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Updated April 8, 2016 - 11:20 PM EDT
ISIS Frees Hundreds of Syrian Cement Workers
  Syrian Rebels Seize Town From ISIS in Northern Aleppo
  Diplomats: US, Russia Writing New Syrian Constitution
Temporary Marines in Iraq Not Scheduled To Leave
  Iraqi Shi'ite Militias Will Participate in Mosul Offensive
  Video Shows 'Slain' Saddam Aide al-Douri Alive and Well
  216 Killed in Iraq as Falluja Faces Starvation
US-Made Bomb Killed 119 Civilians in Yemen
  Al-Qaeda Winning Hearts and Minds Over ISIS in Yemen
US Drone Strikes Kill 17 Civilians in Afghanistan
Russia Mediates Azerbaijan, Armenia Ceasefire
ISIS Fighters in Libya Doubled in Past Year
Army Chief: US Needs 220,000 More Troops for 'Major Ops'
The Wars in Our Schools  by Rory Fanning & Tom Engelhardt
End America's Hopeless War for the Middle East  by Andrew Bacevich
Fighting Israeli Occupying Forces Is 'Terrorism.' Boycotting Is 'Anti-Semitism.'  by Glenn Greenwald
The Revolt Against NATO  by Justin Raimondo
Canada’s Blackwater
 by Yves Engler
Opaque Strategy and US Troops in Eastern Europe  by Paul R. Pillar

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In Bahrain, John Kerry Walks Tightrope on Human Rights
Sanders Decries 'Distortion' Over His Remark on 10,000 Gaza Dead
A Better Way to Keep Kids From Joining ISIS: Talk to Them
EU Threatens to Put Sanctions on Panama, Other Tax Havens
Dutch Referendum Kills EU-Ukraine Trade Deal
216 Killed in Iraq as Falluja Faces Starvation
One-Third of Iraqis Believe America Supports Terrorism
Near ISIS Front, US Marine Artillerymen 'Fire Every Day'
Siege Tactics Complicate Fight for Key ISIS-Held Iraqi Town
Iraq: Falluja Residents Trapped by ISIS 'Starving'
Iraq's Food Business Grows Despite War, Economic Slump
UN Syria Envoy Delays Peace Talks to Ensure Players Are Serious
Doctors Without Borders Says Syria Situation Critical Despite Truce
Inside War Ravaged Syria
UN Disappointed at Syria Aid Slowdown, Hopes to Evacuate Wounded
Turkish Military Hits PKK Targets Near Iraqi Border: Statement
Turkey Investigating Russian Claims on Smuggled Syrian Antiquities
US Open to 'New Arrangement' on Iran's Missile Tests
Rouhani Says Iran Not a Threat, Wants Interaction With World
Kerry Tells Iran to Join Efforts for Peace in Yemen and Syria
Iran Announces Plan to Produce Explosives Used in Missile Warheads
With Demolitions, Israel Tightens Squeeze on West Bank Palestinians
Israeli West Bank Demolitions Raise Alarm
Israel's War on the Arabic Language
Israel Starts Building New Part of Controversial West Bank Wall
'Anonymous' Hackers Attacks on Israel More Hype Than Harm
Palestinians Circulating Draft UN Resolution Condemning Israeli Settlements
Israeli Arab Lawmaker Slammed for Suggesting Not All Palestinian Stabbers Are Terrorists
Pakistani Security Forces Kill 12 Militants Near Afghanistan
Pakistani Militants' Charity Runs Islamic Court in Lahore
Myanmar Political Prisoners to Be Freed: Aung San Suu Kyi
Liberal Bangladeshi Blogger Killed by Machete-Wielding Attackers
Vietnam Tells China to Shift Its Rig and Stop Complicating Ties
Remains of Korean War Soldier Returned to US
Afghan 'Sesame Street' Adds Girl Power With First Homegrown Muppet
The War at Home
Los Angeles Activists Want to Bring Surveillance Conversation Down to Earth
US Military Launches Self-Piloting Ship
Cost of 3 Stealthy Destroyers Grows by $450 Million
FBI Director Says Unlocking Method Won't Work on Newer iPhones
Refugee Crisis
Amnesty Says 'Serious Flaws' Mar Greek Side of EU-Turkey Migrants' Deal
Turkey's Erdogan Says No Migrant Deal if EU Doesn't Fulfill Pledges
Hundreds of Migrants Arrive in Italy on Boat From Egypt
Czech Government Ends Program to Take in Iraqi Christians
Iraqi Widows, Mothers, and Girls Face Heightened Risks in Displaced Camps
Merkel, Hollande Warn Libya May Be Next Big Migrant Staging Area
Belgium Launches Appeal to Find 'Man in Hat' Bombing Suspect
Blaming Policy, Not Islam, for Belgium's Radicalized Youth
Azerbaijan Says Nagorno-Karabakh Ceasefire Broken 119 Times in 24 Hours
Denmark Arrest Four Suspected 'ISIS' Returnees
Cyprus President Doesn't See New Bailout to Fund Peace Deal
Roma Poisoned at UN Camps in Kosovo May Get Apology and Compensation
Spanish Opposition Parties Fail to Agree on Coalition Government
South Sudan
Khartoum Sentences 22 South Sudanese to Death
South Sudan's Opposition Leader Machar to Return to Juba in Mid-April
Nigeria Boko Haram Militants Offered Olive Branch by Army
Morocco Expels Eight Europeans Supporting Western Sahara Prisoners
More Than 30,000 Displaced in Congo Left Without Aid: Agency
UN Report: Civilians Flee Amid Spike in Darfur Violence
After Summoning French Envoy, Algeria Warns Over 'Red Line'
Hezbollah Blasts Egyptian Provider for Dropping Its Al-Manar TV
Maduro Asks Venezuela High Court to Scrap Opposition Amnesty
Venezuela Leader Threatens to Cut Opposition Legislature's Term
As Graft Cases in Chile Multiply, a 'Gag Law' Angers Journalists
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