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Updated April 19, 2016 - 11:19 PM EDT
Taliban Attacks Afghan Capital, Killing Dozens
Pentagon's New Rules Allow Killing More Civilians
  More US Ground Troops Headed to Iraq
  US Commandos Capture ISIS Figure, Kill Two in Iraq Raid
  Obama Reverses Previous Predictions of Taking Mosul This Year
Syria Airstrikes Kill 50 in Qaeda's Idlib Province
  Syrian Rebels Withdraw From Peace Talks
  US Rejects Netanyahu's Declaration That Golan Is 'Forever' Israeli
  Live From Damascus: The Syrian Election Results
Bomb Rips Through Jerusalem Bus, 21 Wounded
  US Aid Deal Would Make Israel Vow Not to Lobby Congress for More
Obama to Veto Bill for 9/11 Lawsuits Against Saudi Govt
  Investigators Proposed Examining Influence on Saudi Ties to 9/11
British Parliament Won't Be Allowed to Vote on Libya War
Lebanon To Respect US Banking Ban on Hezbollah
How War Reporters Get It Wrong, and How They Can Get It Right  by Patrick Cockburn
Ted Cruz Is Shaky on Foreign Policy  by Ivan Eland
Goldman Sachs Funding Violent, Racist Jewish Settlers of Hebron  by Maya Haber
The Pretense of Nation-Building  by Dan Sanchez
No Mandate Is an Island  by Guy Somerset
Attack on Privacy From Senators Charged With Protecting It  by Conor Friedersdorf

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Bernie Sanders: US 'Can't Be Blackmailed' by Saudis
Saudis Have Lobbying Muscle for 9/11 Fight
Decriminalizing Cannabis Would Hurt ISIS, Mafia: Italy Prosecutor
US Poised to Approve Boeing Fighter Jet Sales to Qatar, Kuwait
The Afghan Prelude: the Overthrow of the Taliban in the Aftermath of 9/11
US Forces Kill Senior ISIS Leader; 59 Others Killed in Iraq
Firebrand Shi'ite Iraqi Cleric's Supporters Shut Down Six Ministries
Russia Delivers More Attack Planes to Iraq
UK Firm 'Employed Former Child Soldiers' as Mercenaries in Iraq
Syrian Rebels Declare New Battle Against Government
Putin, Obama Agree to Enhance Coordination on Syria: Kremlin
4 Dead as Rockets Hit Teachers' Dormitory in Turkish Border Town
Eighteen Kurdish Militants Killed Trying to Flee Into Syria
Alliances Strained, Obama Seeks to Reassure Gulf States on Iran
Kerry to Meet Iran Minister on Nuclear Deal, Visit Egypt, Saudis
Israel and Palestinians Engage in Rare UN Shouting Match
Shin Bet Opposes Plan to Limit Israeli Army's Operations in Palestinian Cities
Israel Uncovers Hamas Gaza Tunnel, Says New War Unlikely
After Attack, Netanyahu Vows to 'Settle Score' With Bus Bomber
Majd Oweida: The Jailed Robot Designer From Gaza
Palestinian Circus Lights Up Gaza Gloom
Middle East
Yemen Peace Talks Delayed by Fighting Despite Announced Truce
Jordan Abandons Plan to Install Cameras on Temple Mount
Afghan Schools, Hospitals Under Threat, UN Says in Grim Report
Afghanistan's Ski Industry Faces Resurgent Taliban
Afghan Army Launches First Surveillance Drones
Afghan Teenager Braves Threats, Family Pressure to Lead Women's Orchestra
After 13 Years, CIA Honors Green Beret Killed on Secret Afghanistan Mission
China & Her Neighbors
Chinese Military Aircraft Makes First Public Landing on Disputed Island
US to Give Philippines Eye in Sky to Track South China Sea Activity
Britain Says South China Sea Arbitration Ruling Must Be Binding
China Steps Up War of Words With Taiwan Over Fraud Suspects
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Vows to Include Ethnic Groups in 'Democratic Federal Union'
Pakistani Helicopters Strike Gang on Island Hideout in Full-Scale Offensive
Refugee Crises
Over 400 Refugees Drown in Mediterranean After Boats Capsize Crossing From Egypt to Italy
Six Corpses Found in Migrant Boat, 108 Rescued: Italy Coast Guard
Jordan Says 50,000 Syrians Stranded on Border
Somalia Says About 200 Citizens May Have Drowned in Migrant Crossing
Turkey Will Cancel Agreements on Migrants if EU Doesn't Keep Its Word: Foreign Minister
Migrants Hurl Stones at Police on Greek Border After Man Injured by Van
Europe More Afraid of Migrants Than Terror: Rights Monitor
EU Weighs if Austrian Brenner Border Plan Breaches Free-Movement Rules
Cautious Steps as Libya's New Government Moves Into Tripoli
New Libyan PM Seeks EU Help to Rebuild Country, Tackle Smugglers
Mali: Official Says 4 Dead, 7 Wounded in Protests in Kidal
Three Red Cross Officials Missing in Northern Mali
AU May Finalize Mali Counter-Terror Force Details by July: Envoy
Ethiopia: 108 Children Missing After Raid by Rustlers
Ethiopia Army Seeks to Rescue Children Abducted From Gambella
Congo-Brazzaville: Air Strikes Hit Residential Areas Including Schools
Four Civilians Killed in Islamist Attack in Somalia: Police
Egypt Gets German Mediation Offer and French Cash
Nigerian Forces Repel Boko Haram Attack Near Niger Border: Army
UN Proposes Options for Sending Police to Burundi
Riots Rock Zambia's Capital After Suspected Ritual Murders
Obama-Putin Discuss Need to Implement Ukraine Peace Deal
Ukraine Sentences Captured Russian Servicemen to 14 Years
'Putin's Bridge' Edges Closer to Annexed Crimea Despite Delays
Georgia Detains Six It Says Were Trying to Sell Uranium
Cuba Calls Obama Visit 'An Attack' as Communists Defend Ideology
Mexican Army Accused of Withholding Evidence in Student Massacre Probe
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