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Updated March 9, 2016 - 11:24 PM EST
Saudis, Houthis Agree to Truce, Prisoner Swap
Top US General: More Troops Needed for ISIS War
  US: ISIS 'Minister of War' May Have Been Killed in Airstrikes
  Clashes After Executions in Falluja; 224 Killed in Iraq
Somalia: Al-Shabaab Denies US Drone Killed 150
  Nobody Knows the Identity of the 150 People Killed by US in Somalia
Pentagon Plans Air Barrage to Cripple ISIS in Libya
Israel Says 'State of War' After Stabbing Attacks
US Criticizes Saudis for Ending Military Aid to Lebanon
North Korea Claims to Have Miniaturized Nuclear Warheads
US Commander Wants Review of Afghan Drawdown Plan
Pink-Slipping Hillary: On the Victims of the Iraq War  by Medea Benjamin
Eleven Months of the Appalling War on Yemen  by Daniel Larison
Trump Versus Rubio? The Donald Is More Likely to Keep US at Peace  by Doug Bandow
Reviving Napoleon’s Army  by Fred Reed
Energy Wars of Attrition  by Michael T. Klare
Tyrant-Proof the White House – Before It's Too Late  by Conor Friedersdorf

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Iran Exports Heavy Water, a Nuclear Reactor Component, to US
Clinton: The FBI Hasn't Told Me I'm Being Investigated
FBI Quietly Changes Privacy Rules for Accessing Data
Oldest Gitmo Detainee Gets First Parole Hearing
FBI Plans to Spy on High School Students Across the Country
Clashes After Executions in Falluja; 224 Killed in Iraq
WFP Says Serious Food Shortages in Falluja, Besieged by Iraqi Army
US Vice President Biden Speaks With Iraq's Abadi About Attacks, Aid: White House
Finland Charges Two Iraqi Men With War Crimes
UN: 'Substantive' Syria Peace Talks to Begin Within Days
Syrian Kurds Accuse Insurgents of Shelling District With Chemical Agents
Leaked ISIS Files Shed Light on 'Underlying Structures,' Says De Maiziere
Turkish Authorities End Operations in Kurdish Town, 114 Militants Killed
Two Killed as Rockets From Syria Hit Southern Turkish Town: Mayor
Obama Seeks to Pave Way to Mideast Deal After He Leaves Office
Pew Survey: Almost Half of Israeli Jews Back Transfer or Expulsion of Arabs
Was a Palestinian Suspected of Killing an American in Israel Executed by the Police?
Biden Arrives in Israel to Talk Billions in Military Aid – and Patch Things Up
Netanyahu's No to Obama No Big Deal but Poorly Signaled: White House
Palestinians Sue Alleged Settlement Supporters for $34.5 Billion in US Court
Middle East
Iran Could Send Military Advisers to Yemen: Official Suggests
Iran Revolutionary Guards Conduct Ballistic Missile Test
Lebanese Journalist Acquitted of Contempt of Hague Court on Appeal
Danish 16-Year Old Girl Charged With Planning to Bomb Schools
Finnish Radioactive Spike Traced to Nuclear Agency's Neighbor
Somali Cattle Herder Describes US Airstrike on Al-Shabaab Training Camp
Five 'Terrorists' Killed in Security Operation Near Tunisia-Libya Border: Ministry
Ethiopian Students Demand End to Police Crackdowns in Rare Protest
US Broadens Sanctions on Joseph Kony and His Group
Unregistered MTN Mobiles Helped Boko Haram: Nigeria's Buhari
Brutal Rapes of Girl and Mother Haunt Central African Republic Psychologist
The War at Home
Radar Glitch Requires F-35 Fighter Jet Pilots to Turn It Off and on Again
Navy SEALs Tell Congressman There Is a Combat Rifle Shortage
Restraint Chair? Gone. Camp X-Ray? Gone. US Military Unveils Leaner Media Visit to Guantánamo
Snowden: FBI Claim That Only Apple Can Unlock Phone Is 'Bullshit'
Humorous Ads Targeting Muslim Stereotypes Debut on NYC Subway
Frank Terpil: How a CIA Spy Went Rogue to Court the World's Worst Dictators
At Secretive Meeting, Tech CEOs and Top Republicans Commiserate, Plot to Stop Trump
Police Shot Oregon Protester in Back but Act Was 'Justified': Prosecutor
Refugee Crisis
UN, Rights Groups Say Eu-Turkey Migrant Deal May Be Illegal
Erdogan Says Hopes PM Returns From Brussels With 3 Billion Euros
Canada Pledges to Double Refugee Intake
Worried Over Refugees, Baltics Begin to Erect Border Fences
Refugees Still Vow to Reach North Europe Via Macedonia
Slovenia, Serbia Place New Restrictions on Migrants' Entry
Pakistan Hints at Progress on Taliban Talks Within Days
Kidnapped Son of Slain Pakistan Governor Found After Five Years
China Says South China Sea Among World's Freest Shipping Lanes
China's Foreign Minister Says Not Looking to Supplant US
'Violent Terrorism' in China's Xinjiang Has Dropped: Party Official
China Hints More Bases on Way After Djibouti
China Says Still Trying to Resolve Stalled Myanmar Dam Scheme
South Korea Issues New Sanctions Against North, Bans Ships Via North Ports
North Korea Tried to Hack South's Railway System: Spy Agency
As Taliban Menaces Afghanistan, the Helmand River Offers Solace
Malaysia Says ISIS Militants Plotted to Kidnap PM Last Year
Philippine Court Shakes Up Election Race by Allowing Poe to Run
Venezuela Opposition Vows 'All Means' to Oust Maduro
US to Announce Further Easing of Cuba Restrictions on March 17
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