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Updated March 4, 2016 - 11:22 PM EST
Syrian Rebels Furious as Ceasefire Holds
  Syria Truce Offers Glimpses of Normality
  Economist: ISIS Making $25 Million a Month on Foreign Exchange
Troops Trickle in as West Prepares for Libya War
Israel: US-Funded Missile Defense Better Than What US Has
Congress Looks to Rebrand Pentagon Base Closures
Marxist Group Claims Attack on Istanbul Police Station
North Korea's Kim Tells Military to 'Ready Nuclear Weapons'
The Trumpster Sends the Neocon Establishment to the Dumpster  by David Stockman
Hey, Bernie Sanders, Attack the Empire!  by Robert Koehler
America's 'More' Law in Afghanistan: More Money, Violence, Insecurity  by Daniel L. Davis
Libya: How Hillary Clinton Destroyed a Country  by Justin Raimondo
The Grief of Others and the Boasts of Candidates  by Mattea Kramer
The Media Is Misleading the Public on Syria  by Stephen Kinzer

More Viewpoints

Joe Wilson to Hillary Clinton in 2010: Baghdad 'Has Been Bled to Death'
Mexico Government Says It Won't Pay for Trump Wall
NSA Is Mysteriously Absent From FBI-Apple Fight
How Apple Became the Encryption Champ – and an FBI Target
UN Report: 69 Sexual Abuse Allegations in 10 UN Missions
ISIS Families Killed in Strikes; 79 Killed in Iraq
Electricity Supply Gradually Returns in Syria: State Media
Fitch Revises Iraq's Outlook to Negative; Affirms at 'B-'
Thirteen Killed as Turkish Forces Clash With Kurdish Militants
Turkey Cracks Down on Insults to President Erdogan
Israeli Ministers to Vote on Forbidding Mosques From Using Public Address Systems
Gazan Accused of Planning Attacks in Ukraine, Israel
Bedouin Villagers Slated for Evacuation Take Their Struggle to the Streets
Two Israeli Arabs Charged With Supporting ISIS, Planning Terror Attacks
With Obama Out of Town, Netanyahu Might Skip AIPAC Conference
Roger Waters: Pink Floyd Star on Why His Fellow Musicians Are Terrified to Speak Out Against Israel
Middle East
Jordan Gets US Black Hawk Helicopters to Bolster Defenses
Iran Invites Boeing for Talks, a Stride Toward Business Ties With the US
Lebanon's Hezbollah Condemns Gulf States for 'Terrorist' Label
NATO Chief Says Strong Ties With the UAE Are Vital to International Security
UN Warns Against Slowing Recent Increase in Aid Flow to Yemen
Pakistani Security Forces Say Kill Seven Baluch Militants
Top Pakistani Religious Body Rules Women's Protection Law 'Un-Islamic'
Russia Says North Korea Isn't 'Drawing Proper Conclusions'
New US Blacklist Targets North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un's No. 2
US: Detained American in North Korea Gets Consular Visit
Lighter Traffic, Little Sign of Customs Crackdown at North Korea Border
Philippine Officials Say China Blocked Access to Disputed South China Sea Atoll
After Ukraine, Kazakhstan Wary of Ethnic Russians Broaching Autonomy
Vietnam's Communists Put to the Test as Dissidents Bid for Parliament
Kerry Trip to Cuba for Rights Dialogue Canceled: US Officials
Cuba Sending Americans to the Beach During Obama Visit
The War at Home
Indiana Lawmakers Want to Pull Retirement Money From Companies That Boycott Israel
Apple Backed by More Online Giants in FBI Iphone Unlock Battle
Amazon Removes Encryption From Its Tablet Devices
Fired FBI Agent Who Blew Whistle Over Sex Trips Wins His Appeal
Refugee Crisis
Bring Refugees From Greece Yourself, Austria Tells Merkel

'Don't Come to Europe,' EU's Donald Tusk Warns Refugees

EU Fate at Stake on Muddy Greek Border as Migrants Trapped
Pensioners Share Their Bread With Migrants at Greek Border
France Tells UK Voters Migrants Will Flow to Britain After EU Exit
'No Asylum in Austria' Adverts in Afghanistan
Mogadishu Hotel Attack: 14 Dead as Building in Somali Capital Stormed by Al-Shabaab Jihadists
Somalia Sentences Al Shabaab Media Officer to Death for Killing Journalists
DR Congo
Three Aid Workers Kidnapped in East Congo
Congo Agrees to Extradite Genocide Suspect to Rwanda
Kidnappings by Kony's LRA Spike in Central African Republic: Group
Two Italian Hostages Probably Killed in Libya Attack: Italy
UN Official Says at Least 50,000 Dead in South Sudan War
Over 90,000 People Have Fled Fighting in Sudan's Darfur
Report: Russia's Military Intelligence Chief Was Killed in Secret Operation in Lebanon
Public Support for Putin to Serve Another Term Hits Highest Level in Four Years: Poll
Nanny Who Beheaded Russian Girl Cites Revenge for Putin's Syria Strikes
Germany Investigating Possible Religious Motive Behind Attack on Policeman
German Police Arrest Doctor Suspected of Recruiting Suicide Bomber for ISIS
Spanish Police Seize 20,000 Military Uniforms Bound for Jihadists
Colombia Re-Authorizes FARC Leader Visits to Rebel Troops
Venezuela Opposition Sets Strategy to Oust President
Honduran Environment and Human Rights Activist Murdered
Gangs Blamed for 11 Deaths in Rural El Salvador
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The Constitution and the Standing Army

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It’s True – The US Already Has Boots on the Ground

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