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Updated March 20, 2016 - 11:14 PM EDT
Iraq War 13th Anniversary: US Troops Still Dying
  Airstrikes Against ISIS Capital of Raqqa Kill At Least 39 Civilians
  Backed by Russia, Syria Pushes Into Palmyra
  US: Russia Still Using Artillery, Copters in Syria
Yemenis Agree to Ceasefire, Peace Talks
  UN: Saudi Attack on Yemen Market May Be a War Crime
Istanbul Hit by Suicide Bomb Attack
  EU, Turkey Finalize Refugee Swapping Plan
Myth of Giving Iran $150 Billion in Nuclear Deal
Paris Attack Fugitive Captured in Belgium Raid
Cruz Hires Neocons: Gaffney, Ledeen, Abrams
Supreme Court Nominee OK'd Gitmo Detentions, Searches
Kasich's Contradictory Foreign Policy  by Daniel R. DePetris
Comrade Michael Rubin Demands the Gulag for Col. Wilkerson  by Daniel McAdams
The Law Is Clear: the FBI Cannot Make Apple Rewrite Its OS  by Susan Crawford
My Terrorist, Your Terrorist  by Uri Avnery
The Ever-Curiouser MH-17 Case  by Robert Parry
When Will the US Government Stop Persecuting Whistleblowers?  by Chelsea Manning

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Bernie Sanders Turns Down Invitation to Address AIPAC
Sheldon Adelson's Israeli Newspaper Has a Crush on Donald Trump
Obama Wants to Defeat ISIS by End of His Term
Catch-22 of Closing Gitmo
Experts: ISIS Expanding Its Global Reach Through Social Media
The US Govt Still Fighting to Bury Senate Torture Report
The War at Home
'Chilling Effect' of Mass Surveillance Is Silencing Dissent Online, Study Says
The Commander Behind the Pro-Israel Student Troops on US College Campuses
Pentagon Suspends 14 Men at Nuclear Missile Facility for 'Using Illegal Drugs'
Cars 'Increasingly Vulnerable' to Cyberattacks, FBI Warns
Malaysian Former Exec Sentenced to 5 Years for US Navy Scheme
Air Force General Who Ran ISIS Air War Fired Over 'Inappropriate' Emails
Chelsea Manning: Government Anti-Leak Program a 'Blank Check for Surveillance'
US Marine, 170 Others Killed in Iraq
Iraq Forces in Major Push Against ISIS in Anbar
Shi'ite Cleric's Followers Begin Anti-Corruption Sit-In in Baghdad
Shi'ite Cleric Takes Lead Role in Iraq's Protest Movement
Two More Children Die After Iraq Chemical Attack
Protect Imperiled Minorities in Iraq, US State Dept. Official Told
Iraqi in Decapitated Head Post Guilty of War Crime in Finland
American ISIS Fighter Chose to Surrender to Kurds: TV
ISIS Claims Five Russian Troops Killed Near Syria's Palmyra
Syrian Rebels Condemn Kurdish-Led Moves Towards Regional Autonomy
Russia Says Groundwork Laid for Routing ISIS in Syria's Palmyra
After Declaring Autonomy, Syrian Kurds 'Open to Ties With Israel'
Syria's War-Battered Currency Hit by Russian Withdrawal
British ISIS Hostage John Cantlie Appears in a New Propaganda Video
Bomb Kills Policeman in Southeast Turkey, Embassies Warn on Security
Four Dead in Gun Attacks in Turkish Capital, No Militants Involved
Clashes Leave 1 Killed, 12 Injured in West Bank, Gaza
Top Israeli General: as Long as Erdogan Is in Power, Israel Will Face Problems
Israeli Troops Shoot Dead a Palestinian Wielding Knife
Moscow Wants More Trade With Israel, Russian PM Tells Rivlin
Middle East
US Quiet as Ally Bahrain Imprisons Human Rights Activist With Her Infant for Tearing Up Photo of King
At Least Six Civilians Killed as Yemen Rebels Shell Taez City
Raul Castro: the Revolutionary Who Made Peace
Venezuelan Leader Flies to Cuba Ahead of Obama Visit
Top Brazilian Judge Blocks Cabinet Post for Ex-President
Big Crowds Demonstrate in Brazil in Solidarity With Embattled Govt
UN Sounds Alarm Over Violence Against Indigenous Activists in Recession-Hit Brazil
'A Space to Cry' for Colombia's Rape Survivors as War Trauma Takes Decades to Heal
How We Got to a Colombian Guerrilla Camp
In a Rebel Camp in Colombia, Marx and Free Love Reign
Peru Opens Vote-Buying Probe Against Keiko Fujimori
Weekend Reviews
The Conceit of Humanitarian Intervention
The CIA, Terrorism, and the Cold War: the Evil of the National Security State
Refugee Crisis
What's in the EU Deal With Turkey? Controls, Concessions and Swaps
Cyprus President Tells EU Leaders He Can Accept Turkey Migration Deal: Diplomat
EU, Turkey Seal Deal to Return Migrants, but Is It Legal? or Doable?
European Union Assures Albania of Help With Possible Migrant Influx
Refugees at Greek Border Camp Say Will Stay Put Despite EU Accord
Flow of Migrants Into Finland From Russia Dries Up: Helsinki
Syrian Teen Refugee Sets Sights on Rio Olympics
Syrian Opposition Says Refugees Will Return Home as Soon as It's Safe
EU Fears New Surge of Migrants From Libya, Plans Mission: Letter
Is Migrant Crisis Swinging Back to Libya?
'My Breath Is My Children': Flight From Syria Splits Family
'Many More People' in Paris Attacks Than First Thought: Hollande
What We Know About Salah Abdeslam, the Elusive Paris Terror Suspect Arrested in Brussels
Salah Abdeslam: Pot-Smoking Enigma of Paris Attacks
France Carries Out Biggest Ever Attack Drill Ahead of Euro 2016
Ukraine's Yanukovich Says Assets Seizure Is Attempt to Hide Kiev's Failings
Two Years After Crimea Annexation, NATO Chief Urges Continued Sanctions on Russia
EU Urges More Countries to Impose Sanctions on Russia Over Crimea
Ex-Professor Upsets Ukraine Politics, and Russia Peace Accord
US, Philippines Agree on Locations Covered by Defense Pact
Philippine Islamist Leader Wanted by US Wounded in Clash: Army
US Sees New Chinese Activity Around South China Sea Shoal
Taiwan Concerned After China Renews Ties With Gambia
North Korea
North Korea Fires Two Ballistic Missiles Into Sea
UN to Meet on North Korea Missile Launch
US Steps Up Airstrikes Against ISIS After It Gains Territory in Afghanistan
Red Cross Sounds Alarm on Rising Casualties in 'Ignored' Afghanistan
Activists Raise Concerns Over Indonesia's Proposed Anti-Terrorism Law
Rockets Hit Algeria Gas Plant in Attack Claimed by Qaeda
Russia to Supply 40 Mi-28 Attack Helicopters to Algeria
DR Congo
Congo Soldiers Accused of Attacking Civilians: Report
Detained Activists Go on Hunger Strike in DR Congo
Tunisia's Ben Ali Sentenced to 10 Years in Jail: Prosecution
UN Envoy Calls for Libya Unity Government to Take Charge 'Within Days'
Niger Attacked by Both al-Qaeda and Boko Haram
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Says Will Consider Retiring if War Veterans Ask Him
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed Last Week
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