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Updated March 24, 2016 - 11:27 PM EDT
US Marines Enter Iraq Combat to Defend Oil Fields
  Russian General Confirms Special Forces Active in Syria
Feds Indict Seven Iranians Over Hacking
  US Denies Deterring Foreign Banks From Doing Business With Iran
50 Killed in US Strike on Yemen al-Qaeda Camp
  Yemen Fighting to Halt April 10, Peace Talks Start April 18: UN
  2.5 Million-Egg Hatchery in Yemen Destroyed Amid Fears of Famine
University of Calif: Anti-Zionism = Anti-Semitism
Pentagon Sidelining State Dept. on Foreign Aid
French Senator: ISIS Has Fighters Trained to Attack Europe
What Cost a Nuclear Deterrent? Britain Doesn't Know Yet
Cruz: Trump Would Give Victory to ISIS by Leaving NATO
Abe and Okinawa’s Governor Square Off on US Base Plans  by Peter Van Buren
The Brussels Terror Attacks: When Security Theater Fails  by Jesse Walker
Should the US Invade North Korea (and Cuba)?  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Syria Federalism Is a Pandora’s Box  by Ramzy Baroud
Censoring Palestinian Maps  by Lawrence Davidson
Asymmetry in Syria and the Russian Drawdown  by Paul R. Pillar

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Can a Single Injection Save Soldiers Suffering PTSD?
Obama Sees No Middle East Peace Deal Before His Presidency Ends
'Islamophobia': US Cities Face Anti-Muslim Backlash
Chilcot Inquiry to Be 'Delayed by EU Referendum'
87 Million Children Live in Conflict Zones, Brains Not Developing: UNICEF
Heavy Fighting in Falluja, 134 Killed in Iraq
Syria Army Expects to Recapture Palmyra 'Within Hours': State TV
United States to Press Russia on Syria's Assad
EU Joins Syria Peace Talks as Sides Remain at Odds
Russian Major Was Killed in Syria Last Month: Former Subordinates
Dutch Shut Diplomatic Post in Istanbul After Threat
Turkish Journalist Faces Prison Over 'Insulting' Politicians
Turkish Tourism and Economy Struggle Due to Bombings, Russia Chill
Erdogan: Turkey Will Cooperate With Israel Against Terrorism
Turkey Is Europe's Only Partner for Regional Security: Turkish PM
Famine Threatens Half of Yemen: WFP
Reports: Yemeni Jewish Exit Aided by Bribes to Houthis
Israeli Military Closes West Bank for 4-Day Purim Holiday
Israel Recently Warned Belgium of Lax Airport Security: Report
Survey: 85% of Israeli Arabs Fear Rising Levels of Racism
Israeli Minister: Belgians Should Stop Eating Chocolate, Start Focusing on Muslims
PA Official: Europe, US 'Burning in Their Own Fire'
Report: Iran's FM Said Haaretz Cartoon Made US Toughen Its Stand on Nuclear Deal
South China Sea
Indonesia Has No Conflict With China in South China Sea: Palace Spokesman
Taiwan President Invites Philippines, Tribunal Officials to Disputed Isle
On South China Sea Islet, Taiwan Argues Philippines Case Is Far From Watertight
North Korea Threatens to 'Scorch' South Korea's Presidential Offices
North Korea Claims More Progress in Missile Development
UN Seeks Ways to Try North Koreans for Human Rights Abuses
Face-Off Between Strongmen Exposes Afghan Political Rifts
Indian Reporter Arrested After Posting Criticism of Police
Mudslinging Trumps the 'Middle Way' in Tibetan Exiles' Election
Kyrgyz Security Service Accuse Opposition of Planning Mass Riots
Vietnam Political Bloggers Jailed for 'Abusing Freedom': Lawyer
UN Envoy to Libya Not Allowed to Land in Tripoli
7 Dead in Clashes West of Libyan Capital
Angolan Rebels Claim to Have Killed 30 Troops
Mali Arrests 21 After Attack on EU Military Training Mission
Polisario Front Threatens War With Morocco as Dispute Over UN Mission to Western Sahara Escalates
Nigeria: 'Boko Haram' Man Who Threatened to Bomb Hotel After Drinking Beer Pardoned
The War at Home
Lawmakers Warn of 'Radical' Move by NSA to Share Information
Court Asks: Do Police Need a Warrant to Track Your Cellphone for Months at a Time?
Atlanta Airport Evacuated as US on Alert After Brussels Attacks
Report: Israeli Company Helping FBI Crack iPhone Security
Cruz Doubles Down on Call to Monitor Muslims in US
Obama Goes After Cruz for Urging Patrols of Muslim Neighborhoods
Trump: Muslims Have to Report 'Bad Ones'
Fix Fort Jackson's Dilapidated Barracks, South Carolina Lawmakers Tell Army
Refugee Crisis
Desperate Migrant Filmed Setting Himself on Fire at Refugee Camp in Protest at Borders Closing
UNHCR Says Won't Work in Greek 'Detention Centers' in Swipe at EU-Turkey Deal
Poland Refuses to Accept Refugees After Brussels Attack
Australia Putting Iraqi and Syrian Christians Lives at Risk by Delay, Refugee Group Says
Rights Groups Slam Hungary Over Detention of Asylum-Seekers
Could Afghans Who Fled to Greece to Escape the Taliban Now Be Forced to Return Home?
Amnesty Says 30 Afghans Returned by Turkey
Attacks in Brussels
Turkey Says Brussels Attacker Deported in 2015, Belgium Ignored Warning
Bomb Attacks Show How Belgium Became an Incubator of Terror
Officials: Paris Bombmaker Among Dead in Brussels Attack
2 Brothers Identified as Brussels Attackers; 3rd Suspect Is Sought
Did Taxi Dispatcher Mix-Up Limit Brussels Bombing?
ISIS Bragged That Its Attacks Would Help Break Up the European Union
Quantity of Explosive Found in Belgium Surprises Officials
New ISIS Recruits Have Deep Criminal Roots
As Terrorists Cross Borders, Europe Sees Anew That Its Intelligence Does Not
Brussels Attack Doctors Treat 'War' Wounds, 'Shredded' Bodies
Belarus Won't Choose Between the EU and Russia: Lukashenko
Dutch Military Police to Carry Heavier Weapons After Brussels Attacks
Two Iraqis Sentenced in Finland for Posting Severed Head Images Online
Ukraine Criticized After Not Picking Russia-Based Players for Football Team
German President, in China, Criticizes Communist East Germany
Finnish Court Acquits Four Defendants of Terror-Linked Crimes
Karadzic Is Innocent, Set Him Free, Bosnian Serbs Say
British Extremist Convicted in Drive-By Murder Plot
Obama Declares New Partnership After Talks With Argentine Leader
New Cuban Migrant Bottleneck Hits Panama During US Détente
Crisis in Brazil Widens With Report of Firm's Payments to Politicians
Suriname Leader's Son's 'Right-Hand Man' Guilty in US Drug Case
Honduras Arrests US Woman for Alleged Leadership Role in Gang
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