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Updated March 22, 2016 - 11:13 PM EDT
'ISIS' Attacks on Brussels Airport, Metro Kill 36
Trump's Mixed Foreign Policy Agenda
  Transcript of Trump's Meeting With the WashPo Editorial Board
ISIS Launches Second Attack on US Base in Iraq
  US Military Has a Lot More People in Iraq Than It Has Been Saying
  Just How Big Is US Footprint in Iraq? Even Spokesman Can't Say
  Russia Threatens to Bomb Syria Ceasefire Violators
Obama’s Break with the Establishment  by Gareth Porter
Israel's Influence Conference Exposes Apartheid  by Ben Norton
Lockheed Martin, Making Money the Old-Fashioned Way  by William D. Hartung
Cuba and Iran: Detente, Reform, and Trojan Horses  by Dan Sanchez
Obama’s Historic Visit to Cuba Is the Right Policy  by Ivan Eland
An Ugly Smear Campaign  by Robert Parry

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Trump's AIPAC Speech
Clinton's AIPAC Speech
Cruz's AIPAC Speech
Sanders's Mideast Policy Speech
Clinton Criticizes Trump's Neutral Stance on Israel
Trump: Israel Should Repay US for Aid
The Sunni-Shia Divide Through the Eyes of a Child
ISIS Claims Attack on Iraqi Convoy; 171 Killed in Iraq
Iran-Backed Militia Demands Withdrawal of US Force in Iraq
Sadr Wants Iraqis to Get a Share From Country's Oil Revenues
Ramadi, From Iraq's Third City to a Ghost Town
US Dismisses Russia Call for Urgent Talks on Syria Ceasefire
Bakers, Teachers, Painters Line Up to Volunteer to Save Lives in Syria
Syrian Government Refuses to Discuss Assad's Future
Syrian Rebels More Wary Than Hopeful About Truce and Talks
Syria Opposition Says Govt Wasting Time at Geneva Talks
Istanbul Bomber Tailed Israeli Tourists From Hotel to Scene of Attack, Turkish Media Report
Erdogan Says Turkey Battling 'Terrorist Wave' After Istanbul Bombing
Pro-Kurdish Leader Urges Peace Talks, Four Soldiers Killed
Iran May Freeze Oil Production: OPEC
Kasich: US Should Withdraw From Iran Deal in Light of Missile Tests
Herzog at AIPAC: Peace Deal Unrealistic for Now
Biden Says Israel Settlements Raise Questions About Commitment to Peace
Israel Defense Chief Accuses Leftist NGO of Treason
Arab NGO Report Says Israel Racism Doubled in Past Year
Poll: Palestinian Support for Knife Attacks Waning
Gaza Pollution Flows to Israel Due to Power Shortages
Israel Flies in 19 Yemeni Jews, Ending Immigration Mission
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Continues Hiring Spree of Lobbyists, Retains Former Washington Post Reporter
Kuwait Expels 14 Accused of Hezbollah Links: Report
Mothers of ISIS-Held Hostages Block Northeastern Lebanon Road
Pakistan Guard Shoots 'Monster Mask' Boy Aged 11
Pakistan Opposition Leader: Parliament Should've Been Consulted on Musharraf
China Says US-Philippines Base Deal Raises Questions
China Says Coast Guard Vessel Did Not Enter Indonesian Waters
Indonesia Says Peace Efforts on South China Sea 'Sabotaged'
Taiwan Security Agency Says China's Gambia Gambit Meant to Pressure President
Missing Chinese Columnist 'Taken Away' by Police: Lawyer
Hope for Change in Myanmar Stems Rohingya Migrant Flow
Around 25,000 Rohingya Left Myanmar Camps in Past Year: UN
Seoul: North Korea Fires 4 Short-Range Projectiles
UN North Korea Sanctions Lifted on Four Ships: US Official
Kazakh Leader's Party Wins Vote Criticized by Western Monitors
The War at Home
Donald Trump Reveals Foreign Policy Team in Meeting With the Washington Post
FBI Says It Might Be Able to Unlock Terrorist's iPhone Without Apple's Help
The Internet of Things Is a Surveillance Nightmare
Sanders Trounces Clinton in Global Primary
Edward Snowden and the Wire's David Simon Talk Surveillance and Its Limits on Twitter
Michael Flynn Says Army Must Ditch War Data Network
Refugee Crisis
Greece Asks EU Partners for Help to Make Migrant Deal Work
Migrants Keep Landing in Greece Despite EU-Turkey Deal
Austria Urges EU to Send Soldiers to Greece to Police Border
After Scare, Cyprus Peace Hopes Survive EU-Turkey Migrant Deal
For Refugees Eyeing Europe, a Website Separates Fact From Fiction
Two Welsh Guard Soldiers 'Forced to Rape Each Other' During Initiation Ceremony
Paris Suspect 'Worth Weight in Gold' to Police: Lawyer
Man Dies in Hand Grenade Blast in Serbia's Capital
Kosovo PM Isa Mustafa Confirms His Brother Sought Asylum in Germany
Vladimir Putin's Public Trust Rating Drops 10 Percent in a Year: Poll
Algerian Troops Kill Six Islamist Militants Near Tunisia Border: Ministry
BP, Statoil to Withdraw Staff From Algerian Plants After Attack
65 Shebab Insurgents Killed in NE Somalia: Army
Al Shabaab Briefly Seizes Army Base, Kills Soldiers
Nigeria: Troops Kill Boko Haram Chief, Rescue 67
Attack Reported on Mali Hotel Used by European Union Military
Tunisian Forces Kill 'Terrorist' Near Border Attack Town
Communications Cut as Congo Leader Seeks to Extend 32-Year Rule
Businessman Talon Wins Benin Presidential Race
Castro Says End of US Blockade, Gitmo Return Needed to Normalize Ties
Must-See TV: Cubans Marvel at Rare Questioning of Castro
Cuba's Raúl Castro Denies Island Is Holding Political Prisoners
Obama Spars With Castro on Human Rights During Historic Cuba Visit
Obama Thinks Regular US Tourism to Cuba Could Happen 'Very Soon'
Kerry to Support Colombia Peace Talks in Havana Meeting
Argentina, United States to Resume Sharing Financial Intelligence
Peru Could Bar Top Two Presidential Candidates in Vote Buying Probe
Haiti Lawmakers Reject Prime Minister's Plan, Deepening Election Uncertainty
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