crack Down on Abuses by Police
Suicide Bombers Kill at Least 24 in Cameroon Market
Liberia's Children of War
Military Role for Canada in Libya a Possibility: General
Sudanese Flee Militiamen They Say Are Razing Villages in Darfur
Gunmen Kill 3 Police Officers in Central Pakistan
Pakistan Wants Police to Probe Suspects Over Attack in India
South China Sea: Beijing Accuses US of Militarization
President Xi Jinping Demands 'Absolute Loyalty' From State Media in China
Speak Uighur? Have Good Vision? China's Security Services Want You
Seoul: North Conducted Artillery Drill Near Sea Border
After Tests in the North, Conservatives in South Korea Call for a Nuclear Program
Kidnapped Red Cross Staff Released in Afghanistan
India Caste Violence Leaves One Dead at Rohtak Protest
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
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