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Updated April 7, 2016 - 11:19 PM EDT
US Drone Strikes Kill 17 Civilians in Afghanistan
  Report: 39 ISIS Fighters Killed in Eastern Afghanistan
300 Workers Kidnapped by ISIS Near Damascus
  ISIS Attacks Power Station Near Syrian Capital
  Syria Launches Counter-Offensive Against al-Qaeda in Aleppo
Pentagon: US May Open More Bases in Iraq
  Iraqi Commander: Mosul Offensive Put on Hold
  Iraq Finance Minister Nominee Withdraws Candidacy
Panama Papers: How Spies and CIA Gun-Runners Hide
  Media Gatekeepers Protect Western 1% From Panama Leak
Comedian Could Face Jail in Germany for Insulting Erdogan
Saudi Arabia Becomes World's 3rd Biggest Military Spender
Libya's Tripoli Parliament Retracts Announced Closure
Nagorno-Karabakh Ceasefire Holds, But Shaky
Admiral Wants to Confront China. Obama Says Not So Fast
Non-Violent BDS Should Be Welcomed, Not Condemned  by Ramzy Baroud
Don't Turn Foreign Tragedies Into Domestic Tragedies  by Doug Bandow
War: Still Good for Absolutely Nothing  by Eleanor J. Bader
The End of the American Empire  by Chas W. Freeman, Jr.
The Evil of Sanctions  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Obama Should Return His Nobel Peace Prize  by Barry M. Blechman

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The CIA Helped Produce an Episode of 'Top Chef'
Sanders: Clinton Should Apologize to Victims of Iraq War
One of Brussels Bombers Had Worked in EU Parliament
While Stockpiling Banned Land Mines, US Boasts About Clearing Them
Surveillance Planes Circle Over Most Major Cities
Extrajudicial Executions Reported; 194 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Burns 15 People Alive for Attempting to Flee Iraqi City
Iraq's Political Crisis Is Turning Into a Nightmare for the US
ISIS 'Teaching Children How to Make Bombs at School'
Kidnapped Qatari Royal Released in Iraq: Qatar Ministry
Russia Says Its Planes Hit Nusra Front Positions in Syria
Nusra Front Confirms Senior Syrian Figure Killed in US Strike
Syrian 'Heart-Eating' Rebel Killed
Russia Says More Than 1,500 Mines Removed in Syria's Palmyra
Turkey Launches Inquiry Into Leak of 50 Million Citizens' Data
Turkey Launches Probe Into Leak That Released President Erdogan's Personal Info
Turkey Arrests 'Would-Be PKK Female Suicide Bomber' in Ankara
Israeli Forces Destroy Community Garden, Vow to Catch Palestinians Responsible
Crime or Heroism? Soldier's Shooting Raises Moral Questions in Israel
Parents of 12-Year-Old Palestinian Imprisoned in Israel Seek Her Release
Arab-Jewish Segregation Comments Spark Furor in Israel
Abbas to Meet Hollande for Pow-Wow on French Peace Plan
Israeli Foreign Ministry and PLO Engage in Twitter Battle
Weapons for Sale on Facebook in Libya
UN Envoy Urges Rapid Libya Handover as Fragile Peace Holds
Egypt Threatens to Shut Down Center Documenting Torture
Eritrean Army Conscripts Killed in Asmara Escape Bid
UN: 138,000 People Displaced in New Fighting in Darfur
US Approves Possible $386 Million Sale of Bombs to Australia
Saudi Arabia/Yemen
Saudi State TV Says Yemen Shelling Kills 3, Including Child
Saudi Police Colonel Is Killed and ISIS Claims Responsibility
US Republicans Offer Bill to Block Potential Iran Dollar Use
Iran Says Officials Will Visit Saudi Arabia to Discuss Hajj
Separatist Forces Lose 50 Troops in Four Days of Nagorno-Karabakh Fighting
Report: Israeli-Made Suicide Drone Used in Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict
Azeri Envoy to US Explains Why World Ignores Nagorno-Karabakh, Focuses on Israel
France's Far-Right Jean-Marie Le Pen Convicted for Holocaust Denial
Dutch 'No' to Ukraine Pact Forces Government Rethink
EU Executive to Present Steps to Tighten External Border Controls
Syrian Arrested in Germany on War Crimes Charges
Serbia Must Change War Crimes Law Before It Can Join EU, Croatia Says
China Switches on Lighthouse on Artificial Island in South China Sea
Former Top Military Official in China Took 'Huge' Bribes: Inquiry
Corrupt Combatants Fight for Control of Lucrative Afghan Drug Trade
Pakistan Says It Has Arrested Afghan Intel Agent in Province
Colombia Rebels Say Paramilitary Attacks Slow Peace Deal
Outside Experts Break With Mexico Prosecutors on Missing 43
Peru Erupts in Anti-Fujimori Protests Days Ahead of Elections
Brazil Congressional Report Favors Impeaching President Rousseff
Refugee Crisis
First Syrians Leave for US Under Surge Resettlement Program
Turkey, Germany Herald Progress as Migrant Flow to Greece Slows
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