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Updated April 14, 2016 - 11:13 PM EDT
US Report Faults Key Allies for Stifling Freedom
  State Dept Report: Israel Uses Excessive Force Against Palestinians
Iraq May Dissolve Parliament After Fights, Sit-Ins
  ISIS Seizes Much of Palestinian Refugee Camp in Syrian Capital
  Young Iraqis Overwhelmingly Consider US Their Enemy, Poll Says
  ISIS Expansion Continues Despite US Claims of Major Defeats
Clashes, Airstrikes Threaten Yemen Ceasefire
  UK Has 'Legal Duty' to Challenge Saudis Over Yemen Airstrikes
US General: Al-Qaeda 'Very Active' in Afghanistan
Treasury Dept Warns Congress Against New Iran Sanctions
Hiroshima Looks to Obama for Disarmament, Not Apology
US Rails at 'Simulated Attack' by Unarmed Russian Jets
John Kerry and the Legacy of Hiroshima  by Peter Van Buren
Clinton's Reliably Bad Foreign Policy  by Daniel Larison
Sanders' Focus on Clinton's Iraq Vote Isn't Harping – It's Necessary  by Trevor Timm
The Logic of Murder in Israel  by Ramzy Baroud
Obama Damns Hillary With Faint Praise  by Andrew P. Napolitano
How Hillary Clinton Militarized US Policy in Honduras  by Tim Shorrock

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Saudi Arabia Strips Religious Police of Arresting Power
Senators Want to Limit US Bomb Sales to Saudi Arabia
Belgium Releases Three Held Over Paris Attacks
Gen. Odierno Says 50,000-Troop Coalition Needed to Crush ISIS
Fight Breaks Out in Parliament; 36 Killed in Iraq
Report: 'Iraq May Soon Reach a Point Beyond Repair'
Kurdistan Govt Needs Support to Plug $100 Million Monthly Deficit
Chaldean Patriarch: Priests Should Not Promote Christian Exodus From Iraq
Over 100 Killed in Four Days in Upsurge in Syria's Aleppo: Monitor
Watch: ISIS Claims Partial Control of Palestinian Camp in Damascus
Assad Says Syrian Parliament Elections Blow to 'Terrorism'
France Says Election Underway in Syria 'Sham' by 'Oppressive Regime'
Syrian Journalist Shot by ISIS in Turkey Dies
Citizen Journalists in Syria 'Risking Their Lives' for News
Media Watchdog Calls on Turkey to Catch ISIS Killers of Syrian Journalist
Turkey Arrests Two Russian Agents Over Killing of Chechen
Israel Issues Rare Traveling Warning: Unauthorized Visit to Crimea May Result in Prosecution
Gaza Reconstruction Faces Lack of Funds: Officials
In West Bank, an Israeli Crackdown Road by Road
Israel Disciplines 2 Soldiers for Burning Palestinian Flag
Amid Violence, Israel Promotes Arab Police Officer
Jews-Only Poll Highlights Israeli Youths' Drift to the Right
Houthis Kill Yemeni Brigadier as Truce Threatens to Unravel
Ceasefire Observers Deploy in 3 Provinces to Monitor Truce
Middle East
Jordan Shuts Down Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters
Canada Under Fire Over Saudi Arms Sale
Iranian Pilot Defects, Threatens to Seek Asylum in Israel
Life in the Shadows: Palestinians in Lebanon
Death Squads Are Back in Honduras, Activists Tell Congress
Cuba Loosens Communist Control of Some Restaurant Cooperatives
More Than 1,000 Migrants Storm Border Into Costa Rica
Panama Raids Offices of Mossack Fonseca Law Firm
Six Killed in Bombing, Clashes With Militants in Western Libya: Officials
In Libya, ISIS Struggles to Gain Support
Speaker of Libya's Eastern Parliament Lashes Out at UN Envoy
Egypt's Sisi Rejects Charges He's Selling His Country to the Saudis
Sisi Stirs Uproar on Free Speech After Egypt Transfers Islands
Sudan Concludes Darfur Referendum Amid Opposition Boycott
Parents Say Identify Chibok Girls Missing 2 Years in Boko Haram Video
South Sudan: Rebel Deputy Returns to Capital as Part of a Peace Deal
Man Said to Be Liberian Rebel Leader Arrested in Pennsylvania
Kenyan Rape Victims of Post-Poll Violence Seek Justice
South Korea Ruling Conservatives Suffer Upset Defeat in Parliamentary Vote
North Korea Threatens South Korea Over 13 Defectors
Philippines, Vietnam to Explore Joint Patrols in South China Sea
China Claims Jurisdiction Over Taiwanese Taken From Kenya
India's Militants Threaten to Blow Up Bangladesh's Gas Pipeline
Germans Rally Behind Satirist Under Fire Over Crude Erdogan Poem
Germany Says Needs More Time on Turkish Request to Prosecute Satirist
Germany Fears Return of Turkish-Kurdish Violence on Its Soil
Ukraine Set for New Government After Coalition Backs Groysman for PM
Macedonia Protesters Wreck One of President's Offices
Macedonian Police Fire Tear Gas at Migrants on Greek Border
Russia Jails Former Naval Officer for 13 Years in Lithuania Spy Case
Sweden Arrests Turkish Man Suspected of Being PKK Regional Leader
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