We were right about Afghanistan – “the real quagmire awaits us,” we said, and fifteen years later we’re still there.

We were right about Iraq – there were no “weapons of mass destruction.” The war spawned an insurgency that grew and spread throughout the region – just like we said it would.

We were right about Libya – as America intervened, we said that country would fall apart, and we were right about that, too.

And yet the pundits and “experts” who called for war are highly paid, while our writers receive a pittance – if anything! – because we can’t afford to pay them what they’re worth.

It’s just not right. Please help us even the playing field – make your tax-deductible donation today.

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Updated February 27, 2016 - 8:30 PM EST
Ceasefire Holds, Calm Prevails Across Syria
  Al-Qaeda Rejects Syria Ceasefire, Urges More Fighting
  Turkey Has 'Serious Worries' on Syria Ceasefire
Moderates Win 29 of 30 Seats in Early Iran Polls
   Iran's President Cheers Reformist Election Win
  IAEA Report: Iran Complying With Nuclear Deal
1,818 Clinton Emails Contain Classified Material
MSF: US Payments to Hospital Bombing Victims Inadequate
Cameroon Army Kill 92 Boko Haram Raid on Nigeria Village
US Military Launches 'Cyberwar' to Keep ISIS Off Twitter
‘Bravo!’ Clinton’s Friend Applauds Her Bombing of Libya  by Branko Marcetic
War, Human Rights, & the Politics of Personalism  by Harrison Samphir
Why David Cameron Went Neocon  by Freddy Gray
The Constitution and the Standing Army  by Sheldon Richman
How US Helps al-Qaeda in Yemen  by Jonathan Marshall
War, Peace, and the Next President  by Steve Chapman

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Archeologists Unearth Little-Known WWII Internment Camp in Alaska
James Comey, Who Signed Off on Waterboarding, Now Losing Sleep Over an iPhone
ISIS Claims Deadly Car Bomb in Libya's Benghazi
Pressure Grows for US to Call ISIS Attacks Genocide
Egypt Security Forces Clash With Protesters; 2 Killed
FBI vs. Apple
Farook's iPhone Is Probably Useless, Even the Police Say So
FBI Vs. Apple Establishes a New Phase of the Crypto Wars
Eight Memorable Passages From Apple's Fiery Response to the FBI
Mideast-EU Refugee Crisis
Chaos as Migration System 'Close to Collapse'
Greece Seeks to Stem Migrant Flow as Thousands Trapped by Border Limits
Austria Falls Out With Mighty Neighbor Germany in Refugee Crisis
Slovenian Police Say There Is Regional Agreement to Limit Migrant Flow
Hungary Raps EU, Sees Migrant Quota Referendum in 150 Days at Earliest
Girl in Wheelchair Sits Silently at Shut Macedonian Border for Hours
Hungary's Orban Slams Germany for 'Rude' Tone Over Refugees
US Urges China's Xi to Extend Non-Militarization Pledge to All of South China Sea
China Admiral Talks Warships With Cambodia as Navy Drill Shores Up Ties
Philippine Army Kills 42 Islamist Militants in Battles in South
Proposed North Korea Sanctions Dig Deep, Implementation Falls to China
Bangladesh Police Arrest Three More Suspected of Killing Hindu Priest
Pakistani Police Free Afghan Ex-Governor Kidnapped in Islamabad
Indonesia's Defence Minister Threatens 'Warfare' Against 'Threatening' Gay Community
Terrorist Wanted by Israel Murdered at Palestinian Embassy in Bulgaria
Putin to Spy Service: Defend Russian Elections From Foreign Foes
Gunmen Wound Georgian Opposition Leader Petriashvili: Ministry
Kosovo Parliament Elects New President, Turns Blind Eye to Tear Gas, Petrol Bombs
Bosnia Eyes Closure of Radical Islamic Centers Over Links to Syria Militants
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Soldiers Were Reported Killed This Week
Dozens Sickened After Rocket Attack; 64 Killed in Iraq
Powerful Iraq Shi'ite Cleric Says PM's Position at Stake Unless He Reforms
Kurds Say Investigating Suspected ISIS Chemical Attack in Iraq
UN Security Council Endorses Truce Deal for Syria
Nearly 100 Rebel Groups Sign Up to Syria Truce
Turkish Military Helicopters Kill 9 in Strikes on PKK Targets
PKK 'Not Listening' to Ocalan: Turkish Official
Turkey Turns Off Independent TV Channel on 'Terrorist' Charge
Israel Denies Reports It Okayed Gaza Seaport in Talks With Turkey
Lieberman: Alternative Right-Wing Government Possible Without Netanyahu
Senate Democrats Dispute Obama's Decision on Israel Boycotts
Palestinian Detainee Ends Hunger Strike After Deal Reached With Israel
Israeli Troops Shoot Dead Palestinian Who Tried to Stab Them
Middle East
Aid Group Urges Europe to Halt Arms to Saudis Bombing Yemen
US Journalist Says Bahrain Deprived Her Team of Food, Water, and Sleep During Detention
At Least Nine Dead After Somali Islamists Set Off Car Bomb
Chadian UN Peacekeeper in Mali Held for Killing Own Commander
Angola Says Proposes UN Arms Embargo on South Sudan
Guatemala Convicts Ex-Officer, Paramilitary in Slavery Case
Weekend Reviews
National Bird Gives New Perspective on America's Drone War
The Heartbreaking Irony of Winter on Fire
Two Police State's War on America
Finding Peace at the Heart of Grief
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