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Updated April 1, 2016 - 11:13 PM EDT
21 Generals Lead ISIS War the US Denies Fighting
  Iraq PM Nominates New Cabinet in Anti-Corruption Push
  Syrian Airstrikes Kill 23 in Damascus Suburb
Yemen Houtis in Deadly Counterattack on Coast
  Pictures Reveal Damage Caused by Saudi Airstrikes in Yemen
Libyan 'Unity Govt' Sneaks Into Tripoli, Spurned by Locals
Car Bomb Kills Seven Police in Turkey's Southeast
Reddit Deletes Surveillance 'Canary' in Transparency Report
Netanyahu Now Seeks Aid Deal Before Obama Leaves Office
No Thank You for Your Service: The Fallacy of Troop Worship  by John Hudak
What Canada's Acquisition of Drones Will Bring  by Laurie Calhoun
Why Humanitarian Intervention Goes Horribly Wrong  by Rajan Menon
NATO: Worse Than ‘Obsolete’  by Justin Raimondo
The Self-Imposed Blindness of Conservatives  by Jacob Hornberger
The CIA Naked Photos Scandal Is a Wake-Up Call  by Trevor Timm

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Command Sergeant Major: No Troops Died Searching for Bergdahl
Code of Silence: Vets Groups Mum on Scandal at Wounded Warrior Project
Rebels in New Colombia Peace Talks Hold 'Unknown' Number of Hostages
CIA Left Explosive Material on Loudoun School Bus After Training Exercise
Violence Continues
Suicide Bombers Strike Govt Buildings; 131 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq's Sadr Calls for an End to Sit-In Near Baghdad's Green Zone
Moqtada Al-Sadr Is Back, Proving That He's Still a Force in Iraqi Politics
Militant's Commander Killed in Strike Near Syria's Raqqa: Monitor
With Jihadis at the Door, Syrians Rush to Rescue History
Russian Sappers Arrive in Syria to Clear Mines in Palmyra
Palmyra's Dynamited Temple Can Be Restored, De-Miners Use Robots
Lebanese Military Gets US, British Aid for Defending Border With Syria
Lebanese Police Free 75 Girls, Mostly Syrian, From Sex Traffickers
Turkish Army Rules Out 'Anti-Erdogan Coup'
DC Think Tank Gets a Taste of Turkish Conflict Right Outside Its Doors
Ten Wounded After Blast Hits Police Vehicle in Turkey's Diyarbakir: Source
Turkish President Threatens to Sue Those Who Insult Him
Journalist's Ouster Undercuts Turkish President's Image-Building Tour
Erdogan's Attempt to Suppress German Satire Has the Opposite Effect
IDF Reducing Charge From Murder to Manslaughter for Medic Who Shot Wounded Terrorist
Palestinian President Reaches Out to Israel, Backs Talks
Senator Leahy to Netanyahu: Investigating Alleged Israeli Abuses 'Only Fair to US Taxpayers'
Netanyahu Revives Bid to Appoint Spokesman Who Called Obama Anti-Semitic
Threat of US Action at UN Security Council Impacting Israel Defense Aid Talks
Israel Cuts Jericho's Electricity Supply by 50%, Citing Unpaid Debts in West Bank
Senior IDF General: Ban on Palestinian Meat and Dairy in East Jerusalem Harming Israel
Some Jews Have Said Yemeni Jews Aren't Welcome in Israel
Middle East
Iran 'Certain' Security Council Will Not Act on Missile Tests
Bahrain Punishes Opponents by Revoking Their Citizenship
FBI Teams Helping Belgium Investigate Recent Attacks
Belgium to Extradite Paris Suspect Abdeslam to France
Brussels Attacks Renew Criticism of Security at Europe's Airports
UN Tribunal Acquits Serbian Firebrand Seselj of War Crimes
Romania to Boost Anti-Terrorism Laws as Fears Over Militants Spread to Eastern Europe
Refugee Crisis
Turkey Forcibly Returning Syrians to War Zone: Amnesty
Greece Begins Moving Hundreds of Refugees Stranded at Port Reuters
Eurotunnel Says Security Measures Have Ended Disruptions by Migrants
Canada to Take in 10,000 More Syrian Refugees
After Migrant Deaths, Groups Seek Policing of Canada Authorities
China, US Agree to Jointly Combat Nuclear Smuggling
China Launches Unity Push in Restive Xinjiang With Respect Call
China's Xi Warns US About Moves Damaging Its Sovereignty
China Says US Has 'Ulterior Motives' in Award to Rights Lawyer
US, Japan, South Korea Warn North Korea Again Over 'Provocations'
EU Expands Sanctions Against North Korea to Match UN Move
One Dead, Dozens Wounded in Wave of Bombs in South Thailand
Rohingya Left Behind in Myanmar's Power Transition
US and Saudi Arabia Sanction Alleged Pakistani Lashkar-E-Taiba Supporters
Libya: UN to 'Lift Fund Sanctions' if Government Regains Control
Libyan Unity Government Starts Work From 'Secured' Tripoli Naval Base
Egypt's Abuses, Crackdown on Critics Draw World Attention
Egypt Destroys a Long Smuggling Tunnel in the Sinai
Egyptair Hijacking Suspect Says He Acted Out of Desperation
Central African Republic
French Troops Accused of 'Forcing Girls Into Bestiality' in Central African Republic as Rape Claims Mount Against UN Peacekeepers
Congo Starts Trial of Soldiers Accused of Sexual Abuse in Central African Republic
Two Killed, 15 Injured in Central Somalia Mosque Blast
Weakened Boko Haram Sends Girl Bombers Against Cameroon Civilians
Mali Captures Militant Islamist Leader on Mauritanian Border
Rwandan Politician's Death in Burundi Jail Fuels Mutual Suspicion
Brazil's Top Court Removes Lula Probe From Crusading Judge
Rights Group: Mexico Not Advising Child Migrants of Rights
Canadian Court Orders Reporter to Give Police Chat Logs With Alleged Militant
Peru Returns Remains of 40 Farmers Killed by Shining Path
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