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Updated March 8, 2016 - 10:02 PM EST
Pentagon: Drone Strike in Somalia Kills Over 150
Militants Attack Tunisia Military Barracks, 53 Dead
Turkish Shelling, Syrian Airstrikes Threaten Truce
  Monitors: Western Strikes on ISIS Have Killed Nearly 1,000 Civilians
15 Killed in Weekend Fighting in SE Turkey
  Turkey's Largest Paper Intends to Continue, in Exile
Foreign Diplomats Voicing Alarm About Trump
  Neocon Rubio Adviser: I'd Rather Vote for Stalin Than Trump
Israel Says 'State of War' After Multiple Stabbing Attacks
State Dept Hypes North Korea 'Threat' as Military Drill Begins
Netanyahu Rejects Obama Meeting, Cancels AIPAC Trip
Pakistani Taliban Attacker Kills 17 in 'Revenge' Attack
UK Terror Chief: ISIS Attacks to Target 'Western Lifestyle'
Trump Will Make His Peace with the War Party  by Dan Sanchez
Saudi Arabia's Exploding Christmas Gifts From Hillary Clinton  by Medea Benjamin & Rebecca Green
Can the Govt Force You to Unlock Your Own Phone?  by Jacob Reisberg
Will the Oligarchs Kill Trump?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
American Allies Speak Against Restraint at CPAC  by Caroline Dorminey
Saudi Arabia's Unholy War  by Nasser Arrabyee

More Viewpoints

Obama to Release Drone Casualty Report
Biden Says US Will 'Wipe Out' Evil of ISIS Jihadists
Citing 9/11, CIA Head Backs FBI in Apple Standoff
Democrat Jim Webb: I Would Not Vote for Hillary Clinton, but Maybe Trump
The US Army's Warplane Recognition Guide Is Hilariously Wrong
92 Killed in Iraq as Baghdad Considers a Draft
New Iraqi Militia Registers to Lobby in US
Powerful Iraqi Cleric Says Supporters' Protests Meant to Help Reforms
35 Killed Clearing Bombs in Ramadi in Two Months
Idle Pipeline Almost Halves North Iraq February Oil Exports
Air Strike Hits Syrian Market, Opposition Says Truce Must Be Respected
Syrian Kurdish YPG Says Turkey Shelling Its Fighters in Northern Aleppo
Qaeda in Syria Threatens to Fire on Protesters: Activist
Russia Offers Access to Its Syria Bases to Help Deliver Aid
UN Urges Turkey to Respect Freedom of Expression After Newspaper Takeover
Turkish Journalists Slam EU for 'Turning a Blind Eye' to Crackdown on Free Press
France Says Seizure of Zaman Newspaper by Turkish Authorities 'Unacceptable'
Iran's President Praises Ex-Leader Khatami, Defying Media Ban
Iran's Economic Minister Predicts Boost to Crude Oil Sales
US Sanctions Chinese Tech Supplier Over Iran Ties
YouTube Bans Palestinian Media Watch Over Poem
Israel Steps Up West Bank Demolitions in Pursuit of E1 Plans
Palestinians Sue Pro-Israel Tycoons for $34.5 Billion
Islamic Leaders Talk Palestinian Violence in Jakarta
Netanyahu Seeks to Limit Left-Wing NGOs' Role in Future Israeli Elections
Israeli Arab Lawmakers Condemn Hezbollah Terror Listing as Serving Israel's Interests
Dissident Irish Nationalist Group Claims Belfast Bomb
German Town Says Pulled 'Mossad Agents' Out of the Mud, Sends Israel the Bill
With Obama Visit, Cubans Hope for Home Run in Baseball Diplomacy
Mexico Sees Rise in Attacks on Civil Rights Activists
Venezuela Investigates Possible Slaying of 28 Missing Miners
El Salvador Considers New Measures to Combat Violence
Amazonian Tribe in Peru Takes Hostages After Oil Spill
Refugee Crisis
EU to Declare Balkans Migrant Route 'Closed'
Syria's Invisible Urban Refugees
Europe Shuts Its Doors to Afghans
Iraqi Migrants Return After Europe Disappoints
Turkey Wants Additional 3 Billion Euros to Deal With Refugee Crisis
EU Proposes Double Money for Turkey, Refugee Resettlement: Draft
Return Flight: Why a Young Iraqi Left Germany After Only 100 Days
Hungary Plans to Cut Subsidies, Space for Refugees
Life for Migrants in Idomeni Refugee Camp in Greece
France Opens New Refugee Camp as Calais Residents Protest
Greece Says Pledges on Shelter for Refugees Will Be Met by Next Week
South Korea, US Begin Exercises as North Korea Threatens Attack
Russia Calls North Korea Strike Threats 'Totally Unacceptable'
US Soldier Missing From Korean War Accounted For
South China Sea Fishing Activities Proof of China's Maritime Rights: Official
China Says It Won't Budge on South China Sea Sovereignty
Tiny Marshall Islands Take on India in Nuclear Disarmament Fight
After 28 Years, Bangladesh Revives Case to Drop Islam as State Religion
Japanese Submarine to Visit Philippines
US Appeals to Taliban to Join Talks, Warns of Increased Violence
Two Killed in Clash on Afghan-Tajik Border
Police: Bomb Explodes at Somali Airport, Wounding 3 People
Australian Navy Says Seizes Huge Weapons Cache Headed for Somalia
Putin, Egypt's Sisi Agree About Need to Fight Terrorists in Libya, Yemen: Kremlin
Egypt Proposes Mubarak's Foreign Minister to Head Arab League
DR Congo
French Socialists Slam Congo Intimidation, Say Polls Must Be Deferred
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