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Updated March 18, 2016 - 11:25 PM EDT
Cruz Hires Neocons: Gaffney, Ledeen, Abrams
Paris Attack Fugitive Captured in Belgium Raid
Talks Stall Amid Dispute Over 'Federal Syria'
  Syrian Kurds Condemned for Establishing Autonomous Zone
  Putin: Syria Intervention a 'Success,' But Warns of Quick Return
Saudis Say Will Soon Scale Back Yemen War
  UN: Saudi Airstrikes Pound North Yemen Market, Killing 119
Egypt's Sisi Warns West Against Invading Libya
Judges Consider Release of Full CIA Torture Report
Candidates, Is America Exceptional, or Only Great?  by Peter Van Buren
The Murder That Exposed Hillary Clinton’s Grim Legacy in Honduras  by Adam Johnson
Can Mosul Be Retaken With Magic Beans?  by Daniel L. Davis
FBI Wants Teachers To Go Stasi On American Kids  by Lucy Steigerwald
Don't Intervene in Libya Again  by Christopher Preble
The Obama Administration's Drone-Strike Dissembling  by Conor Friedersdorf

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Germany Shuts Embassy, Consulate in Turkey on 'Very Concrete' Tip-Off
Pentagon Chief: 'We Don't Want a Draft'
Why Military Hospitals Are Unhealthy and Inefficient
Rabbis Plan Boycott of Trump Speech to AIPAC
Kremlin Condemns Donald Trump Clip
Sadr Plans Massive Rally; 144 Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Sadr Spurns Calls to Drop Planned Sit-In Over 'Bastion of Corruption'
Iraq Halts Exports Through Pipeline to Pressure Kurds: Iraq Oil Report
New ISIS Video Shows Explosive Wire Decapitate Hospital Worker; Six Alleged Spies Executed
US: ISIS Committed Genocide Against Christians, Shi'ites
Putin: Russia's Air Defense Systems to Remain in Syria
Pentagon Chief Praises Kurdish Fighters in Syria
US Rejects Self-Governed Zones in Syria After Kurdish Autonomy Vote
UN Says Syria Aid, Medicine and Prisoner Releases Still Blocked
Hassan Aboud, an ISIS Commander, Dies From Battlefield Wounds
Video Apparently of Japanese Hostage in Syria Surfaces With Message to Family
New Syria Peace Talks Go-Between Is a Fixer Trusted by the Kremlin
Militant Kurds Claim Ankara Bomb
Kurdish Militant Group Tak Warns It Will Strike Again in Turkey: Website
Terror Threat Leaves 'Everyone Scared' in Istanbul
Cyprus Says Cannot Consent to Expediting Turkey's EU Talks
Turkey's Parliament Should Lift Immunity From Prosecution for All Parties: PM
Turkish PM Sees Some Difficulties Within EU in Fulfilling Migrant Deal
US 'Troubled' by Turkish Authorities' Shutting Down of Free Press
German Magazine Pulls Reporter From Turkey Ahead of EU Summit
Two Palestinians Stab Israeli Soldier and Are Shot Dead: Military
EU Says Israeli Land Seizure Threatens Peace Process
Former Defense Minister Barak: Israel Must View War as Last Resort
Middle East
Lebanese Minister: Israel Spies on Lebanon Using Illegal Internet Networks
Kuwait Security Chief to Obama: We're Not Free-Riders
Iran Just Passed an Innocuous Law That's Actually a Big Step Towards Gender Equality
North Korea
North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Into the Sea, Says Seoul
North Korean Video Apparently Shows U-Va. Student Taking Propaganda Sign
China Says Opposes Unilateral Sanctions on North Korea
The Coal Loophole: Doubts on China's Will to Enforce North Korea Sanctions
Chinese Army Bans Smartwatches and Wearables Over Security Concerns
Exiled Tibetans Elect Leader to Sustain Dalai Lama Legacy
Small Militant Faction Joins Afghan Peace Process, Taliban Still Refuse
7 ISIS Loyalists, 3 Public Uprising Forces Killed in Afghanistan Clash
After Shootout, China Says Uighur Militants a Threat to Indonesia
Terror Charges Against Maldives Ex-VP Over Boat Blast
Former Ruler Musharraf Leaves Pakistan After Government Lifts Travel Ban
The War at Home
Bergdahl: Leaving Post in Afghanistan Was 'Self-Sacrifice'
New Details Hint at Role of Psychology in Bergdahl Defense
US Marshals Spent $10m on Equipment for Warrantless Stingray Surveillance
Ex-Benghazi Investigator Drops Clinton Bias Claim
US Pizzeria Owner Who Recruited for ISIS Group Gets 22 1/2 Years
Arizona Man Found Guilty in 'Draw Mohammed' Event Shooting
Remains of More Servicemen Identified From 1952 Alaska Crash
Russian Anti-Torture Activist Assaulted in Chechnya
Germany's Economy Minister Aims to Get Russia Sanctions Lifted
Ukraine Vows Swift End to Political Crisis, Wins EU Offer of Visa-Free Travel
Ukraine Tears Down Giant Lenin Statue, Live on YouTube
German Triple Agent Markus Reichel Who Spied for CIA and Russian Intelligence Jailed for Eight Years
Germany's Top Nazi Hunter to Keep Up Chase for Another Decade
Record Number of Children Arrested for Terrorism in UK
Are French Prisons 'Finishing Schools' for Terrorism?
Azerbaijan Frees Dissidents in Amnesty
Report: Europe Must Share Data on Warzone Aviation Risks
Morocco Asks 84 UN, AU Staff to Leave Within Three Days
Morocco Says Will Not Withdraw From UN Peacekeeping Missions
Tunisia's Youth Must Shun Islamic Extremism, Set Example: France
French Foreign Minister to Meet Libyan PM Friday in Tunis
Niger Security Forces Attacked Near Border: Defense Ministry
Niger Opposition Says It Will Not Recognize Runoff Results
Cameroon Soldiers Kill 20 Boko Haram Fighters in Nigeria
89 Boko Haram Members Sentenced to Death in Cameroon
DR Congo
UN Officials Warned That Congolese Soldiers Were Linked to Rape
Congo's Entrenched Sassou Nguesso Seeks to Extend Presidency in Poll
Western Sahara Independence Group Warns of War if UN Leaves
Sudan Threatens to Close Border With South Sudan Again
Protests Mark Lula Swearing-In, Judge Tries to Block Appointment
Questions Plague Brazil Ex-President's Chief of Staff Role
Brazil's Tarnished Hero, Loses More Luster in Return to Govt
Small Protests Proliferate in Simmering Venezuela
Veteran Venezuelan Newspaper Prints Last Edition Amid Crisis
As Colombia Peace Nears, Wounded Rebels Cope in Jungle
Media Group: Attacks on Mexico Journalists Up 22 Pct in 2015
World Court to Draw Up Nicaragua-Colombia Maritime Boundary

US to Declassify Military Records on Argentina's 'Dirty War'

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