We were right about Afghanistan – “the real quagmire awaits us,” we said, and fifteen years later we’re still there.

We were right about Iraq – there were no “weapons of mass destruction.” The war spawned an insurgency that grew and spread throughout the region – just like we said it would.

We were right about Libya – as America intervened, we said that country would fall apart, and we were right about that, too.

And yet the pundits and “experts” who called for war are highly paid, while our writers receive a pittance – if anything! – because we can’t afford to pay them what they’re worth.

It’s just not right. Please help us even the playing field – make your tax-deductible donation today.

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Updated February 26, 2016 - 11:28 PM EST
Turks in 'Secret Battle' Against ISIS in Iraq
  ISIS Suicide Bombers Kill 15 at Baghdad Shi'ite Mosque
UN's Entire 21-Ton Food Drop on Syria 'Lost'
  Syria Ceasefire: US, Russia Prepare to Blame One Another for Failure
  Kurds Surround Key ISIS Town of Shahdadi
  US-Russian Ceasefire Pact: Closer to a Syria War Endgame?
  Saudi Cable: Overthrow the Syrian Regime, but Play Nice with Russia
  Turkey Insists 'Not Credible' to Say PKK and YPG Are Different Groups
US Extends Drone War Deeper Into Africa
Trump: Better Off If Saddam, Gadhafi Were Still in Power
US to Put Advisers on Front Lines of War on Boko Haram
China Confirms It Will Join US-Hosted Naval Exercise
War, What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing  by Tom Engelhardt
The Incredible Shrinking Syrian 'Ceasefire'  by Daniel McAdams
US-Russian Ceasefire Pact: Closer to a Syria War Endgame?  by Gareth Porter
An Appeal to My Readers  by Justin Raimondo
Apple Versus the FBI  by Andrea Castillo
Saudi Cable: Overthrow the Syrian Regime, but Play Nice with Russia  by Brad Hoff

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Canada Moves to Repeal Law That Revokes Citizenship in Terror Cases
Somali President Says 200 Kenyans Killed in Military Camp Attack
US Government Concludes Cyber Attack Caused Ukraine Power Outage
Europe's Free Travel Will End Unless Turkey Halts Migrant Flow, Officials Say
56 Killed in Iraq as Falluja Assault Draws Closer

Fall of Mosul to the Jihadists Was Less of a Surprise to Baghdad Than Many Were Led to Believe

Parents of Swedish Girl Who Left to Join Islamic State Girl Blame Social Services
Trapped Between Iraq Frontlines, Refugees Illustrate Sunni Arab Predicament
Russia Says Syria Ceasefire Process Underway Despite US Sabotage Attempts
Obama: No Illusions About Syria Ceasefire, Will Work to Make It Succeed
As Bombs Hit Syrian Hospitals, Medical Workers Fear They Are the Target
Russia, Syrian Army Pound Rebels Ahead of Fighting Halt
Carter: Syrian Forces Moving to Retake Key Syrian Towns
Saudi Jets to Arrive in Turkey to Strike ISIS: Ankara
Turkey Says Syria Ceasefire Is Not Binding if It Threatens Security
Kurdish Solidarity in Turkey's Restive Southeast Frustrates Its Syria Policy
Kerry Urges Congress Not to Rush to Renew Iran Sanctions Measure
Political Future of Heavyweight Rafsanjani May Rest on Iran Poll
As Iranians Vote Friday, Most Moderate Candidates Are Left Off Ballots
In Iran's Qom Western 'Infiltration' Trumps Elections
Iran Hands Over 57 Deportees to Pakistan
Hamas: Don't Want War With Israel, Tunnels Are Defensive
US-Israeli War Games Simulate Unprecedented Rocket Fire
Israeli Soldier Arrested for Leaking Confidential Information to Right-Wing Activists
Hamas Hopes Israel-Turkey Deal Will Lead to Gaza Seaport
Netanyahu: We Failed to Deport Terrorists' Families
Israel Says Sudanese Who Wounded Soldier Was ISIS Sympathizer
Israel Freezes Plan to Bring 9,000 Falashmura From Ethiopia
Middle East
European Parliament Calls for Saudi Arms Embargo
Saudis Pile Pressure on Lebanon for Siding With Iran
Turkish Newspaper Expects Release of Editors in Case That Drew Condemnation
Cairo Secures Release of 13 Egyptian Sailors From Yemen
French Court Upholds Radical Mosque's Closure Outside Paris
French Judge Allows Partial Demolition of Calais 'Jungle'
The War at Home
Apple's Tim Cook Calls FBI Request to Crack Terrorist's iPhone 'Bad for America'
US to Test-Fire ICBM Amid Strategic Tensions With Russia, North Korea
Poll: Most Voters Oppose Closing Guantanamo
Pentagon Funded Carnegie Mellon Research to Break Tor
Has Obama Let the Military Decline? GOP Sure Thinks So
Palestinian Activist's US Immigration Fraud Conviction Vacated
UN Agency Wants Speedier Aircraft Threat Warnings: Sources
Libya Abuses: UN Report Documents Killings and Torture
Libyan Forces Battle ISIS in Sabratha, Three Killed
Italy Seeks to Keep Allies in Check as Libya Wrangles Over Government
Bomb Explosion at Police Station Kills Four in Northern Nigeria
Chadian UN Peacekeeper Kills Own Commander, Doctor in Mali
Islamist Mortar Attack Kills Four in Somali Capital
Rights Group Reports Deepening Violence in Burundi
Egypt Sentences 4 Coptic Teenagers for Contempt of Islam
Ban Urges South Sudan President, Rebel Leader to Form Government
Eritrea Won't Shorten National Service Despite Migration Fears
Ugandans Brace for Musenveni Life Presidency Bid
Pakistan Province Passes Landmark Law Protecting Women Against Violence
Pakistan's Largest Opposition Party Wants Army Chief to Stay When Term Ends
China 'Needs Sea Defenses Against US'
China 'Seriously Concerned' by Australian Defense Document
China's Xinjiang to Use Entertainment, Possibly Singing and Dancing, in Terror Fight
US and China Agree to Toughen North Korea Sanctions
China Cites Concerns on US Missile Defense System in South Korea
Sri Lanka Appoints War Winning Army Chief as Minister
Germany Sends Afghan Refugees Home
Australia Warns Travelers of Possible Militant Attacks in Indonesia
Protesters March Over Extradition of Salvadoran Soldiers to Spain
Argentina Rights Group to Ask Obama for Dictatorship-Era Records
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