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Updated March 30, 2016 - 11:14 PM EDT
Iraq's Offensive Near Mosul Collapsing
  Iraqi PM Given Three Days to Form New Cabinet
Children Killed, Maimed Daily in Yemen Air Strikes
  Saudi War in Yemen Starving Huge Numbers of Children
Judge: Medic Shooting Palestinian 'Inconclusive'
Egypt Plane Hijacker Arrested, Passengers Freed
US Insists Iran Missile Tests Violate UN Resolution
1000s of Antiwar Protesters Rally in Tokyo Against War Law
Study: Surveillance Has People Scared to Express Views
US Families Ordered Out of S. Turkey as Security Worsens
What Do Terrorists Want?  by Sheldon Richman
In Syria, Assad Liberates Palmyra While CIA Battles the Pentagon  by Daniel McAdams
Undercover at the AIPAC Conference  by Robert Bryan
The Trump Challenge  by Justin Raimondo
The Pentagon's Budget Time Bomb  by Chuck Spinney
Are the Brussels Deaths 'Worth It'?  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Pentagon Defends NATO After Trump Criticism
Top Federal Privacy Watchdog Official Suddenly Resigns
Campaign Rhetoric on Muslims Harms US Security: Homeland Security Chief
NYPD Commissioner: 'Our Own Citizens' Pose Bigger Threat Than Migrants
Bomber Strikes Baghdad; 124 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Fighter Beheads Three Peshmerga Prisoners on the Streets in Iraq
Newly Displaced Feel Joy and Fear as Iraqi Army Returns Ahead of Mosul Campaign
Muqtada Al-Sadr's Green Zone Demonstration
Syria's Assad Says Military Gains Will Speed Up Political Deal
ISIS Fighters Laid Mines Around Palmyra's Ancient Ruins Before Retreating, Syrians Say
Turkey Tourism Slumps Following Attacks
Obama to Hold Informal Talks With Turkey's Erdogan as Ties Show Strain
Middle East
Growing International Movement Seeks to Place Arms Embargo on Saudi Arabia
Iranian Expats Hard to Woo as Western Firms Seek Foothold in Iran
Attacks in Brussels
FBI Warned Dutch About El Bakraoui Brothers Week Before Brussels Attacks
Released Brussels Suspect Had Alibi: Lawyer
Belgium Accused of String of Attacks Blunders
Brussels Airport Opening Delayed With Infrastructure 'Devastated' by Attacks
NATO Needs to Beef Up Defense of Baltic Airspace: Top Commander
Italy Rescues 1,400 Migrants in Southern Mediterranean
Montenegro's Deportion of Japanese Cult Leaves Questions Hanging
Cyprus Peace Deal Could Come This Year, Confirm Turkey and US
Nigeria: Abducted Army Colonel Killed
'Somalia-Bound' Ship of Weapons Seized by French Navy
Morocco Rejects UN on Western Sahara 'Misunderstanding'
US Agency Freezes $473 Million Aid to Tanzania Over Zanzibar Election
Jailed Niger Opposition Granted Provisional Release After Election
Israeli Medic Kills Prisoner
Palestinian Who Recorded Killing of Wounded Terrorist Suffers Death Threats, Harassment
Defense Minister Tells IDF Commanders to Stand Firm Amid Hebron Shooting Firestorm
Amid Hebron Shooting Controversy, IDF Chief-Of-Staff to Highlight Army Values in Special Letter to Soldiers
Knesset Advances Bill to Enable Suspension of Israeli Lawmakers
Israeli Demolitions Leave West Bank Bedouin, UN Alarmed
Elton John Was Asked to Declare Loyalty to Israel Ahead of Tel Aviv Show, Producer Claims
New Corruption Scandal Involves Senior Israeli Politician
Israel's New NY Envoy Dani Dayan Calls J Street 'Un-Jewish'
Pakistan Detained More Than 5,000 After Easter Bombing Killed 72
Pakistan's Christians Call for Protection, Unity After Easter Bomb
US Hopes China Will Accept Missile Defense Talks
China Editor Resigns Over Media Censorship
North Korea Fires Short-Range Missile Along Its Coast
Pakistan Releases Video of Indian Officer, Saying He's a Spy
US F-16 Crashes on Takeoff in Afghanistan
Myanmar Lifts State of Emergency in Conflict-Torn Rakhine State
Falklands Rejects Argentine Claims Over UN Maritime Ruling
Two Venezuelan Police Officers Killed in Protest
Colombian Soldier Survives Three Weeks Lost in Jungle
El Salvador Calls Emergency in 7 Prisons, Targets Gang Heads
Brazil's Biggest Party Quits Ruling Coalition, Rousseff Isolated
United Nations
Overhaul Urged for Scandal-Hit UN Assembly Chief's Office
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