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Updated March 1, 2016 - 11:22 PM EST
Iran's Parliament Swings Moderate in Latest Vote
  Iran Set to Elect Record Number of Women Into Parliament
Pentagon Proposes Further Expansion of Iraq War
  ISIS Kills 48 in Suicide Bombings Against Iraq Checkpoint, Funeral
  ISIS Attacks Raise Concerns Iraqi Troops Spread Too Thin
  ISIS Raid on Abu Ghraib Punctures Hopes They Are in Retreat
Syrian Ceasefire Holding, Rebels Complain to UN
  Syrian Troops Fight al-Qaeda, Seize Key Area Near Damascus
Cameron Talks Up 'Brilliant' Arms Sales to Saudis
Judge: DoJ Can't Force Apple to Give FBI iPhone Data
At Least 2,079 Clinton Emails Contain Classified Material
Children Sacrificed to Bring Luck in Uganda Elections: Charity
The Dulles Brothers and Their Legacy of Perpetual War  by Dan Sanchez
End Times for the Caliphate?  by Patrick Cockburn
Back to the Future: Afghanistan, Iraq, and Now Libya  by Ivan Eland
Ending the Syrian War  by Jeffrey D. Sachs
Protecting al-Qaeda  by Steven Chovanec
Bernie Sanders Loves This $1 Trillion War Machine  by Tim Mak

More Viewpoints

Neoconservatives Declare War on Donald Trump
For Iranian Restaurants in Riyadh, Business as Usual
Summoned to Capitol Hill, Apple Comes Armed With Questions for Congress
ISIS Kills Eight Dutch Members for 'Desertion'
Jordan Valley Settlers Took 150 Acres From Palestinians in 2015
The War at Home
California Courts Demand Total Access to Email and Social Media Accounts
Utilities Cautioned About Potential for a Cyberattack After Ukraine's
Accused Cop-Killer Is Army Staff Sergeant Assigned to Pentagon
Sikh Soldier Sues Defense Dept., Citing Religious Discrimination
Documents Reveal Details About Boston Marathon Bombers
Lindsey Graham Jokes About Killing Ted Cruz: 'Nobody Would Convict You'
3 Afghanistan Vets, 1 Rocket Launcher, a Bunch of Trouble
Refugee Crises
Most of the Refugees Stuck in Greece Are Now Women and Children
Up to 70,000 Migrants May Be Trapped in Greece Next Month: Migration Minister
Macedonia Police Fire Teargas at Migrants While Europe Bickers
Dutch Claim to Find 30 War Crimes Suspects Among 60,000 Refugees
Clashes Break Out as France Begins Clearing Calais Migrant Camp
12 Slain in Eastern Congo by Suspected Ugandan Rebels
Libya Will Need American Help to Defeat ISIS, US General Says
Nigeria's Buhari Orders Investigation Into Benue Clashes
Three Bodies Found in 'Mass Grave' in Burundi Capital
Liberian Police Fire Teargas at Supporters of Rights Activist
Muslim Enclave Forged in Apartheid Now Faces Gentrification
Crises Give Eritrea Routes for Closer Global Engagement
Pakistan Says It Needs F-16s From US for Counterterror Ops
Pakistan Hangs Guard for Assassination of Outspoken Secular Politician
Pakistan Not to Blame for Afghan Troubles, Official Says on US Visit
North Korea
UN Security Council to Vote on New North Korea Sanctions Tuesday: US
North Korea Says US Student Confessed to Theft of Item With Propaganda Slogan
The Strange Ways North Korea Makes 'Yankee Imperialists' Confess on Camera
Major Powers Team Up to Tell China of Concerns Over New Laws
Philippines Asks China to Respect Sea Dispute Arbitration
Indonesia Hopes Village Spending Will Counter Radicalism
ISIS Attacks Funeral; 131 Killed in Iraq
US Warns Citizens to Be Ready to Leave Iraq if Mosul Dam Collapses
In Rebel-Held Aleppo, Residents Suspect Syria Truce a Trick
Saudi Official: US-Led Coalition Discussed Possible Syria Ground Incursion
Syria Accuses Saudi Foreign Minister of Trying to Thwart Truce
Turkey 'Shells ISIS Positions' in Syria
Erdogan Says Ceasefire Does Not Cover Whole of Syria
Syria Truce Offers Chance for Aid but Still Needs Local Negotiation: UN Aid Chief
Militiamen Clash With Guards at Yemen Presidential Palace: Official
Suicide Bomber Kills Four in Yemen's Aden City: Security Source, Residents
Israeli Troops Attacked After 'Accidentally' Entering Refugee Camp
Gaza Audiences Enjoy First Night Out at the Movies in 20 Years
'When I Have the Opportunity to Do It, I Will': Likud Lawmaker Vows to Demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque
EU Strongly Protests Israeli Settlers' 'Smear Campaign' Against Ambassador
Elkin: Israel Must Overhaul Palestinian Education When PA Inevitably Falls
Reform Jews Are 'Literally Idolaters,' Says Leading Shas Rabbi
Israeli Military Braces for Battle Over Beards
Sodastream Lays Off Last Palestinian Workers After Permit Row
Brother of Colombian Ex-President Arrested as Alleged Death Squad Leader
Colombia's Defense Minister Investigated Over Rebel Visit
Canada: Four Charged With Selling Stolen Satellite Tech to China
Mexico Reports Fresh Theft of Radioactive Material
Venezuelan Opposition Leader Faces Investigation
Bolivian President Asks to See Child Born to Ex-Girlfriend
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