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Updated March 6, 2016 - 11:20 PM EST
ISIS Truck Bombing Kills 60 South of Baghdad
  UN: 'Staggering' Destruction in Iraq's Ramadi
  Sadr Leads 200,000 Supporters Demanding Ouster of Iraq Govt
Syria Rebels: Conditions 'Not Favorable' for Talks
  Turkey Shells Northern Syria, Insists ISIS Targeted, Not Kurds
  Syrian Rebels Seize Iraq Border Crossing From ISIS
Gunmen Attack Yemen Nursing Home, Killing 17
  US Drone Strike Kills Four 'Suspects' in Southern Yemen
Israel Demolishes Homes, School in Village
  Minister Threatens to Quit Israeli Govt if Reform Jews Aren't Weakened
Turkey Seizes Most Popular Newspaper Over 'Terror Ties'
Japan Suspends Work on Relocating US Base in Okinawa
Donald Trump Is Right About Defense Spending – and That Should Scare You  by Matthew Gault
Case Against a US-Arms Monopoly  by Christopher Coyne & Abigail Hall-Blanco
Why the Apple Versus FBI Debate Matters in a Globalized World  by Kalev Leetaru
Journalists Should Stand Up for Whistleblowers  by Timothy Karr
Congress Is Finally Willing to Fight the FBI on Encryption  by Trevor Timm
Welcome to the One-State Club, Thomas Friedman  by Gideon Levy

More Viewpoints

Citing New Evidence, Convicted Afghan 'Kill Team' Mastermind Seeks New Trial
Tiny Marshall Islands Take on Nuclear Powers in Court
Ben Carson Officially Drops Out of Presidential Race
US Pushing for Repatriation of UN Peacekeepers Over Sex Abuse
Fighting at Border Post Continues; 67 Killed Across Iraq
The B-52 Could Rise Again, This Time to Fight ISIS
Denmark to Expand Military Mission Against ISIS Into Syria
Syria Opposition Says Government Mobilizes, Casts Doubt on Talks
World Leaders Hail 'Real Progress' in Syria
Merkel Says Putin Confirmed Commitment to Syria Ceasefire
UN Delivers Aid in Syria, Rebels Say Not Enough
Turkey Car Bomb Attack Kills Two Police, Wounds 35: Security Sources
Turkish-Russian Tensions Not Felt in Village Near Border
Turkish Justice Ministry Calls for Lifting Immunity of Pro-Kurdish MPs
Abbas Says He May Renege on Agreements With Israel
Israelis in South Appeal to Ban: End Gaza Blockade
Israeli Soldier Hurt in Car Attack, Palestinian Assailant Killed
Shock and Humiliation in Australia After Israeli President Cancels Official Visit
Palestinians in East Lebanon Accuse UNRWA of 'Conspiracy'
Polish Govt Rocked by Resignations of Several Generals
Poland's Kaczynski Calls Council of Europe Opinion 'Legally Absurd'
Attacks in East German Town Blamed on Far-Right 'Guerrilla'
Germany's Court Sentences Former ISIS Member
Northern Ireland
Belfast Bomb Injures Prison Officer; Police Call Threat 'Severe'
Northern Ireland Police Say More Attacks Likely After Belfast Car Bomb
Serbia Dissolves Parliament, Calls Early Elections
US Urges Russia to Pressure Ukraine Rebels Over Attacks
French Parliament Votes to Jail Tech Execs Who Refuse to Decrypt Data
Brazil's Former President Detained in Corruption Probe; Rousseff Objects
Arrest of Lula, Hero to Millions, in Corruption Probe Stuns Brazil
Rivals Protesters Clash Outside Brazilian Ex-President Lula's Home
Canadian Six-Year-Old Still on No-Fly List Despite Government's Promise to Help
US Pays to Feed and Shelter Cuban Migrants Stranded in Costa Rica
The War at Home
Rand Paul to Force Senate Vote Against Pakistan Arms Sale
Pro-Torture Warmongers Attack Donald Trump for Going Overboard
Trump: 'I Will Not Order a Military Officer to Disobey the Law'
Edward Snowden on Ted Cruz Debate Slam: 'Treason Only if the Voter Is Your Enemy'
Refugee Crisis
Asylum Seekers in EU 'Doubled in 2015'
Turkey Needs to Stop or Significantly Cut Migrant Flow: EU Envoy
Dutch PM Urges Turkey to Cut Migrant Flows Towards Zero
Border Restrictions on Balkan Route 'Ruining' Europe: Greek PM
Croatian Government Moves to Enable Army to Help Control Border
Migrant Crisis Alters EU Calculations for Greece as Its Debt Struggle Continues
Sahrawi Refugee Camps in Algeria's Arid South
UN Chief Assures Lebanon It Has Final Say Over Refugee Settlement
UNHCR Issues Six-Point Plan to Resolve Europe Refugee Crisis
Slovenia Parliament Passes Law to Quicken Processing of Asylum Seekers
Boko Haram Falls Victim to a Food Crisis It Created
Nigeria's Boko Haram 'Cattle Markets' Shut Down
Two Italian Hostages Freed in Libya After Companions Die
Egypt's Poorest Struggle to Find Rice Amid Hoarding
UN Chief Ban Wants to Revive Talks to End Western Sahara Conflict
Somali Court Sentences Hassan Hanafi to Death for Killing Journalists
Zimbabwe Court Orders Return of Firm to Diamond Fields, Defying Mugabe
North Korea
White House Says Too Soon to Evaluate Latest Sanctions on North Korea
China Orders 'Blacklist' of 31 North Korean Vessels: Document
China Says Defense Spending Pace to Slow, to Improve Intelligence
Obama Discusses Taliban Peace Talks With Afghan President: White House
US Accuses India of Barring Its Religious Freedom Monitors
Landmark Pakistan Women's Protection Bill Challenged in Sharia Court
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
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