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Updated February 23, 2016 - 9:49 PM EST
US, Russia Fuel Military Escalation in Syria: UN
  US, Russia Announce Syrian Ceasefire To Start Saturday
  Syrian Rebels: Ceasefire Doomed Without al-Qaeda's Inclusion
  Analysts Say US 'Betraying' Syrian Rebels by Supporting Kurds
  Iraq Prepares to Assault New Town; 239 Killed Across Country
Ex-NSA Chief Backs Apple on iPhone 'Back Doors'
  Law Enforcers Are Hungry to Exploit FBI's iPhone Court Order
  WikiLeaks Exposes 'Most Highly Classified' NSA Spy Ops
  German Government to Use Trojan Spyware to Monitor Citizens
NATO: Afghan Troops Should Attack More
  Taliban Motorcycle Bomber Kills 14 North of Kabul
Obama, Pentagon Release Plan to Close Gitmo
ISIS Profits on US Airstrikes Destroying Currency
Al-Qaeda Fights Alongside Saudi Coalition in Yemen's Taiz
Estonia Wants More NATO Troops – If They Aren't Black
Electoral Distraction and Media Dysfunction  by Dan Sanchez
Apple, the FBI, and Free Speech  by David B. Rivkin, Jr., & Andrew M. Grossman
New Nukes? Turning Away From Disarmament  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Who Is Khalifa Hifter?  by Chris Ernesto
Bush Haunts the GOP  by Eric Margolis
The US Should Peacefully Let China Rise  by Ivan Eland

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Emails Show Clinton Aides Celebrating F-15 Sales to Saudi Arabia: 'Good News'
CIA Leaker: Clinton 'Given a Pass' for Emails
Afghan Troops Pull Out of Second Helmand District
London Mayor Wants Britain Out of the EU
Julian Assange Asks Swedish Court to Overturn Arrest Warrant
Iraq Prepares to Assault New Town; 239 Killed Across Country
Iraq Deploys Reinforcements for New Anbar Push: Officer
ISIS Bombs in Iraq's Ramadi Hinder Return of Displaced
Wounded in Iraq, Ugandans Fight for Compensation From America
Bitter Backlash for Iraq's 'No Chocolate' Cleric
Michael Hayden: Blame Intel Agencies, Not White House, for Getting Iraq Wrong
US Uses $400m F-22 Raptor Jets in Syria Despite Not Needing Them
War Crimes Rampant in Syria: UN Inquiry
Syria's Assad Calls Parliamentary Election for April 13
Erdogan Will Keep Shelling Kurds Unless Syrian Ceasefire Implemented
ISIS Attacks Government Supply Line Into Aleppo
Ya'alon: US, Russia Recognize Israel's Freedom of Action in Syria
ISIS Gets Millions in Ransom for Abducted Christians
Turkish Army Says 14 PKK Militants Killed in SE Turkey
Turkish Army Presses Crackdown on Kurdish Militants, Europe Worried Over Rights
Turkish Husband Sues Wife for 'Insulting Erdogan'
Iran's Thwarted Reformers Set Careful Goals for Coming Vote
Iran Holds Talks With Russia Over Missile Defense Upgrade
US Businessman Jailed in Iran Breaks Hunger Strike: Mother
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Leads Surge in Arms Imports by Middle East States
Saudi Arabia Puts Shi'ites on Trial for Spying for Iran
Israeli DM: American Aid Package to Be Finalized in 'Weeks'
Ya'alon: Israel Preparing for Possibility of War With Hamas
For Many Palestinians, Israel Settlement Work the Only Option
Report: Israeli City Routinely Rejects Ethiopian-Israelis Registering for Marriage
IDF Chief Orders Soldiers to Carry Weapons While Off Duty
Israeli Killer of Palestinian Teen Found Fit for Sentencing
Israeli Man Charged With Incitement After Call to 'Slaughter Arabs'
Palestinian Enters Uncharted Territory With 89-Day Fast
Gaza Women Turn Heads With Bike Rides
Yemeni President Appoints General to Senior Army Post
Mobs in Ukraine Attack Russian Banks in Burst of 'Office Pogrom'
Thwarted Helicopter Hijacking Linked With Greek Militants
Poland: Communist Files Suggest Secret Police Cut Ties With 'Arrogant' Walesa
The War at Home
Pentagon Poised to Submit Plan for Closing Guantanamo Bay
Obama's Last Guantanamo Closure Plan Does Not Name New Sites for Detainees
Tim Cook Says Apple's Refusal to Unlock iPhone for FBI Is a 'Civil Liberties' Issue
ISIS Bamboozles Justin Bieber Fans in Radical Fashion
In 1974 Call to Abolish CIA, Sanders Followed in Footsteps of JFK, Truman
Refugee Crisis
Thousands of Migrants Trapped in Greece as Neighbors Tighten Restrictions
Finland's Anti-Migrant 'Soldiers of Odin' Patrols Spread to Norway
On the Border, Austria Takes Migrant Fingerprints, Then Discards Them
Montenegro Will Have to Close Borders if Neighbors Do: PM
Slovenian Army to Help Police Control Migrant Inflow on Border
Hundreds of Migrants Cut Through Hungary's Border Fence Over Past Days
German Government Condemns Anti-Migrant Protests in Saxony
Slovak Leader Says EU Agreement May Not Stem Migrant Flow From Turkey
Italy Quietly Agrees to Armed US Drone Missions Over Libya
Tunisia Probes Deaths of Countryman in US Airstrike in Libya
Egypt Minister Apologizes Over Police Abuses
Egyptian Four-Year-Old's Life Sentence a Mistake, Military Says
Ethiopia Says Oromia Protests Crackdown Claims Are 'Lies'
Uganda Opposition Candidate Taken From Home
Three Killed in Burundi Attacks Ahead of Ban Visit
Chad Student Shot Dead by Army as Gang Rape Protests Spread
Darfur Refugees Look to Europe for Salvation
Central African Republic President Aide Says Focus Now on Peace
Severe Malnutrition Problem at Boko Haram Displaced Camps: Official
Tensions Rising on DMZ, North Korean Officer Tells AP
Indian Forces Kill Militants in Kashmir After 3-Day Gunbattle
At Least 8 Suspected Terrorists Killed in Karachi Police Encounter
China Signals No South China Sea Backdown as Foreign Minister Goes to US
Morales Doesn't Concede as 'No' Keeps Lead in Bolivia Count
Colombia Hastens Search for 28,000 Bodies in Unmarked Graves
Mexico's Missing Students: International Investigators Say They Are Being Obstructed
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Electoral Distraction and Media Dysfunction

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It’s True – The US Already Has Boots on the Ground

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From Sarajevo to Madaya: Starvation as Propaganda

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