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Updated April 9, 2016 - 12:21 PM EDT
Saudi War in Yemen Made Qaeda Stronger, Richer
Iraq Troops Again Flee as Soon as Shooting Starts
  Kerry: Iraq PM Not Requesting More US Ground Troops
  Iraq Again Claims Victory Over ISIS in Oft-Contested Town of Hit
ISIS Frees Hundreds of Syrian Cement Workers
  Monitor: US Drone Strike Kills Key al-Qaeda Figure in Syria
  US Arms Shipment to Syrian Rebels Detailed
ISIS Affiliate Takes Credit for Sinai Attacks on Egypt Forces
US SecDef: South Korea Missile Defense 'Going to Happen'
60 Minutes to Report on 28 Pages Said to Link 9/11, Saudis
Corruption Revealed in Panama Papers Opened the Door to ISIS  by Patrick Cockburn
Matters of Choice  Stephen Kinzer interviews Andrew Bacevich
The Case of 'Soldier A'
 by Uri Avnery
War of Pure Defense: A First Sketch  by Joseph R. Stromberg

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CIA's Venture Capital Arm Is Funding Skin Care Products That Collect DNA
UK Sending a Huge Nuclear Waste Shipment to US
US Needs Up to 18 More Russian Rocket Engines: Pentagon
Nagorno-Karabakh Combatants Strike Deal to Safely Recover Their Dead
Romania Arrests 4 Israelis on Espionage Charges
The War at Home
The Senate's Draft Encryption Bill Is 'Ludicrous, Dangerous, Technically Illiterate'
Sanders Trip to Vatican Sparks Diplomatic Controversy
Official: Airman Shot His Commander at Texas Base
Tightened Global Nuclear Security Measure Takes Effect in May: Officials
Only Three US Airports Require Security Checks for Employees, TSA Administrator Says
Obama to Discuss ISIS at CIA Next Week
Refugee Crisis
Italy and Austria Pledge 'Fluid' Border During Summer Migrant Surge
Greece Returns More Migrants to Turkey Under EU Deal
German Asylum Claims Jump as Authorities Process 2015 Backlog
For NATO Trainers, Race Against Time to Prepare Afghan Troops to Go It Alone
Smuggled Afghan Boy Texts for Help Inside UK Lorry
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
'Taiwan Republic' Passport Stickers Cause a Stink in China
China Rebuffs Vietnam Criticism of Oil Rig Move
China's Xinjiang Seals Pakistan Ties With $2 Billion in Deals
China Jails Four Supporters of Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protests
Philippines Gets US Military Aid Boost Amid South China Sea Dispute
Islamist Militants Free Abducted Italian Man in Philippine South
North Korea Says It Successfully Tests Long-Range Rocket Engine
North Korean Staff at Restaurant in Third Country Defect to South
New Myanmar Government Frees Scores of Jailed Activists
US Helping Defuse Vietnam's Dioxin Hot Spots Blamed on Agent Orange
India in Talks to Buy US Predator Drones, Has Eye on China, Pakistan
Nigerian Troops Foil Boko Haram Suicide Attack in Northeast
Lawyer: Army Attack Leaves Nigerian Shi'ite Leader Near-Blind
Nigeria: Army Unveils Locally-Made Bomb Detonator
DR Congo
EU and US Condemn Post-Election Violence in Republic of Congo
Congo Slams UN for 'Irresponsible' Vote Pressure
France Rules Out Libya Air Strikes, Says Could Help Secure New Govt
Amnesty International Demands Chad Release Activists Ahead of Polls
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
Kerry Visits Iraq as 98 Are Killed
Kerry Urges Iraq Not to Let Politics Impede War Against ISIS
Iraq: 'It Was a Children's Soccer Game. of Course He Knew He Was Going to Kill Children.'
US Journalist Held in Syria for Nearly Four Years Is Set Free
'Sexists' and 'Perverts': Insults Rock Turkish Politics
Turkey, Israel Make Progress on Deal to Restore Ties: Turkish Ministry
Iran Steps Up Offense in Oil Market War With Price Discount
Iran's Missile Program Becomes New Focus of Dissent – From Within
UN Envoy Tells EU to Step Up Pressure on Israel Over West Bank Demolitions
Israel Urges Its Nationals to Leave Turkey Immediately Due to Terror Threat
Israel Warns German Banks Over Anti-Semitic Accounts
Palestinian Dairy and Meat Firms Face Bleak Future if Israel Continues Import Ban
Saudi Arabia/Egypt
No More 'Free' Saudi Money for Egypt: Saudi Businessman Familiar With Matter
Saudi Arabia and Egypt Announce Red Sea Bridge
Middle East
Lebanese Expats Fearful as Gulf Expels Dozens Accused of Hezbollah Links
Lebanon Sentences Ex-Official to 13 Years on Terrorism Charges
Report: Belgium Arrests Suspect in Paris, Brussels Attacks
Radicalization of a Belgium Student Turned Bomb Maker Was Invisible
Rattled by Attacks, Many Belgians Still Want Nation Split in Two
Tear Gas Disrupts New Kosovo Leader's Call for Reconciliation
Serbia Accuses Croatia of Obstructing Its EU Membership Talks
NATO and Russia to End Talks Freeze After Ukraine
Italy Recalls Ambassador From Egypt in Row Over Student's Murder
Greece Sells Piraeus Port to Chinese Bidder
Colombia's FARC Rebels Reject Setting Disarmament Date
Group: Disputed Haiti Presidential Vote Generally Free, Fair
Weekend Reviews
War: Still Good for Absolutely Nothing
The False Dichotomies of Drone Warfare
The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government
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