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Updated April 18, 2016 - 11:25 PM EDT
Obama Plans Further Escalation in Iraq, Syria
  Iraq Cabinet Failures Set Up Struggle Among Shi'ite Leaders
  Iraqi Parliament Cancels Session Again Amid Fighting Over Speaker
Turkey Denies Shooting at Fleeing Syria Refugees
  Netanyahu: Israel Will Never Return Golan Heights to Syria
Rise in Afghan Civilian Casualties by Govt Forces
  UN: Afghan Children Killed at Alarming Rate in Urban Warfare
Congress Spurns Pentagon Call for Base Closures 
  US Releases Nine Guantánamo Bay Prisoners to Saudi Arabia
  How US Special Forces Secretly Help Foreign Forces Target Terrorists
21 Wounded in Jerusalem Bus Blast
UK May Deploy 1,000 Troops to Libya to Fight ISIS
South Sudanese Kill 208 Ethiopians in Cattle Raid
Russia: Interception of US Spy Plane in Keeping With Int'l Law
Deadly Myths: Iraq 'Surge' General Calls for 'Surge 2.0'  by Daniel McAdams
How US Covered Up Saudi Role in 9/11  by Paul Sperry
Mounting International Resistance to US Drug War Strategy  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Obama Appeases Saudi Head-Choppers  by Justin Raimondo
The Phony War in Syria  by Eric Margolis
Is Hillary Clinton Above the Law?  by Ray McGovern

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Reverse Censorship of Palestine Maps, Scholars Tell McGraw-Hill
Benghazi Panel Getting Close, May Release Report Before Conventions
War on Drugs: Colombian President Challenges UN
Mexico's SecDef Apologizes for Torture Incident
Sanders 'Honored' to Meet Pope Francis at Vatican
Brazilian Congress Votes to Impeach President Rousseff
Demonstrations in Baghdad; 102 Killed Across Iraq
UK Firm 'Employed Former Child Soldiers' as Mercenaries in Iraq
Stream of Foreign Fighters Moving to Iraq to Tackle Jihadis
ISIS Attacks Iraqi Army Barracks With Russian Rockets
Iraq's Humanitarian Workers Brace for Mosul Influx
Hundreds Rally in Baghdad Backing Sadr Deadline on Cabinet Change
Irish Man Arrested in Iraq on Way Home After Fighting ISIS in Syria
Syria's Aleppo Hit by Government Air Strikes and Rebel Rockets
Syrian Opposition Say Rebels Should Retaliate Against Army; Hint at Talks Exit
Syrians Reject Israel's Vow to Control Golan 'Forever'
At Least 30,000 Flee ISIS Attacks in Syria
Turkish Army Kills 23 Kurdish Militants in Clashes, Air Strike
2 Turks Detained After Sack Incident Involving US Soldier at Air Base
Turkey Urges Cooperation With Iran to Fight Terrorism, Sectarian Strife
Suicide Blast Kills Four Soldiers Ahead of Yemen Peace Talks
Yemen's Warring Sides Signal Optimism for Kuwait Peace Talks
Yemen Police Say Foil Two Bomb Attacks
Yemen Committees Monitoring Ceasefire Agree to Begin Work
Iran Shows Off Russian S-300 Defense System on Army Day
Air France Resumes Flights to Iran After 8 Years
Saudi-Iran Tensions Scupper Deal to Freeze Oil Output
Iran Bars Female MP for 'Shaking Hands With Unrelated Man'
Probe Reveals 7,000 Palestinians Remain Jailed by Israel
World Bank: Palestinian Authority Losing $285 Million a Year Due to Agreements With Israel
Palestinians Take to Streets to Mark Prisoners Day
Lieberman: Israel Holds Secret, Indirect Talks With Hamas
IDF Struggles With Rising Influence of Religious Zionists
Netanyahu to Meet With Putin in Russia Next Week
Middle East
Jordan Says Brotherhood Offices Raided Due to Police Mix-Up
Bahrain Says Police Officer Killed in Gasoline Bomb Attack
Arab Parliamant Declares Hezbollah a Terror Organization
France's Hollande, in Beirut, Vows to Boost Lebanon Military Aid
Most Germans Oppose Merkel on Prosecution of Comedian: Poll
German Broadcaster to Stand by Comedian Who Mocked Erdogan
German Comic Who Lampooned Erdogan to Extend Break From TV Show
Erdogan and the Satirist: Inside Merkel's Comedy Conundrum
Explosion Injures 3 at Sikh Temple in Western Germany
Thousands of Troops on Paris Streets but Are They France's New Maginot Line?
European Parliament Drivers Had ISIS Propaganda
Returning Jihadis Could Help Combat ISIS, Says EU Counter-Terrorism Chief
Thousands March in Spain's Basque Region for Return of Eta Prisoners
Ultra-Nationalist Resurgence Could Complicate Serbia's EU Path
Macedonia: New Protests as Snap Poll Date Set for June
Brussels: Thousands Take to Streets in Anti-Terror March
Drone Hit British Airways Plane Approaching Heathrow Airport
Castro, 84, Says Cuba's Leaders Are Too Old, Proposes Limits
Raúl Castro Urges Cubans to Remain Alert to US Efforts to Alter Communist System
The War at Home
Pentagon and Accountability Office Bicker Over the F-35
Numbers for New B-21 Bomber Program Don't Add Up, According to Researcher
Israeli Ambassador Briefed Trump's Son-In-Law Ahead of AIPAC Speech
Poll: Vast Majority of Americans Don't Trust the News Media
State Department, Judicial Watch Reach Agreement on Depositions of Clinton Aides
Refugee Crises
Pope Returns From Greece With 12 Migrants
'Desperate' Palestinian Refugees Starve as Battle Rages in Damascus
On Lesbos, a Stark Reminder of the Deadly Migrant Trail
State Seeks to Pick Up Pace on Bringing Syrian Refugees to US
Afghan Refugees Outpace Those Returning: UN
Refugee Robot Engineers Bring Hope to Syria
15 Security Personnel Killed in Attacks in Benghazi: Medic
First Clashes in Tripoli Since UN-Backed Government's Arrival
Fear of ISIS Attacks in Libya Shuts Down Major Oil Fields
EU Could Start to Train Libya Forces Outside Country: German Minister
NATO Ready to Help Libya Build Defense Institutions if Asked: Deputy NATO Chief
French, German Ministers Arrive in Libya to Back Unity Government
New Libyan Unity Govt Says Will Start Moving Into Ministries
Somalia: AMISOM Troops Kill Four Civilians in Bus Attack
AU Mission Apologizes for Somali Civilian Deaths
Protesters Demand Fall of Egypt's Government Over Islands Deal
Deadly Attacks in Ethiopia Leave Victims Wondering Why
Sudan Asks Egypt to Hold Talks Over Disputed Halayeb Area
UN Says New Sex Abuse Allegations Against Peacekeepers in Congo
Gunmen Claim Lives of Four in Burundi Villages
Gambia Arrests Opposition Leaders Amid Reports of Party Member's Death
Defeated Comoros Presidential Candidates Reject Result
Algeria Says 14 Islamists Killed Near Tunisia Last Month
Mali Arrests Third Man in Connection With Ivory Coast Beach Attack
Nigeria Pipeline Saboteurs Vow Further Niger Delta Attacks
Civilian Casualties in Afghan War Are Unabated in 2016
Heavy Fighting Continues in Afghan City Kunduz
Afghanistan Declares Soldiers Dead, Then Alive and in Debt for Funerals
Afghan Army Moves Into Helmand Schools Rebuilt With UK Aid
US Think Tank Says Indian Nukes Unsafe
India Says Talks on Rafale Jet Deal in Final Stage
North Korea's Fifth Nuclear Test Seen Imminent, Increased Movements at Site: Yonhap
Myanmar's New President Pledges to Free Political Prisoners
Bangladeshi Editor, 81, Accused in Plot to Kill Leader's Son
China Launches Upgraded Drills for South China Sea Fleets
Islamist Militants Seize Four Indonesians in Southern Philippines
After Long Silence, Indonesia Allows Talk of Anti-Communist Atrocities
Pressure Builds on Hong Kong Leader as Many Protest at Airport
Indonesia Moves Radical Islamist to High-Security Prison
Pakistan Army Takes Over Operation to Flush Gang From Island Stronghold
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