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Updated April 6, 2016 - 11:29 PM EDT
Analysts See US, Iran Propping Up Iraqi PM
  Iraq PM Abadi Doubles Down on 'Technocratic' Cabinet Plan
  Turkey Imposes Curfew on Kurdish Border Town, Bombs N. Iraq
  An Abu Ghraib Torturer Speaks Out
  Military Progress Slows as 200 Killed in Iraq
Al-Qaeda Downs Syria Warplane, Captures Pilot
  Turkey-Backed Rebels Seize ISIS Villages in North Syria
  Syria Grand Mufti: Rebels Offered Peace for Deal With Israel
US: Russia Not Giving Iran Ballistic Missile Tech
  State Dept: US Still Blocking Iran From Financial System
Ceasefire Takes Hold in Nagorno-Karabakh
Yemen PM Rejects Firing by President
Taliban Leader Appoints Critics to Senior Posts
Statement: Libya's Tripoli Parliament Will Cease Operations
US Aid to Israel Is 'Too Much' Say 61.9% of Americans  by Grant Smith
Six Year Anniversary of WikiLeaks Collateral Murder: Celebration of Free Speech  by Nozomi Hayase
Syria: The Doomed US Strategy of Arming Proxies  by Kevin Schwartz
Writing a Blank Check on War for the President  by Andrew J. Bacevich
'Corruption' as a Propaganda Weapon  by Robert Parry
The Cover-Up of the Damning 9/11 Report Continues  by James Bovard

More Viewpoints

Sept. 11 Case at Gitmo Hits Yet Another Snag
Sharia Villages: Bosnia's ISIS Problem
ISIS Hints at Attacks in London, Berlin, and Rome
Osama bin Laden Was Bullish on Gold
Somali Lawmaker Survives Assassination Attempt
State Dept Wants Limits on Questioning of Clinton Aides
Nagorno-Karabakh – Old Tensions Erupt Again Into Violence
Azerbaijan Says 4 Civilians Killed in Nagorno-Karabakh Fighting
Russia's Putin Creates National Guard to Fight Terror, Crime
Russia Detains Dozens of Suspected Members of Japanese Doomsday Cult
Iceland's Leader Resigns, First Casualty of Panama Papers
Spying on Friends? Atmosphere of Distrust Hinders EU Anti-Terror Cooperation
Djibouti Women in Paris on Hunger Strike Over Alleged Army Rapes
Refugee Crisis
Germany Records 300 Attacks on Asylum Shelters So Far This Year
France Says Syrian Refugee Intake Insufficient, Vows to Double Efforts
Anger Simmers as Greek Islands Adapt to Migrant Deal
Migrants Held on Greek Island Demand Freedom
Turkey to Readmit More Migrants From Greece as EU Deal Faces Protests
EU Should Consider Refugee Deals With North African States: German Minister
Pope Francis to Visit Greece to Highlight Refugee Crisis: Govt
DR Congo
Republic of Congo Attacks by Ex-Militia Leave 17 Dead
Congo Opposition Calls on Govt to End 'War Operations'
11 Congo Women, Girls Pregnant by Tanzania Peacekeepers: UN
AU Mission Says Several Shabaab Commanders Killed in Somalia
Gunmen Kidnap Lebanese, Kill Soldier in Nigeria's Delta: Police
France Wants to Reopen Embassy in Libya to Help Unity Government
Senegal Reassures Public About Ex-Guantanamo Detainees
Angola Jails Christian Sect Members for Up to 28 Years Over Police Murders
Mexico Replaces Top US Diplomats, Citing Hostile Climate
Mexican Army Finds Opium Poppies Growing Near US Border
Honduras Suspends Police Brass Linked to Prosecutors' Deaths
Gang Violence Blamed for Refugee Crisis in Central America
Brazil Justice Orders Impeachment Process for VP Temer, Heightens Crisis
Official: Numerous Hurdles to Concluding Haiti Elections
Venezuela Electoral Body Hinders Opposition Push to Remove Maduro
Syria War: ISIS 'Used Mustard Gas' on Assad Troops
Kerry: Syria Talks to Test if Assad Can Negotiate in Good Faith
Russia Pledges Full Support for UN-Brokered Syria Peace Talks
Homs: The Unbelievable Devastation of a Shattered Syrian City
ISIS Leaves Complicated Web of Mines Ahead of Withdrawal From Key Central Syrian Cities
US Urges Russia to Push Syria for Aid Access to Starving People
Military Progress Slows as 200 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Face Heavy Resistance in ISIS-Held Town
Erdogan: Strip PKK Supporters of Turkish Nationality
Turkey Won't Tolerate Insults to Erdogan
Turkish Police Detain 68 People Over Links to Cleric Gulen: Anadolu
Abbas: We Are Prepared to Discuss With Israel Ending of 'Mutual Incitement'
IDF Court: Soldier Who Killed Wounded Palestinian Assailant to Remain in 'Open Detention'
The Long-Standing Practise of Racism and Segregation in Israeli Maternity Wards
Israeli MP Backs Segregated Jewish, Arab Maternity Wards
Israel's Milk War Threatens Palestinian Jobs
With Few Tweets, Israeli Lawmaker Reveals Extent of Settlers' Racism
Israel Disrupts Power to Hebron, in 2nd Day of Planned West Bank Outages Over Palestinian Debt
Middle East
Saudi Arabia's Bitter Lebanese Divorce
US Warns of Dire Outcomes if Iran Nuclear Deal Scrapped
Yemen Conflict: Former Vice-President Bahah Denounces Sacking
Clashes at Bahraini Teenager's Funeral After Protests Erupt
Suicide Bomber Kills Six Civilians North of Afghan Capital
Myanmar: Suu Kyi's State Counselor Bill Passes Vote Despite Military Protest
China Announces Restrictions on Trade With North Korea
Alarm Over Thailand Soldiers Being Given Police Powers
Uzbekistan Says Sentences Man to 16 Years in Jail for Spying for Tajikistan
Bangladesh Ex-PM Surrenders to Court Over Bus Attack, Granted Bail
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