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Updated February 22, 2016 - 11:18 PM EST
ISIS Bombs Homs, Damascus, Over 160 Killed
  US, Russia Announce Syrian Ceasefire to Begin Saturday
  Syrian Troops Kill at Least 50 ISIS Fighters East of Aleppo
  Turkey Demands Unconditional US Support To Fight Syrian Kurds
  Syrian Kurds Pose Quandry for US-Turkey Relations
  Tribesmen Back Down as ISIS Detains Dozens in Fallujah
US Strike in Libya Killed Two Hostages
  14 Killed as Libyan Army Attacks Benghazi
Peace Intifada Breaks Out, Nobody Injured
  Israel Dramatically Ramping Up Demolitions of Palestinian Homes
US Spurned N. Korea-Proposed Talks Days Before Nuke Test
FBI Ordered Tampering to Apple Account, Blocking Access
Afghan Troops Pull Out of Strategic Helmand District
US Launches Trial of Suspected 'ISIS Sympathizer'
America Is Now Fighting a Proxy War With Itself in Syria  by Mike Giglio
Americans Holding Favorable Views of Israel Decline 16%  by Grant Smith
Kosovo Chaos Undercuts Clinton 'Success'  by Jonathan Marshall
The United States versus America  by Justin Raimondo
Intervention Fail: Back to Libya  by Ron Paul
Losing Liberty Through the Backdoor  by Philip Giraldi

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Report: War Profiteering by the Arms Trade
Clinton E-Mails Reveal Thoughts on Israel
Egyptian Rights Group Asks Court to Halt Official Move to Shut It Down
Jeb Bush Drops Out of White House Race
Fighting Pauses in Falluja; 120 Killed in Iraq
Missing Radioactive Material Found Dumped in South Iraq
Iraq's Abadi Keeps Iran at Arm's Length in War on ISIS
Inside Mosul, ISIS Finds New Ways to Extort Residents
Syrian Regime's Capture of Southern Front Town Points to Disarray in Rebel Ranks
Kerry Tells Lavrov Syria Truce Must Come as Soon as Possible
Syria's Assad Says He Is Ready for Truce if 'Terrorists' Do Not Exploit It
Syrian Opposition Says Temporary Truce Possible, but Deal Seems Far Off
Erdogan Will Keep Shelling Kurds Unless Syrian Ceasefire Implemented
Russia to Continue Helping Syrian Armed Forces Fight 'Terrorists'
Russia Says 'Regrets' UN Rejection to Rein in Turkey Over Syria
Turkey Insists Syrian Kurdish Militia Behind Ankara Attack
Three Turkish Journalists Freed After Kidnapping by Kurdish Militants: Agency
Who Are the Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (TAK)?
Detained Syrian Journalist Freed Without Charges in Turkey
Sabotaged Iraq Oil Pipeline to Turkey to Be Repaired Next Week: Source
Obama Names Turkey's Erdogan Among Top Five International Friends
Turkey to Take Additional Security Measures After Bombing: PM Davutoglu
Al Qaeda Militants Seize Southern Yemen Town, Kill Militia Leader
UAE Soldier Killed Ahead of Yemen Deployment
Iran Moderates Could Influence Choice of Next Leader
Russia's Defense Minister on Surprise Visit to Iran
Freed From Sanctions, Iran Seeks $45 Billion in Foreign Investment
US Businessman Detained in Iran Denied Access to Lawyer
Video Shows Israeli Troops Repeatedly Shooting Fallen Palestinian Assailant
Netanyahu Defends Army Chief for Advocating Restraint
Pro-Hezbollah Hackers: We Penetrated Israeli Sites, Security Feeds
Huge Increase in European Products Passing Through Israel to Arab States
Police Guns and Cameras at Jerusalem's Damascus Gate
10 Israelis Detained at Pro-Palestinian Protest in Hebron
Palestinian Reporter Negotiating End to Hunger Strike
Israel's Women of the Wall Win Equal Right to Pray
Lebanese Justice Minister Resigns, Blames Hezbollah Over Deadlock, Court Case
London Mayor Backs Brexit in Blow for Cameron
After UK Deal With EU, Cameron Races to Win Support at Home
Scottish Nationalist: Would Seek Independence Referendum if UK Votes to Leave EU
Russia Sends Fighter Jets to Armenian Base
Ukrainian Nationalist Activists Set Up Tents on Maidan
Italy Closes Route Over Brenner Mountain Pass to Defuse WWII Bomb
Venezuelan Politician Arrested After Food Riot: Opposition

Heat Rises on Venezuela Leader With Fuel, Dollar Hikes

Bolivian President Evo Morales Loses Fourth Term Bid
Trudeau Adviser Blasted Harper for 'Tinkering' With the Definition of 'Combat' Before Election
The War at Home
Protests Planned Across US to Back Apple in Battle With FBI
Edward Snowden Would Be Willing to Return to US for Fair Trial
Former Black Panther Freed After 43 Years in US Prison
Global Refugee Crisis
Planned Refugee Shelter in Eastern German Town of Bautzen Set on Fire
Germany Migrant Shelter Fire 'Cheered by Onlookers'
Finland's Anti-Immigrant Bill 'Imperils Mixed Families'
Greece: Macedonia Has Closed Its Borders to Afghan Migrants
Protestors Blockade Australian Hospital Treating Infant Asylum Seeker
Russia Pulls Back From Cooperating With US on Afghanistan
US Drone Crashes in Southern Afghanistan; No Injuries
Pakistan Army Claims Killing 5 Militants Near Afghan Border
New Government School Blown Up in Pakistan's Restive Northwest
Death Toll Rises to Seven in Kashmir Militant Clash
Indian Army Deployed to Quell Protests, Water Cut to Delhi
Chief Minister in Northern India Asks Rioters to End Violence
Leaders of Nepal and India Mend Fences After Friction
6 Dead in Protests for Caste Benefits in Northern India
Navy Commander: South China Sea Not a US-Versus-China Battle
China Weapons Exports Surge Over Past Five Years: Report
China Labels Protesters 'Radical Separatists,' and They Agree
Myanmar Vigilante Opium Stand-Off Continues
Leading Hindu Priest Decapitated in Bangladesh
Junta-Ruled Thailand Flirts With Russia as US Ties Cool
Most Suspects Freed in Indonesia Raid as Tough Law Pending
Recognized Libya Govt Condemns US Strike on Jihadists
Army Claims Advances in Libyan Cities of Benghazi and Ajdabiya
Uganda's Yoweri Museveni Wins Disputed Polls; Rival Detained
EU Criticizes Uganda Poll, Says Electoral Body Lacks Independence
Central African Republic
Defeated Candidate in Central African Republic Election Accepts Outcome
Newly Elected Central African Republic Leader Faces Hard Realities
Mauritania Vows No Abuse by Soldiers in Central African Republic
Ivory Coast
Ten Killed in Thwarted Ivory Coast Prison Break: Authorities
Ivory Coast Sends Soldiers Wanted for Failed Coup to Burkina Faso, Sources Say
People Accused of Being Boko Haram Are Disappearing in Northeast Nigeria
French PM Pledges More Military Support for Sahel to Fight Insurgents
Somalia: Kenya, Ethiopia Offer Amisom Helicopters for War on Al Shabaab
South Sudan Journalist Freed After Months Held Without Charge
US Jet Seized in Zimbabwe Released After Crew, Cash, Cleared
Colombia President Reports 7 Rebels Die in Clash
In 3 Years of Searching, Colombia Exhumed 28,000 Unidentified Bodies
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