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Updated March 15, 2016 - 11:17 PM EDT
Clinton on Libya: We Didn't Lose a Single Person
Putin Orders Russian Forces Out of Syria
  Peace Dividend: Russian Ruble Rises on Syria Withdrawal
  Syria Peace Talks Begin in Geneva, With 'No Plan B'
Turkey's War Fuels Blowback Beyond Kurdish SE
  Turks Suspicious of US Terror Warning Two Days Before Attack
ISIS Attacks Iraqi Troops Near Ramadi, 47 Killed
  Virginia-Born ISIS Fighter Surrenders to Iraqi Kurds
  Kurdistan Speaker Survives Assassination Attempt; 123 Killed in Iraq
Police Shot in Anti-Terrorism Raid in Belgium
North Korea's Kim: Nuclear Warhead Test 'Soon'
US General Pushed Obama to OK New Afghan Strikes
Africa Targeted as Rivalry Between Islamic Militants Grows
Kerry Sought Missile Strikes To Force Syria's Assad To Step Down  by Gareth Porter
Five Foreign Policy Questions Every Candidate Should Be Asked  by Trevor Timm
Calling Bull on Obama’s Call for Law Enforcement Access to Encryption  by Peter Van Buren
Toward a Theory of Peace  by Dan Sanchez
What President Trump's Foreign Policy Team Might Look Like  by Scott McConnell
The Rapid Rise of Federal Surveillance Drones Over America  by Conor Friedersdorf

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Obama Predicts Next President Will Lift Cuban Embargo
Facebook, Google, and WhatsApp Plan to Increase Encryption of User Data
Senior Saudi Prince Slams Obama Comments
Military 'Invisibility Cloaks' Could Breach Geneva Conventions
US Spy Boss Pays Secret Visit to New Zealand
The War at Home
House Declares ISIS Committing Genocide Against Christians, Other Minorities
Marine Harrier Catches Fire During Takeoff From Ship
'Bizarre' Pro-Israel Robot Accused of Harassing Students at Brown University
How the FBI Monitored Crusty Punks, 'Anarchist Hangouts,' and an Organic Farmers' Market Under the Guise of Combating Terrorism
Refugee Crisis
Hundreds of Migrants March Out of Greek Camp, Cross to Macedonia
Syrian Children's Memories of Home Fade in Jordan Camp
As Old as the War: 5-Year-Old Syrians Grow Up Away From Home
Half of Calais Migrant 'Jungle' Camp to Be Cleared Within Days
The Anti-Refugee Party That Won a Big Victory in Germany
Myanmar Parliament to Hold Historic Presidential Vote
Myanmar Military Questions Suu Kyi Picks Ahead of Presidential Vote
Myanmar Army Releases 46 Underage Recruits: UN
Pentagon Expects Lull in Afghan Fighting for Poppy Harvest
Thai PM Boosts Security in Muslim South After Attacks
Bangladesh Arrests Islamist Militants Over Bomb Plot, Seizes Explosives
Chinese General Sees Ties With Israeli Military 'Developing Smoothly'
Algeria's Military Chief Calls Alert Over Libyan Frontier
Niger Court Refuses to Free Jailed Presidential Hopeful Before Runoff
Mauritania Commits to Ending Modern-Day Slavery
From a Fishing Village to Al-Shabab's Most Wanted
Congo Militias Kill Two Rangers in Park for Mountain Gorillas
Italy, Hungary Say No Automatic Renewal of Russia Sanctions
Canadian Police Probe Stabbing at Toronto Military Center for Terror
Cuba in New Verizon Deal for Direct Calls With US
Colombia's FARC Rebels Say Talks Stalled Over Truce
Venezuela Says Four Bodies Found Are Among 21 Missing From Massacre
US Officials: No Advance Warning of Russia's Syria Pullout Order
Syria's Assad Says Hopes Geneva Talks Lead to Concrete Results
Rebels, Germany Laud Russian Plan to Withdraw From Syria
Report: More Than 160 Chemical Attacks Documented in Syria
Report: Syrian War Creates Child Refugees and Child Soldiers
1 in 3 Syrian Children Know Nothing but War: UNICEF
Women Secretly Film Inside ISIS Stronghold
Don't Doom Syrian Children by Labeling Them 'Lost Generation', Says Psychologist
Kurdistan Speaker Survives Assassination Attempt; 123 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Medics Screen 800 People After Chemical Attack
Erdogan Seeks to 'Redefine' Terrorism to Include Anyone Who 'Serves Aims of Terrorists'
Turkey Blames Kurdish Rebels Over Ankara Bombing
Turkey Arrests 11 Suspects in Connection With Ankara Bombing
Woman 'Definitely' Among Turkey Suicide Bombers: Deputy PM
Iran Welcomes US Oil Companies' Investments
Russia Says No New UN Sanctions on Iran Over Missile Tests
Israel Approves Tough Law to Keep Out Palestinian Workers
Israel, Palestinians in Secret Talks to Restore PA Control of West Bank Cities
Arab Cities in Israel to Get New Police Stations
Three Palestinians Killed in West Bank Attack
Israel Says Not Convinced by 'Logic' of French Peace Initiative
Israeli Defense Minister Wants US Aid Package 'Very Soon'
Four Soldiers Lightly Hurt in Palestinian Attacks
Israeli Ambassador: UN Human Rights Committee Needs Psychiatric Help
Middle East
Germany Approves Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia and Oman
Lebanon: Missiles on Serbian Flight Were for Training
Bahrain Deports Several Lebanese Over Hezbollah Links
Yemen Conflict: Two UAE Pilots Killed as Jet Crashes
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