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Updated February 24, 2016 - 11:29 PM EST
Kerry: If Truce Fails, Partition of Syria is 'Plan B'
  Syrian Govt, Some Rebels Endorse Ceasefire Plan
  ISIS Seizes Syria Village, Aims to Block Aleppo Supply Route
  Britain 'Uneasy' With Syrian Kurds Being Backed by Russia
  Syrian Observatory Guess: Over 370,000 Killed in Syria War
US Military Contractors Return to Iraq in Droves
  64 Killed in Iraq as Clashes Erupt in Hit
WikiLeaks Exposes 'Most Classified' NSA Spy Ops
  WikiLeaks: NSA Spied on Israel's Attempts to Repair Relations With US
Gitmo Plan Faulted by Hawks, Rights Groups
  Obama's Gitmo Plan Would Establish Indefinite Detention on US Soil
Obama's Russia Rationale for $1 Trillion Nuke Plan
Apple Faces 12 Other Requests to Break Into Locked Iphones
Slow Drip of Clinton Emails Prompt Judge's Subpoena Threat
Michael Hayden’s Pro-Drone Propaganda  by Laurie Calhoun
Kasich and the Missing Foreign Policy Debate  by Scott McConnell
Blood Traces: Bernie's Iraq War Hypocrisy  by Jeffrey St. Clair
For Brexit!  by Justin Raimondo
1914 and Aleppo  by Paul R. Pillar
FBI Fight With Apple Is a Big Farce to Get Inside Your Phone  by Joshua Kopstein

More Viewpoints

by Sanctions

by Philip Giraldi
US Spied on Talks Between Merkel, UN Chief: WikiLeaks
Israeli Fury at Unofficial Ads on London Underground
US Sanctions on Russia Do Not Bar Use of Russian Rocket Engines: Pentagon
Footage of Hezbollah Sniper Killing ISIS Fighters Was Actually From Video Game
More Than 800 Islamists Leave Germany to Join ISIS in Syria and Iraq
Pentagon Says Okinawa Base Move Delayed 2 Years
64 Killed in Iraq as Clashes Erupt in Hit
German Killed in Syria While Fighting ISIS With Kurds: YPG Official
New Zealand Marches on With Iraqi Troop Training
Iraqi General Tells Special Operations Conference of ISIS Atrocities
Iraqi Kurdish Troops Rescue Swedish Teen From ISIS
DNA Report Suggests Ankara Bomber Was Turkish: Security Official
Kurdish Oil Flows Shut as Pipeline Sabotaged in Turkey
Yemeni President Appoints Veteran General to Lead Fight Against Houthis
Eritrea Denies It Sent Troops for Saudi Arabia's War in Yemen
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Security Forces Kill Terrorist Suspect in Village Raid: Agency
Saudi Oil Minister: Cuts 'Will Not Happen'
Barred From Streets, Iran's Reformists Push for Votes Online
British-Iranian Journalist Released From Jail in Tehran: Friend
Iran Calls Proposed Saudi-Russian Oil-Output Freeze 'Ridiculous'
Israel Razes West Bank Homes of Two Palestinian Assailants: Army
Ya'alon: Bereavement Not Equal for Israelis and Our Enemies
France Condemns IDF Demolition of Illegal Beduin School It Funded
Israeli Arab's Family Suspect He Joined ISIS
Saudi Arabia, Gulf Allies Raise Lebanon Travel Warning Amid Iran Row
Italy Agrees to Let Anti-ISIS Drones Depart From Sicily
European Court Condemns Italy for Role in 2003 Kidnap of Refugee Imam
France's Le Pen Raises Pressure on Daughter, Hints at Rival Bid
Deeply Euroskeptic Britons May Still Vote to Stay in EU: Survey
Germany Says Credibility of Ukraine Peace Deal at Risk
Greek Anarchist Group Disrupts State TV News Broadcast
Polish President Backs Communist Spy Allegations Against Lech Walesa
Bolivian Voters Reject Letting Morales Run for 4th Term
Venezuela Clears Prison Following Video of Armed Inmates
Bringing Up the Bodies in Guatemala
Charges Expire Against Mexican Rebel Leader
Panama Sends Cuban Migrants to Mexico
FBI vs. Apple
Apple's Fight Against the FBI Over Phone Privacy Is Hitting the Streets
NYPD Admits the Battle Over Apple Will Set a Crucial Precedent
Bill Gates: Microsoft Would Backdoor Its Products in a Heartbeat
The War at Home
US Lawmakers Offer Bills to Counter Obama Guantanamo Plan
US Marshals Secretly Tracked 6,000 Cellphones
Few Immigrant Children Deported From US in Last 4 Years
OPM Cyber Chief Resigns Ahead of Data Breach Hearing
US Military White Paper Describes Wearing Hijab as 'Passive Terrorism'
Ben Carson: Use 'Truth Serum' to Get Info From Terror Suspects
Refugee Crisis
UN Chief: Number of Displaced People Has Never Been Higher
What We Know: Migrants Stranded After Border Restrictions
Migrant Arrivals to Europe This Year Top 110,000, Up Sharply From 2015
Clashes Erupt in Greece as Macedonia Bars Afghan Asylum Seekers
French Judge Defers Ruling on Calais Migrant 'Jungle'
Welcome to the 'Jungle' in Calais

Fearing Calais Migrant Influx, Belgium Makes Checks on French Border

Amnesty Says Austria Asylum Cap Violates Human Rights
North Korea Warns Against US, South Korea Military Exercises
US, China See Progress on North Korea UN Resolution
India Caste Unrest: Water Supply 'Partially Restored' in Delhi
Silence May Not Be Golden as India's Modi Lays Low During Unrest
North Waziristan Air Strikes Kill 15 Terrorists
China Sends Fighter Jets to South China Sea Island: US Sources
Myanmar Army Chief Pushes Against Quick Changes to Constitution
Power Restored to Afghan Capital Kabul After Weeks of Blackout
Lack of Quorum Scuppers Libya Confidence Vote
Libya Military Makes Further Gains in Benghazi
ISIS, Armed Men Clash Near Libyan Capital, Four Dead
Egypt Bars Journalist From Leaving Country as Crackdown on Dissent Widens
Niger Opposition Rejects Initial Election Results, Citing Fraud
Nigeria to Train Thousands of Unemployed Delta Youths
Burundi to Hold Talks, Free Prisoners to Try to Stem Violence
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