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Updated February 25, 2016 - 11:27 PM EST
Report: French Engaged in 'Secret War' in Libya
  Clinton Defends Anarchy in Libya: We Are Still in Korea, Germany
  ISIS Kills 17 Troops in Libyan City of Sabratha
  Pentagon Denies Killing Serbian Hostages in Libya Strike
Syrian Rebels Backtrack on Support of Ceasefire
  Al-Qaeda Fighters Using Facebook to Buy and Sell 'CIA Weapons'
  Kerry Touts Massive Arms Shipments to Kurdish Factions
ISIS Cracks Down on Mosul Population
  Turkey Kills 12 PKK Fighters in SE, Also Strikes Northern Iraq
Army Chief: US Troops Must Stay in Alaska to Fight Russia
Spy Agencies Say Clinton Emails Matched Top Secret Docs
Yemen Airport Shut After Being Overrun by Local Fighters
Guantánamo Is Only the Symptom of a Sickness: Indefinite Detention  by Trevor Timm
Transcending the Clinton-Sanders Debate: The Middle East in US Foreign Policy  by Ramzy Baroud
Imagine Your Daughters Dying for South Korea and Eastern Europe  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Hillary Clinton’s War on Women  by Kelly Vee
NYT Contributor Has Multiple Motives for Denying Drone Crimes  by Jim Naureckas
The Absurd Timing of Michael Hayden's Drone Campaign  by Ryan Devereaux

More Viewpoints

US Sought Data From 15 Apple iPhones in Last Four Months
Bahrain Finds Opposition Leader Guilty of Opposition
China Says Media Ignores Other Claimants' Weaponry in South China Sea
Australia Announces Rise in Spending for Military
Missiles in Paradise: Kauai Island Faces Controversial Hawaii Defense Plan
Executions in Falluja Continue; 60 Killed in Iraq
State Dept. Agrees to Iraqi Military Sales Request
Most ISIS Bombs Made With Civilian Components
Putin Takes Personal Charge of Syria Ceasefire Effort
Assad to Putin: Syria Ready to Help Implement Cessation of Hostilities
Syrian Kurdish YPG Says to Abide by US-Russian Ceasefire
Syrian Army Battles ISIS for Third Day Near Key Road
Russia Says Significantly Decreased Intensity of Syria Bombings in Past Two Days
Syrian Minister's Wife Named to Assess Mental Health of the Displaced
Putin Talked With Netanyahu, Discussed Details of Syrian Ceasefire Deal
Yemen Officials: UAE Troops Pull Out
Yemen Government Says Hezbollah Fighting Alongside Houthis
Yemen Gets Aid Pledges of More Than $220 Million
Ahead of Election, Iran's Leader Warns of Western 'Plot'
Iran Arrests Elderly Father of Jailed US Citizen: Family
Israeli Soldiers Accidentally Kill Army Officer While Trying to Stop Attack
Shin Bet Accused of Benefiting From Palestinian Torture
IDF Intel Chief Warns Despair in Gaza Could Explode Toward Israel
Gaza Seaport Plans Pit Senior Israeli Military Officers Against Netanyahu, Ya'alon
Netanyahu Demands Israeli Apartheid Posters Be Removed From London Underground
Israeli Ambassador to Egypt Gives Rare Egyptian Interview
Iran to Pay Families of Killed Palestinians: Ambassador in Beirut
Britain's Cameron Calls Israeli Settlement Construction in East Jerusalem 'Genuinely Shocking'
Britain Registers EU Membership Deal at United Nations
Italy's Highest Court Throws Out 'Anti-Mosque' Law
Archaeologists Discover Oldest Muslim Graves Ever Found in Europe
Mexican Journalist and Media Owner Stabbed to Death
3 Police Officers Killed Outside Mexico's Guadalajara
Bolivia's Morales Accepts Defeat in Term Limit Referendum
Colombia Peace Deal May Need More Time: UN Official
Cuba Grants 7 Dissidents Permit to Travel Ahead of Obama Visit
The War at Home
From Fines to Jail Time: How Apple Could Be Punished for Defying FBI
FBI vs. Apple Spat: Bill Gates Is Really Upset That You Thought He Was on the Feds' Side
Colin Powell Supports Obama's Plan to Close Gitmo, Slams GOP Opposition
ISIS Video Makes Direct Threats Against Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey
Refugee Crisis
Where the Dead Don't Count in Europe's Migration Crisis
German Govt Expects Arrival of 3.6 Million Refugees by 2020
Hungarian Leader Seeks Referendum on EU Migrant Quotas
Germany, Afghanistan Work Together to Return Refugees to Kabul
A Radical Idea to Rebuild a Shattered Libya: Restore the Monarchy
Signs Grow of New Western Urgency to Stop ISIS in Libya
Assessing the Shifting Military and Political Calculus in Libya
Fear of Violence, Robbery Deters Refugees in Libya From Seeking Healthcare
Egypt's Sisi, for First Time, Says Russian Plane Was Brought Down by Terrorists
Egyptian Military Calls Toddler's Life Sentence for Murder a Mistake
South Sudan
South Sudan Opposition Forces Allowed Back Into Capital: Monitor
Kerry Says South Sudan Leaders Risk Sanctions if Peace Deal Fails
Nigeria Forcibly Resettles Refugees to Allow Schools to Open
Bourbon Vessel Attacked Off Nigeria, Two Kidnapped
US Training African Police to Counter New Jihadist Threats
Gunmen Kill Three Mali Soldiers in Attack on Checkpoint
6 Congolese Activists Sentenced to Prison After General Strike
Burkina Faso Ex-Leader Blaise Compaore Becomes Ivorian, Avoids Extradition
Russia Gives a Gift of 10,000 Automatic Rifles to Afghanistan
Ghani Nominates New Afghan Interior Minister, Attorney General
With Sedition Arrests, India Continues to Wrestle With Free Speech
Indian Armed Forces to Recruit Women for All Combat Roles: President
US, China Agree Draft North Korea Sanctions Resolution at UN: Envoys
South Koreans Stage Rights 'Ghost Protest' in Seoul
Amid Transition, Myanmar's Senior General Emerges From Shadows
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