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Updated March 27, 2016 - 11:28 PM EDT
65 Killed, 100 Hurt in Pakistan Suicide Bombing
Pentagon To Send More Combat Troops to Iraq
  Govt Leaders Flee As Sadr Marches on Green Zone
  Iraqi Mayor Among 30 Killed in Soccer Game Bomb Attack by ISIS
US: ISIS #2 Killed in Failed Capture Attempt
  Syria Captures Key Palmyra Citadel
Trump's 'America First' Foreign Policy
  Trump: 'We Cannot Be the Policeman of the World'
UK Special Forces in Libya Since Early January
ISIS Bombings Target Yemen Checkpoints; 26 Killed
Taliban Gains Weaken Leverage for Afghan Peace Talks
Turkish Military Kills 24 PKK Fighters in Southeast
Egypt Junta: 60 'Terrorists' Killed in North Sinai Fighting
Kosovo: An Evil Little War (Almost) All US Candidates Liked  by Nebojsa Malic
Busted Fantasies in Kiev  by Doug Bandow
Obama's Foreign-Policy Self-Enslavement  by Robert Parry
Neocons Want Clinton Over Trump  by Branko Marcetic
Neoconservativism in a Nutshell  by Jim Lobe
Apple V. FBI: What Just Happened?  by Alex Abdo

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Lost Emails From Clinton Server Discovered
Turkey's Erdogan: Belgium Invited Attacks by Failing to Condemn Kurds
A Revived Challenge to Islam as Bangladesh's State Religion Goes to Court
Study Says US Threat From Returning Jihadis Is Low
Rolling Stones Play Cuba: 500,000 Expected at Free Concert in Havana
The War at Home
Highest-Ranking Navy Officer Yet Facing Prison Time in Sex-for-Secrets Scandal
Kerry: US Will Make 'Huge Dent' in ISIS This Year
Former NSA Head to FBI: 'Get Over' Apple Dispute
Number of US Drones Will Nearly Triple by 2020: FAA
NATO's Chief to Meet With Obama in Washington in April: White House
Turkish Soldier and 181 Others Killed in Iraq
Turkish Military Strikes PKK in Northern Iraq
French Foreign Minister to Visit Ramallah Next Month
North Korea Involvement in Syria Needs Confirmation, Seoul Says
US Says Death of ISIS Number Two 'Hampers' Its Operations Ability
UN Says 50 Staff Dead, Detained or Missing in Syria
Report: Jordan's King Met Mossad Chief to Coordinate Stances on Russian Strikes in Syria
Turkish Reporters Go on Trial in Closed-Door Press Freedom Case
Three Turkish Police Killed in Suspected PKK Car Bomb, Gun Attack
Saudi Arabia Campaign Leaves 80% of Yemen Population Needing Aid
Yemen Houthi Chief Says Hopes for Peace but Will Confront Aggression
IDF to Question Officers at Scene of Shooting of Neutralized Terrorist
Israelis Evenly Split in Reactions to Summary Execution of Subdued Palestinian
UN Slams 'Gruesome' Killing of Palestinian by Israeli Soldier
UN Chief Visits Palestinian Camp Destroyed in 2007 Fighting
Iran to Boost Security and Trade Ties With Pakistan
Human Rights on Trial in Egypt as NGO Funding Case Revived
Egypt Police 'Kill Gang Members Linked to Italian Student Murder'
Italy Doubts Egypt's Claim That Gang Linked to Student Death
Nigeria Frees More Than 800 Boko Haram Hostages
Nigeria Indicts Firms Over Arms Fraud Contracts
DR Congo
UN Helicopters Attack Ugandan Rebels in DR Congo
Congo Police Fire Teargas, Make Arrests at Opposition Meetings
Kenya: 38 University Students Injured in Attack Scare
UN Receives New Claims of Central African Republic Sex Abuse
'State of Emergency' Declared in Libya Capital
Suicide Bomber Detained in Cameroon Says She's One of Chibok Girls
Ivorian Musicians to al-Qaeda: We're Not Even Scared
Attacks in Brussels
Belgian Suicide Attacker Made Paris Bombs, Authorities Say
Brussels Terror Raid Linked to France Attack Plan
In a Divided Nation, Muslims Say They're More Belgian Than Ever
Brussels Attacks: Seven Detained in Raids
ISIS Releases Propaganda Video Celebrating the Brussels Attacks
Confirmed 2 US Citizens Killed in Brussels
Nails and Nail Varnish: Brussels Bombers Prepared a 'Satanic' Cocktail
In Brussels, Kerry Defends Belgian Anti-Terror Efforts
Najim Laachraoui, 24, Bomb Maker for Paris and Brussels Attacks
German Police Arrest Morroccan Over Possible Links to Brussels Bombers
Lawyer for Russian Officer in Ukraine Found Buried in Farm
Ukraine Extends Russia Sanctions Over Savchenko Case
Glasgow Mosque Leader Praises Extremist Killer
US Approves $3.2 Billion Sale of Boeing P-8A Patrol Planes to UK
Russia Says to Deploy New Weapons on Disputed Kurile Islands
Putin Endorses Chechnya Leader, but Says Must Respect Russian Laws
Russia Detains 84 Pakistani Traders at Moscow Airport
Ex-CIA Director: EU 'Gets in Way' of Security Services
Russia Says Intl Tribunal Creates Myth Serbs Solely to Blame for War Crimes in Former Yugoslavia
West Europe Is Safer Now Than in the 1970s, and Safer Than Almost Any Other Region in World
Bulgaria Says Ready to Erect Fence on Border With Greece
Clashes Between Supporters of Rival Afghan Warlords Kill One
Bicycle Bomb in Kabul Embassy District Wounds One
Afghan Gunmen Kidnap Two Tajiks: Sources
China Detained 20 Over Xi Resignation Letter
Chinese Media Laud Hacker for US Spying
Minister: Hundred Chinese Boats Encroach in Malaysian Waters
North Korea Threatens South's Blue House as Tensions Persist
Korean-American Held in North Korea Confesses to Trying to Steal Military Secrets: Media
Philippines Releases Seized North Korean Ship After UN Lifts Embargo
Pakistan Says It Captures Indian Spy, Summons Envoy to Protest
Kyrgyz, Uzbek Border Guards Try to Resolve Standoff
Haiti's New Interim Prime Minister Vows Elections 'As Soon as Possible'
Haiti Lawmakers Approve Interim Leader's 2nd Nominee for PM
Americans Still Dying
Community, Leaders Mourn Temecula (CA) Marine Killed in Iraq
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