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Updated March 28, 2016 - 11:18 PM EDT
CIA-Armed Militias Battle Pentagon-Armed Ones
  Monitor: Syria Ceasefire Has Civilian Death Toll at Four-Year Low
  Syria Regains Complete Control of Palmyra
  ISIS May Have Lost Battle of Palmyra, but It's Not Lost the War
ISIS Suicide Attackers Storm Army Base in Iraq
  US Ground Troops Back in Iraq as Iraqi Division Hides in Mountains
  Iraqi PM Agrees to Meet With Key Cleric After Sit-In
  Kurds Warn of Post-ISIS Fight With Shi'ite Militias in Iraq
Jordan's King: Turkey 'Unleashing' ISIS Terrorists
  How Turkey's War on Its Kurds Is Increasing Radicalization
US Airstrikes Kill 14 'Suspects' in Southern Yemen
  Tens of Thousands of Yemenis Protest on Anniversary of Saudi Attack
Trump's 'America First' Foreign Policy
  Trump: 'We Cannot Be the Policeman of the World'
  Trump Questions Nato, Asia Nuclear Weapons Ahead of DC Summit
70 Killed, 300 Hurt in Pakistan Suicide Bombing
NATO Commander: Bring Back U-2s to Target Russia
Israeli Cabinet Increasingly Split Over Hebron Killing
ISIS May Have Lost the Battle of Palmyra, but It's Not Lost the War  by Patrick Cockburn
The Scariest Thing About Brussels Is Our Reaction to It  by Simon Jenkins
Making America Great, and Saving Israel in the Process  by Paul R. Pillar
Lessons of Brussels  by Justin Raimondo
Ted Cruz Wages Jihad on Truth  by Steve Chapman
Highlighting Western Victims While Ignoring Victims of Western Violence  by Glenn Greenwald

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Pentagon Chief Used Personal Email Account for Official Business
FBI 'Has Limited Records' on Clinton Email Case
The Emotional Toll of Surveillance
Ex-ICTY Spokeswoman Held Under 'Suicide Watch'
Kerry Refuses to Share Mh-17 Data With US Victim's Father
Sadr Visits With PM as 135 Are Killed in Iraq
Rift Between Foreign and Local Fighters of ISIS Grows
Iraq's Sadr May Extend Sit-In to Demand Reforms: TV
Turkish Soldier Killed in Northern Iraq After ISIS Fires Rockets: Army
Tentative Push for Mosul Reveal's Iraq Army's Failings
Thousands of Civilians Flee Mosul Fighting
Iraq's Kurds Demand at Least 20 Percent of New Gov't Posts
ISIS Used Mustard Gas Against Turkmen in Iraq, Representative Says
Mosul's Christians Fleeing ISIS Seek Refuge in Basra
Iraqi Christians Fear Extinction, See No Relief From ISIS
British Troops Train Female Peshmerga Fighters in Iraq
UN Chief Urges Iraq Politicians to Back PM's Reforms
Syrian Army Command Says ISIS Beginning to Collapse
Russia Says It Will Help Demine Syria's Palmyra
Damascus's Crossroads of Dissent and the Displaced
Palmyra Ruins Generally 'in Good Shape': Syria Antiquities Chief
Syria Government Says Will Restore Ancient Palmyra
Syria Civil War: Palmyra Damage in Pictures
A Look at Palmyra, the Historic Syrian Town Retaken From ISIS
Iran's President Says He Wants to Resolve Saudi Tensions
Saudi FM Says Iran Must Change Its 'Behavior'
Iran's Rouhani Says Can Provide Pakistan Gas Through Pipeline Within Months
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Reporter Jailed for Five Years for Insulting Rulers: Amnesty
Army Chiefs of 'Anti-Terror' Coalition Meet in Saudi
Soldier Said Palestinian Assailant 'Needs to Die' Before Shooting, Israeli Army Probe Finds
New Video Shows Soldier Shaking Hands With Far-Right Activist After Shooting Subdued Palestinian Attacker
Netanyahu Cabinet at Odds Over Murder Probe of Soldier in Hebron Shooting
Far-Right Activists Attack Home of Palestinian Who Filmed Hebron Killing
IDF Official: Terrorist Was Checked for Explosives Before Shooting
Red Nose Protests for Jailed Palestinian Clown
US National Security Agency Head Paid Secret Visit to Israel
Israel's Top Court Strikes Down Mediterranean Gas Deal
Netanyahu: Gas Ruling Will Greatly Damage Economy
An Oasis of Peace for Palestinian Children in Hebron
Middle East
Al-Jazeera to Slash 500 Jobs, Many in Its Qatar Headquarters
Turkey's Erdogan Criticizes Foreign Diplomats for Attending Journalists' Trial
Yemen's Houthis Swap Prisoners With Saudi Arabia, Spokesman Says
World Bank Announces $100 Million 'Cheap Loan' to Jordan
Cairo 'Bows to Pressure From Rome' Over Student Death Probe
Egypt Frees Youth Detained for Anti-Torture T-Shirt
Burundi Rebel Group Says Behind Killing of Senior Army Officer
Burundi Ruling Party Accuses Rwanda of 'Exporting' Genocide
Algerian Forces Kills Three Militants East of Capital: Army
Algeria Helicopter Crash Kills at Least 12 Soldiers: Ministry
Indian Nurse, Infant Son Killed in Rocket Attack in Libya
US to Fund Tunisia Border Surveillance
Sierra Leone Begins Destroying Stockpile of 'Unuseable' Arms
Two Arrested in Mali Over Ivory Coast Resort Attack: Security Sources
Newly-Elected Benin President Aims to Reduce Presidential Terms
Congo Opposition Urges 'Peaceful' Protest of President's Re-Election
With Obama Visit to Cuba, Old Battle Lines Fade
In Havana's Huge Cemetery, Even the Dead Offer Chance for Dispute
Attacks in Brussels
Probe Into Brussels Bombings Expands Across Europe
Belgian Nuclear Guard Shot and Security Access Badge Stolen: Media
How Belgian Prisons Became a Breeding Ground for Islamic Extremism
A Trail of Dots Not Connected Until Too Late in Belgium Plot
Right-Wing Protesters Met by Riot Police at Brussels Memorial Site
Obama: US Ramps Up Intelligence Cooperation, to Review ISIS Fight at Summit
Brussels Bombings Prompt Calls in Germany for Better Data Exchange
Former Belgian Ambassador to US Killed in Attacks
From Crime to Journalism, Belgian Terror Suspects a Mixed Bag
Viewed as Gangsters, Brussels Bombers Were Able to Plot Unseen
Two Ukrainian Soldiers Killed, 8 Wounded in Fresh Clashes in Rebel East
Kremlin: No Russian Troops in Ukraine's Donbass, but There Are Russian 'Citizens'
UK Tabloid Censured Over Story of Muslims' ISIS Support
Don't Rock the Boat, Gibraltar Pleads as Brexit Breeds Fear
Brexit 'Would Make World Even More Dangerous and Difficult to Manage', Says David Petraeus
Moldova: Thousands March for Reunification With Romania
French Journalist Florence Hartmann Jailed by War Crimes Tribunal
ETA Calls for Peace Talks, Return of Prisoners
Putin Nominates Ramzan Kadyrov to Remain Chechen Leader
Computer Specialist Becomes Face of Polish Protest Movement
Masked Men Lead Republican Easter Rising Anniversary March in Northern Ireland
Refugee Crisis
Libya Coastguard Stops 600 Migrants Crossing to Europe
Greece Starts Emptying Border Camp as New Arrivals Slow
Refugees Volunteer to Battle Australia's Bushfires
The Camp That Grew Into a City: Syrians Build New Lives in Northern Iraq
Iraqis and Syrians Block Protest by Other Refugees at the Greece-Macedonia Border
11 ISIS Loyalists Including a Foreigner Killed in Afghanistan Airstrike
Afghan Official Says Taliban Gun Down Provincial Judge
Afghan Electoral Commission Head Quits, Clouding Political Landscape
Pakistan Blasphemy Killer's Supporters Clash With Police Near Parliament
Pakistan, Iran Aim to Boost Trade to $5 Billion
After Spat, Chinese Flotilla Heads to Indonesia for Joint Drills
South China Sea: Taiwan Enters Power Struggle
Taiwan's Hung Makes Nationalist Party Comeback With Leadership Win
Chinese Activist Says Family 'Taken Away' Over Letter Calling for Xi to Quit
Japan Opens Radar Station Close to Disputed East China Sea Islands
Los Alamos Team to Research Atomic Bomb Impact in Japan
North Korea's Propaganda Video Shows US Under Attack
North Korean Defector Criticizes China in Rare Beijing Talk
North Korea Demands South Korea Executes Officials in Kim Jong-UN 'Assassination Plot'
North Koreans Rely on Smuggled Cellphones to Connect to the Outside World
Myanmar's Military Vows to Join Hands With Civilian Leaders
Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan End Border Standoff
Bangladesh Asks NY Fed, Philippines to Help Retrieve Stolen Money
Two-Thirds of Venezuelans Say Maduro Presidency Should End This Year: Poll
Police in Mexico Find 6 Dead After Shootout
Gangs in El Salvador Make Purported Truce Offer
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