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Updated March 29, 2016 - 10:51 PM EDT
Judge: Medic Shooting Palestinian 'Inconclusive'
Feds Drop Lawsuit Against Apple to Hack iPhone
  FBI Got Into San Bernardino Killer’s iPhone Without Apple’s Help
Syria Border: ISIS-Qaeda Battle Spills Into Lebanon
  CIA-Armed Militias Battle Pentagon-Armed Ones
Erdogan: Turkey Killed 5,000 Kurds Since July
  Israel Urges Citizens to Leave Turkey Immediately
Egypt Plane Hijacker Arrested, Passengers Freed
CIA Photographed Detainees Naked Before Torture
Belgium Frees Bomber Suspect Over Lack of Evidence
US Soldier Kills Afghan Boy Outside Bagram Airfield
115 al-Shabaab Killed, 110 Captured in Northern Somalia
Muslims Are Standing Up to Extremism  by Dan Sanchez
How Putin's Leverage Shaped the Syrian Ceasefire  by Gareth Porter
Are Latest Western Gains Against ISIS Really That Significant?  by Ivan Eland
Is Trump Right About NATO?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
A European PATRIOT Act Will Not Keep People Safe  by Ron Paul
Are Russia and the US Starting to See Eye-To-Eye?  by Kenneth Rapoza

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Inside the FBI's Secret Muslim Network
Poll: Few Think ISIS Will Be Destroyed Within Year
US Woman to Plead Guilty to Terrorism Charge
Charities: 84% of Donations Never Reach Veterans
Who Will Become Terrorist? Research Yields Few Clues
UN Panel: Falkland Islands Lie in Argentinian Waters
Pentagon Donated $858 Million in Property to Afghanistan, Watchdog Says
Taliban Rockets Hit Afghan Parliament Compound, No One Reported Hurt
Afghan Gunmen Free Kidnapped Tajiks
Linked to Taliban and ISIS, Pakistani Group Seizes Notoriety With Bomb in Park
Pakistan Army Says Several Terrorists Arrested in Punjab Raids
Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Vows 'Complete Elimination' of Militants
US Lauds Pakistan's Measures for Security of Nuclear Weapons
Japan Public Divided as Laws Easing Limits on Military Take Effect
Japan Concerned at Possible Russian Base on Disputed Island Chain
Bangladesh Dismisses Case to Drop Islam as State Religion
Philippines' Abu Sayyaf Abducts 10 Indonesian Sailors
From Israel to Colombia, Who's Laundering Money in China
Egypt's Sisi Sacks Top Auditor Who Alleged Mass State Corruption
Egypt Forces 32 Judges to Retire Over Morsi Ouster
Central African Republic
Burundi, Morocco Troops Accused of Central African Republic Abuse: UN
New Central African Republic President Takes on a Country in Ruins
UN Chief Regrets Morocco 'Misunderstanding' Over Western Sahara Remark
Cameroon Doubts Bomb Girl's Claim to Be Chibok Abductee
Seventeen Activists Sentenced for Rebelling Against Angolan Government
South Africa: Appeal for Calm After Killing of Activist
Fidel Castro Says Obama's 'Syrupy Words' Were Enough to Cause a Heart Attack
Argentina Hails UN Decision to Expand Its Maritime Territory
7 Police Arrested in Investigation of Mexican Disappearances
Human Rights Watch Warns of Colombia Military's Impunity in Civilian Deaths
Rhetoric Heats Up as Old Rivals Bolivia and Chile Clash Over Water Access
El Salvador Police Chief Rejects Apparent Gang Offer
Haiti's Interim Leadership Swears in New Cabinet
Syrian Forces Pursue Campaign Against ISIS After Retaking Palmyra
Syria Says Ready to Cooperate With US Against Terrorism
Syria's Palmyra Can Be Restored in Five Years: Antiquities Chief
UN Expert Says Palmyra Likely Beyond Repair After ISIS Carnage
CIA Head in Moscow This Month, Discussed Assad Leaving Power
Russian Military Orders 10,000 Medals for Soldiers in Syria
Heavy Fighting Near Mosul; 136 Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Parliament Gives PM Until Thursday on New Cabinet Amid Unrest
Unemployed Iraqis Join in Looting of Antiquities
Report: ISIS Planned Attacks on Jewish Children in Turkey
Erdogan Lashes Out at Foreign Diplomat Over 'Behavior' at Journalist Trial
3 Turkish Soldiers Wounded in PKK Bomb Attack
Turkey Summoned German Ambassador Over Satirical Report
Kidnapped Priest Reported Still Alive in Yemen, Despite Reports of Crucifixion by ISIS
Saudi-Led Alliance Confirms Yemen Prisoner Swap
Erekat: Palestinians Request UN Probe of Israeli 'Executions'
Hamas, Fatah Said to Agree to Elections Within 6 Months
Israeli Chief Rabbi: Send All Non-Jews to Saudi Arabia
Most Israelis Say Army Medic Who Killed Wounded Suspect Is Not a Murderer
Israeli Defense Minister: Soldier Who Shot Subdued Palestinian Attacker Is Not a Hero
On Hebron Shooting, Netanyahu and Bennett Follow Enraged Public All the Way to the Right
Israeli Minister Calls for Disclosing Details of Oil Negotiations With Iran
Britain Denies Report Accusing It of Funding Palestinian Terrorists
Netanyahu Orders Defense Minister Not to Return Terrorists' Bodies to Palestinian Authority
Middle East
Iran Vows to Pursue Missile Program Despite New US Sanctions
Gunfight in Lebanon Palestinian Refugee Camp Kills Two
Azerbaijan Says Two of Its Servicemen Killed in Clashes With Armenian Army
Azerbaijan Frees Human Rights Advocate From Jail
Cologne Sexual Assaults May Not Be Illegal According to German Law
Germany Wants Refugees to Integrate or Lose Residency Rights
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