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Updated March 14, 2016 - 11:13 PM EDT
Putin Orders Russian Withdrawal From Syria
  Syrian al-Qaeda Seizes US-Made Missiles in Fight
  Signs of Hope Five Years After Start of Syria's War
  Congress Afraid Syria Training Program Will Give ISIS Access to Arms
  Syria Govt: Peace Talks Must Start Slow, Not with Assad's Ouster
ISIS Attacks Kill 47 Iraqi Soldiers Near Ramadi
  Turkey Kills 67 Kurdish Militants in Iraq Airstrikes
  ISIS Withdraws From Several Iraqi Towns, Redeploying Toward Syria
Saudis Claim Victory in Yemen's Taiz, 105 Killed
  Saudi Airstrikes Pound Yemeni Port of Aden, 22 Killed
  Kerry: Syria-Style Ceasefire Possible in Yemen
Bomb in Turkey's Capital Kills 34, Wounds 125
The Pentagon's Secret Foreign Aid Budget
Al-Qaeda Gunmen Kill 16 in Ivory Coast Beach Attack
North Korea Falsely Brags It Could Wipe Out Manhattan
Israeli Chief Rabbi to Troops: Ignore Courts, Just Kill
The Danes in Afghanistan  by David Franke
US Should Stop Making (and Selling) Cowards' Bombs  by CÚsar Chelala
Hillary Clinton Has Long History of Collaboration With GOP on Foreign Policy  by Jon Schwarz
Donald Trump: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly  by Justin Raimondo
Neocons Red-Faced Over 'Red Line'  by Robert Parry
The Latest on Non-Nefarious Iranian Behavior  by Paul R. Pillar

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Israel's Religiously Divided Society
Quiet Support for Saudis Entangles US in Yemen
Obama to Visit London in Bid to Keep UK in the EU
Torture Illegal, but There's the Issue of Appendix M
McGraw-Hill Destroys Textbook to Placate Pro-Israel Bloggers
ISIS Fleeing Anbar Towns; 99 Killed in Iraq
Iraq PM Vows Retaliation After ISIS Chemical Attack
Iraqi Cleric Sadr Calls Sit-In, Urges Action Against Corruption
Iraq Executes Saudi Prisoner 'For Terrorism'
Russia Has Evidence Turkish Troops in Syria, Lavrov Says
ISIS Group Commander Shishani 'Clinically Dead:' Monitor
Damascus Rejects Attempt to Federalize Syria
Damascus Rejects Any Discussion of Presidency at Talks
Syrian Rebels Deny Missile Was Used to Shoot Down Warplane
Another Iranian Commander Killed in Syria
Israeli Arab Killed in US-Led Bombing Raid on ISIS Stronghold in Syria
Facebook, Twitter Banned in Turkey After Deadly Ankara Car Bombing
Turkey Slaps Curfew on 2 More Towns in Kurdish Southeast
2 Policemen Wounded in PKK Bomb Attack in SE Turkey
Iranian Commander Rejects Claims of Regional Interference, Calls Saudis Adventurists
Former Employee of French Embassy Arrested in Tehran
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Forces Kill Woman During Raid to Capture Wanted Man: Agency
Four on Death Row in Saudi Arabia for Terrorism
Saudi Arabia Says It Will Punish Anyone Linked to Hezbollah
In First Since 2010, Israel Halts Food Imports From West Bank
Netanyahu: Hamas Responsible for All Gaza Rocket Fire
Two Israeli Soldiers Injured in Shooting Attack on West Bank Road
Body Found After Gaza Tunnel Collapse: Hamas
Middle East
Lebanese Army Kills 8 Suspected ISIS Militants
The Antiquities Looting Crisis in the Middle East
Serbia: US-Bound Combat Missiles Found on Passenger Flight
Kosovo President's Office Attacked With Petrol Bomb
Poll Suggests Many Scots Want to Stay in EU, Leave UK
Thousands Rally Against Polish Govt as Constitutional Crisis Deepens
Athens Says Backs Turkish Observers on Islands
2 French Girls Given Terrorism Charges for Concert Hall Plot
Obama Tells Cuban Dissidents He Will Discuss Rights With Castro
Culture Gap Impedes US Business Efforts for Trade With Cuba
5 Mexican Marines Face Civilian Trial in Disappearance
Ten Suspected Gang Members Killed in Gunfight in Northeast Mexico
Venezuelans Hold Rival Marches for and Against Government
US, Colombian Militaries Eye a Post-Conflict Future
More Than a Million Brazilians Protest Against 'Horror' Government
The War at Home
Obama Wants Nonexistent Middle Ground on Encryption, Warns Against 'Fetishizing Our Phones'
Obama Puts Down His Encrypted Phone Long Enough to Tell US: Knock It Off With the Encryption
The Seven Most Vitriolic Passages in DoJ's Response to Apple
Should Navy Warships Come With a Warranty?
Women Could Enter Navy SEAL Training by September
Refugee Crisis
German Anti-Immigration Party Celebrates Dizzying Rise
Amnesty Says EU-Turkey Migrant Plan Is Morally, Legally Flawed
From 'Welcome' to 'Enough' – Europe's Migrant View Shifts
The Push to Resettle More Syrians in the US Isn't Speeding Up the Process
Turkish Guards 'Hit Migrants in Boat'
Refugee Misery Reaches Peak at Crowded Greek Camp: UN
Greece Steps Up Efforts to Move Migrants to Sheltered Camps
Despite Border Closures, Syrians Determined to Reach Europe
Libya's Presidential Council Calls for Transfer of Power to Unity Government
UK Government Faces Questions Over Plans to Send Troops to Libya
Europe Moves Closer to Imposing Libya Sanctions: Diplomats
Egypt Court Sentences Blogger to 3 Years for Insulting Women
Egypt's Justice Minister Sacked After Comments Criticized as Blasphemous
Border Attack Feeds Tunisia Fears of Libya Jihadist Spillover
Tunisia Asks for Wage Donations 'To Fight Terrorism'
Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast Security Forces 'Neutralize Six Terrorists'
Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb: Who Is Terror Group Reportedly Behind the Ivory Coast Shooting?
Two Chadian Peacekeepers Killed by Colleague in Northern Mali: UN
Huge Moroccan Protests Against UN Chief's Stance on Western Sahara
UN Peace Event Hosts Wives of South Sudan Leaders Tied to Rape
US Accuses Uganda of Rights Violations After Presidential Vote
Burundi Security Forces Parade Alleged Rwandan Spy
Amid Sea Disputes, China to Set Up Maritime 'Judicial Center'
Large Jump in China Terrorism Convictions
China Pledges New Push Against 'Hostile Forces,' Separatists
North Korea Submarine 'Missing' as US-South Korea Drills Continue
US, South Korea Stage Assault Drill
In Hail of Bullets and Fire, North Korea Killed Official Who Wanted Reform
New Zealand Troops Join Exercise as Korean Tensions Mount
North Korea Denies Cyber Attacks on South Korea Officials
Veteran Afghan Insurgent Leader Says He Will Join Peace Talks
US Sailor Accused of Rape in Okinawa
Pakistan: One Killed, 10 Injured in Mine Explosion in Lower Orakzai Agency
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