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Updated April 17, 2016 - 11:16 PM EDT
In Yemen, Intervention Has Boosted al-Qaeda
  US Mulls Backing New UAE Offensive Against Yemeni al-Qaeda
  Pro-Saudi Yemeni Forces Seize City of Houta From al-Qaeda
  US Report on Saudi Arabia Downplays Civilian Casualties in Yemen
Turkey-Backed Syria Anti-ISIS Offensive a 'Fiasco'
  Over 200 Fighters Killed Around Syrian City of Aleppo This Week
Ethiopia Says South Sudanese Kill 208 Civilians
50 Taliban Killed in Push Against Afghan's Kunduz
  Afghan Military Claims Many ISIS Fighters Killed in Airstrikes
Iran Urges US, EU to Honor Financial Terms of Nuclear Deal
Saudis Warn of Economic Fallout if Congress OKs 9/11 Bill
Egypt Sees Largest Protests in Two Years Over Islands
Landmark Vatican Conference Rejects Just War Theory
In Yemen, Our Intervention Has Given al-Qaeda the Upper Hand  by Patrick Cockburn
What If They Held an Election and Nobody Came?  by Dan Sanchez
Avaaz Ignores Libya Lessons in Advocating for Syria No-Fly Zone  by John Hanrahan
A Confederation of Israel and Palestine  by Uri Avnery
Trump's Refreshing Foreign Policy Heresy  by Stephen Kinzer
No, a New Surge Isn't the Solution to ISIS  by Bonnie Kristian

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Kasich: US Should Stay Out of Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations Unless Asked
'Napalm Girl' Was Haunted by the Image for Years
Files Suggest Honduran Police Leaders Ordered Killing of Antidrug Officials
Critic of Psychologists' Role in Interrogation Is Asked to Reconsider
Criticizing Israel, Bernie Sanders Highlights Split Among Jewish Democrats
The War at Home
Democratic Debate: Hillary Clinton Blames President Obama for Libya, Syria Messes
US Spy Chief: 'Pollard Holds Sensitive Information, His Freedom Should Be Restricted'
Bernie Sanders' Suspension of Jewish Outreach Coordinator Causes Social Media Uproar
Head of Key Boeing Supplier Linked to Anti-Mosque Mailings
US Army Approves First 22 Female Officers for Ground Combat Jobs
Refugee Crises
Aid Groups Urge Halt of Turkey Returns, Greek Detentions Under Migration Deal
Migrant Influx Into Italy From Libya Resurging: IOM
Austrian Right-Wing Group Storms Refugee Theater Performance
Merkel Vows to Repeal Law, After It Is Used to Prosecute Comic for Insulting Erdogan
Germany's Merkel Criticized for Allowing Prosecution of Comedian Who Mocked Erdogan
Russia 'More Dangerous Than ISIS' Says Poland Foreign Minister
Belgium Minister Resigns After Airport Security Lapses Leak
4th Night of Protests Against President in Macedonia
Poll of British Muslims Reveals Startling Views, but Some Question Methodology
Dozens Beaten, Held After Rare Gambia Protest
2 Soldiers Dead in ISIS-Claimed Car Bomb in Libya's Benghazi
Somalia: Al Shabaab Now Recruiting in Kenya
Ghana President Makes No Panic Plea Over Terror Threat Memo
UN Agency to Relocate 10,000 Mozambican Refugees in Malawi
Former Rwandan Official Given Life Sentence Over Genocide Crimes
Weekend Reviews
Christopher Hitchens, From Dove to Hawk
The Moral Bankruptcy of Just War Theory
The Real Untouchables
Roadmap to Apartheid: Documentary Film Review
War Against the People: Israel, the Palestinians, and Global Pacification
How I Discovered What Phil Ochs Thought About Israel
Political Crisis Continues; 34 Killed in Iraq
Syrian Rebel Offensive Against ISIS Sparks Exodus
First Turkey-Backed Operation Against ISIS Becomes a Fiasco
Damascus Skirts Transition Talk as Aleppo Clashes Intensify
Iran's Soleimani in Russia for Talks on Syria, Missiles: Sources
Kerry Tells Russia to Press Assad to Comply With Syria Ceasefire
Israel Detains Coach of Blind Palestinian Karate Team for 'Suspected Terrorist Activity'
Report: Hamas Official Claims Group Not Interested in Escalation of Violence
Israel to Deploy Extra Troops Around Temple Mount Ahead of Passover
Israel Returns Palestinian Attacker's Body in 'Misunderstanding'
Middle East
Muslim Nations Accuse Iran of Supporting Terrorism: Summit Communique
US Sends Weapon to Hit ISIS Communications
Four Soldiers Killed, Two Wounded in Bomb Attack in Southeast Turkey
Al-Qaeda Re-Emerges as Challenge for US, NATO in Afghanistan
Giant Prison for Afghan Militants Aims to Avoid Pitfalls of Past
Pakistan Denies Involvement in Deadly 2009 Attack on CIA Base
India-Funded Weapons Seized in Balochistan
Pakistan Forces Battle to Free Police Held Hostage by Gang
Islamist Militants in Philippines Set Deadline to Execute Foreign Captives
US SecDef Visits Carrier in Disputed South China Sea
US Air Force Looks to Help Latin America Fight Illegal Drugs
Mexico Finds Policewoman Linked to Torture Video
Raucous Rousseff Impeachment Process Begins in Brazil
Guatemalan Ex-President Linked to New Scandal
Haiti Will Miss Election Deadline, No Date for New President
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
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