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Updated April 5, 2016 - 11:22 PM EDT
Nagorno-Karabakh May Become 'All-Out War'
Analysts Forced Out for Telling Truth on ISIS War
  Syrian Rebels Sharply Divided Over al-Qaeda's Nusra Front
  Hezbollah Destroys ISIS Bunker in Northeast Lebanon
  'It Was Torture': Abu Ghraib Interrogator Admits 'Horrible Mistakes'
  String of Bombings, Clashes Leaves 303 Dead in Iraq
US: Afghan Fighting Delays Training Operation
  Afghan DM Defends Withdrawing Troops From Helmand
Annual Global Military Spending at $1.7 Trillion
Israel Tears Down Seven Palestinian Homes in 24 Hours
Erdogan: No Peace Talks Possible With Kurdish 'Terrorists'
Vietnam War at 50: Have We Learned Nothing?  by Ron Paul
More Western Military Meddling in Libya Is a Bad Idea  by Ivan Eland
America Can't Be the World's Nuclear Police  by Doug Bandow
Imperial Human Sacrifice in Yemen  by Dan Sanchez
Fear and Loathing in Ukraine  by James W. Carden
The Lie of Patriotism  by Chris Hedges

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Djibouti's Strategic Position Draws World's Armies
Soldier Who Fought VA, Blamed Cancer on Iraq 'Burn Pits,' Dies
Canadian General Says No End in Sight in Struggle to Defeat ISIS
2 Libyan Gitmo Inmates Are Transferred to Senegal
String of Bombings, Clashes Leaves 303 Dead in Iraq
Pentagon's Food Parcels Discovered in ISIS Trenches in Beiji
US Firm to De-Mine Iraqi City of Ramadi Retaken From ISIS
ISIS Militants Use Mustard Gas in Attack on Deir Zor Airport: Syrian State TV
US Says Iran Forces Pulling Back in Syria; Others Say No
US Behind Strike That Killed Nusra Front's Abu Firas: Officials
ISIS Kills Man in Front of Children and 'Crucifies' Body on Roundabout in Wave of Executions in Raqqa
Destruction, Razed Monastery Left Behind by ISIS in Syria Town
Turkey Says Detains Two Suspected ISIS Militants Near Syria Border
Germany Avoids Turkish Rebuff Over Satire
Turkish and Israeli Negotiators to Meet Thursday in Bid to Seal Reconciliation Agreement
Turkey Must Stop Meddling in Other States' Affairs, End Support of Terrorism, Russia Says
Official Map of Jerusalem's Old City Omits Key Non-Jewish Sites
Over 400 Palestinian Children Detained in Israeli Jails: Palestinian Prisoners Club
Even After Death, Ex-Mossad Chief Slams PM
Israel Razes Home of Three Who Killed Border Policewoman
Israeli Military's Spring-Cleaning Call: Return Our Gear, Please
UN Disqualifies Parts of Israeli Exhibit, Israeli Envoy Says
Middle East
Warplanes Set Al Qaeda Compound in Southern Yemen on Fire: Witnesses
US Navy Says It Seized Weapons From Iran Likely Bound for Houthis in Yemen
Gunbattles Rock Brazzaville in Wake of Disputed Congo Election
Nigerian Army Says It Arrests Leader of Islamist Militant Group Ansaru
Ivory Coast Parliament Head Used Crisis to Stockpile Arms: UN Experts
UN: 11 Tanzanian Peacekeepers Face Paternity Claims
Djibouti Expels BBC Reporters Ahead of Presidential Vote
Peru's Fujimori Signs Pledge to Avoid Authoritarian Ways of Father
The War at Home
Trump to Skip Adelson's Republican Jewish Confab This Weekend
Drone-Makers Launch Advocacy Group
Protesters Shut Down CIA Chief's University Talk
Reserve Suicides Up 23 Percent – Active-Duty Count Remains Steady
Obama, NATO Chief Discuss ISIS, Libya
US Muslims Forgive Man Who Shot Up Their Mosque
US Extradites Singapore Man for Exporting Iraq Bomb Parts
TSA Paid $1.4 Million for Randomizer App That Chooses Left or Right
Refugee Crisis
Threats of Terrorism, Migration Will Worsen Without Greater Action, Warns Forum
Deportation of Refugees From Greece to Turkey Begins
How Europe Built Fences to Keep People Out
Germany Should Back Austria on Controlling Border With Italy Against Migrants: Transport Minister
Son of Afghan Taliban Founder Given Top Council Post
Cricket and Soccer Reflect Deeper Divide in Ethnic Afghanistan
Vietnam Seizes Chinese Vessel in South China Sea
Analyst: 'Vietnam Not Submitting to China on Territorial Issues'
First Woman Leader Takes Charge in Indian Kashmir
US, Philippines Begin Military Exercises as Maritime Tension Simmers
Journalist to Appeal After Seoul Blocks Site on North Korea
Bangladesh Police Find Arms Cache After Militants Blow Themselves Up
Nagorno-Karabakh Threatens to Use Warplanes in Conflict With Azerbaijan
Armenia Says Azeri Drone Attacks Bus, Killing Five Armenian Volunteers
British Cold War Double Agent Philby Details Life of Betrayal in Stasi Video
Double Agent Kim Philby Bragged of How Easy Spying Was in 1981 Lecture
45 Kilos of Ammo Found in Dutch Flat Linked to French Attack Plot
Turkish Cypriot Coalition to Resign
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