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Updated April 3, 2016 - 11:15 PM EDT
Ceasefire After Fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh
US Mulls Massive Hike in Special Forces in Syria
  Pentagon Training 'Dozens' of Syrian Rebels
  US 'Appalled' by Syrian Airstrikes Against Rebel Suburb
4,193 Killed in Iraq During March
  Iraq Blames Trapped Civilians for Stalled Anbar Offensive
  Iraq's Oil Minister Nominee Withdraws Over Kurdish Party Objections
EU Eyes 'Security Mission' to Prop Up Libya Govt
Pentagon Claims al-Shabaab Leader Killed in Somalia Strike
FBI Using All Writs Act in Many Cases Beyond Phones
Israeli Police to Probe Palestinian Who Filmed Hebron Killing
The US Is Militarizing the Pacific – and Not Taking Questions  by Jon Letman
Is It Time for America to Quit NATO?  by Ted Galen Carpenter
I Do Not Care to Finish Reading This Mediocre Kissinger Biography  by Barrett Brown
A ‘Silent Coup’ for Brazil?  by Ted Snider
Who Occupies Whom in Israel-Palestine? Don't Ask an American  by Eric Schuler
Donald Trump Threatens Neocon War Lobby  by Doug Bandow

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Maryland Appellate Court Rebukes Police for Concealing Use of Stingrays
Reddit Removes 'Warrant Canary', Signaling US Sought Its User Data
State Dept Suspends Review Into 'Top Secret' Clinton Emails
How the CIA 'Inadvertently' Left Explosive Material on a School Bus
Anbar Declared a Disaster Zone as 150 Killed in Iraq
Turkish Warplanes Hit Targets in Northern Iraq: Military
Biden Reaffirms US Support to Iraqi Leader Abadi: White House
Death Toll From East Damascus Air Strikes Rises to More Than 30
Russia Says Reports on US-Russian Deal on Assad's Fate Are 'Dirty Leaks'
Russia Claims Turkish NGOs Are 'Main Supplier' of Extremists in Syria
German Television Pulls Satire Mocking Turkey's Erdogan
Protests as Espionage Trial of Prominent Turkish Journalists Resumes
Kurd Militants Claims Turkish Car Bombing
Obama Reaffirms Commitment to Turkey's Security as Erdogan Visits
Obama 'Troubled' by Turkish Leader's Crackdowns
Saudi Arabia
Human Rights Advocates: US-Backed Saudi Offensive in Yemen a 'Dark Mark' on Obama's Presidency
Saudi Arabia Moving to Reduce Dependence on Oil Money
Saudi-Owned Newspaper's Beirut Office Attacked After Cartoon
Abbas: Security Coordination With Israel Preventing 'A Bloody Intifada'
Israeli Soldier Filmed Shooting Palestinian Placed Under Arrest
US 'Concerned' About Israel Destroying Palestinian Homes: State Dept Spokeswoman
PM Asks Kerry to Back Israel on 'Extrajudicial Killings' Allegations
Netanyahu Reassures Father of Soldier Who Shot to Death Prone Palestinian
Israeli Military Rules Did Not Require Sapper's Approval to Start Treating Wounded Assailant
Israeli Interior Minister Faces Criminal Investigation
A Palestinian Teacher's Methods Earn the Attention of More Than Her Class
More Than 100 Gaza Athletes Barred From Running in Palestinian Marathon
Nigeria's Boko Haram Releases New Video Denying Surrender
Iraq's Oil Minister Nominee Withdraws, Citing Kurdish Party Objections
Leaders of Libyan Unity Govt Venture Onto Tripoli Streets
Ugandan Police Withdraw From Home of Presidential Rival
UN Security Council Asks for UN Police Options for Burundi
Zimbabwe Deadline for Firms to Be Black-Owned Passes
Ethiopia Opposition Say Land-Protest Arrests Aimed at Deterring Future Demonstrations
Kenya Honors Muslim Teacher Who Died Saving Christians
Weekend Reviews
Drone Warfare's Ethical Dilemmas Are Focus of Film Eye in the Sky
Shooting Up: How War and Drugs Go Together
Attacking Churches in Palestine: an Israeli Policy Since 1948
Israel: the Broken Silence
Apartheid in Palestine. Hard Laws and Harder Experiences
The War at Home
The Anonymous 'War' on Donald Trump Failed
Intelligence Community Olive Branch on Data Sharing Greeted With Skepticism
Pentagon Watchdog Says Three US Generals Broke Ethics Rules for Travel
Muslim Family Kicked Off United Airlines Flight for 'How They Looked'
Obama Says Nuclear Terrorist Attack Would 'Change Our World'
US Releases Inventory of A-Bomb Materials
SUV Crash Into FA-18E Fighter Jet Launches 'Many Investigations'
Civil War Land Mine Prompts Evacuation
Dash the Dog Sparks Terror Alert at US Bank Because of Confusion Over Name
'Hack the Pentagon' Registration Opens for Some, but Background Checks Could Exclude Others
Snowden Says Whistleblower Exile Shouldn't Stop Others: 'I'm Not an Unhappy Ending'
Refugee Crisis
Kurdish Billionaire Calls for Entrepreneurs to Run Refugee Camps
Protests Mount Before EU-Turkey Migrant Deal Takes Effect
Belgium Tells Migrants: Accept Local Values or Leave the Country
Syria Refugees Beg for a Living on Beirut Streets
Threat of Extreme Right March Stirs Fears in Tense Molenbeek
Brussels Airport Restart Delayed After Police Demands
Russia Prepared for US Tanks in Eastern Europe
Russian Journalist Dmitry Tsilikin Found Dead in St. Petersburg
British Authorities Demand Encryption Keys in Case With 'Huge Implications'
Delivery Driver Plotted to Kill US Soldiers in Britain
Serbian PM Warns of Far-Right Surge
Azerbaijan Jails Five for Killing a Reporter
Hacker 'Guccifer' Extradited From Romania, Appears in US Court
North Korea Tried to Jam GPS Signals Across Border, South Korea Says
North Korea to Pursue More 'Nuclear Deterrence'
India Court Says Women Have 'Fundamental Right' to Enter Temples
India Furious as China Blocks UN Blacklisting of Pakistan Militant Chief
Myanmar's Ruling Party, Military Clash Over Suu Kyi Role
US, Japan Finalize Nuclear Material Transfer
Vietnam Parliament Swears in Top Policeman as President
OAS Warns of 'Semi-Democratic' Presidential Election in Peru
Outside Experts Say at Least 17 Burned at Mexican Dump
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
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