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Updated March 16, 2016 - 11:12 PM EDT
Kurds to Declare Autonomous Region in N. Syria

UN Seeks Common Ground in Syria Peace Talks

Turkish Air Strikes in Northern Iraq Kill 45 Kurds
  Iraqi General Not Expecting Much Resistance in Push Toward Mosul
Clinton on Libya: We Didn't Lose a Single Person

Clinton: Bush's Billions to NYC 'Influenced Me' To Support Iraq War

Saudi Airstrikes Kill 41 Civilians at Yemen Market
Myanmar Parliament Elects Suu Kyi Aide as President
Is the US Now at War With the Shabab? Not Exactly
NATO Chief Rejects Restarting Afghanistan Combat Ops
Israel Seizes Large Tract of Palestine Land in West Bank
Russia Is Withdrawing from Syria – and the US Should Follow Suit  by Phyllis Bennis
Supporting the Appalling War on Yemen to 'Reassure' Despots  by Daniel Larison
Paul Bremer and the Rise of ISIS  by Neil Swidey
Putin and the Art of the Deal  by Justin Raimondo
Putin Shuns Syrian 'Quagmire'  by Ray McGovern
Americans Toss Lady Liberty Overboard During Crises  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Police Shot in Anti-Terrorism Raid in Belgium Capital
CEO of US Friends of IDF Rakes in $2.7m Over Six Years, All From Donations
Mexico Governor Floats Idea of Medical Opium Growing to Reduce Drug Violence
US Eases Cuba Financial and Travel Regulations Ahead of Obama Visit
Clinton on Regime Change, 'Wouldn't It Have Been Good to Assassinate Hitler?'
More Chemical Attacks; 91 Killed in Iraq
Purported American ISIS Fighter Captured in Iraq Wasn't on FBI Radar
Civilians Flee Iraq Town as Battle Looms
Surprised by Russia's Withdrawal From Syria, Israel Gets Assurances
Russian Warplanes Leave Syria, Raising UN Hopes for Peace Talks
Syrian Sides Submit 'Documents' on Political Deal: UN Envoy
Syria Rebels' Morale 'Sky High' After Russia Withdrawal
Prosecution of Syria War Crimes Should Not Wait for War's End: UN
France Says Anything That Contributes to Syria De-Escalation Welcome
Deadly Fighting Spreads in Southeast Turkey After Ankara Bomb
Turkey IDs Ankara Bomber as PKK Rebel Who Trained in Syria
Turkey Arrests Three Academics on 'Terrorist Propaganda' Charges
Palestinians Welcome Paris Peace Bid as 'Timely, Realistic'
Hundreds March on Bloody West Bank Route, Demanding More Crackdowns on Palestinians
UN Chief Asks Israel to Reverse West Bank Land Appropriation
Israel Raising Height of Egypt Border Fence to Keep Out Asylum Seekers
Danish Activist and Infant Child Detained in Bahrain
Bahraini Activist Begins Jail Term for Ripping Up Photo of King: Lawyer
Middle East
Dutch Parliament Votes to Ban Weapon Exports to Saudi Arabia
Iran Claims to Have Gotten Good Intelligence Off Captured US Sailors' Devices
Peruvians Take to Streets to Protest Fujimori Candidacy
International Election Observers Say Peru Decision Must Be Respected
Man Accused of Stabbing Canadian Soldiers Cited Allah: Police
Ecuador Says Military Plane Crashes in Jungle, 22 Dead
Last Flight Leaves in Bridge to Mexico for Cuban Migrants
Obama Concerned About Venezuela's Struggling Economy
Brazil's Lula Likely to Take Cabinet Position
FBI vs. Apple
Apple: Founders Would Be 'Appalled' at FBI iPhone Request
Apple Tells Judge That US Government Is Well-Meaning but Wrong in Privacy Fight
John Oliver Produces Fake Ad for Apple About Protecting Data
Apple Is 'Arrogant' and Encryption Is 'Oversold', Ex-NSA Lawyer Tells SXSW
Refugee Crisis
Macedonia Returns Migrants to Greece, Cyprus Objects to EU-Turkey Deal
Albania Getting Italian Help on Border Security Against Migrants
It Felt Like a Death Machine, Says Migrant Forced Back to Greece
In United States, Refugees Cook to Win Over Hearts, Minds and Stomachs
Suspected Militants Stage Attack Near Key East Libya Oil Field: Officials
'No Plans' to Send UK Troops to Libya, Government Insists
Al-Qaeda Says Ivory Coast Attack Was Revenge Against France
Somali Militants Seize Small Port in Puntland Region
Benin to Deploy Troops to Anti-Boko Haram Task Force
In Senegal, a Beach Town Slowly Wakes Up to Islamist Threat
Morocco to Cut UN Western Sahara Mission After Ban Remarks: Agency
Congo Police Arrest 18 Pro-Democracy Activists: UN
Herders Suffer as Nigeria Army Shuts Cattle Trade to Fight Boko Haram
In Secret Meetings, Taliban Rejected Pakistan Pressure on Peace Process
Pakistan Religious Groups Say Law Protecting Women From Abuse 'Un-Islamic'
Taliban Fighters Seize Afghan Territory as NATO Chief Visits Kabul
UN Envoy: Afghan Government Faces 5 Challenges to Survival
Malaysia Deports Australian Journalists
ISIS Claims Murder of Muslim Preacher in Bangladesh
Snoopers' Charter: UK Government Wins Vote on Investigatory Powers Bill
Berlin Police Say No 'Terrorist' Background to Car Explosion
Prison Officer Injured in Belfast Bomb Attack Dies
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