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Updated April 22, 2016 - 11:27 PM EDT
How Israel Misled the US About Its Nuke Program
Obama: US Must Stay in Iraq, Govt Unstable
  Kurdish Troops Fight Pro-Govt Militia in NE Syria
  White House 'Concerned' as Russia Moves Equipment to North Syria
  Russian Jet Intercepts Israeli Warplanes Along Syria Border
Obama Pledges to Defend Gulf States Against Iran
  Europe Says US Regulations Keeping It From Trade With Iran
Obama Demands Brits Vote to Stay in the EU
  US General Wants Permanent Armored Brigade in Europe
How Hillary Clinton Became a Hawk
Inside the Devastation of America's Drone Wars  by Pratap Chatterjee
How Our Government Has Used Deceit to Withhold Truth  by Sen. Bob Graham
Seymour Hersh Dishes on Saudi Oil Money Bribes and the Killing of Osama bin Laden  by Ken Klippenstein
The Fifth Estate: Foreign Lobbyists  by Justin Raimondo
How the New Yorker Mis-Reports Syria  by Jonathan Marshall
How the US Anti-Encryption Bill Will Kill Our Privacy, Security  by Iain Thomson

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Snowden to Take Norway to Court to Secure Free Passage
HRW Accuses Egypt Police of Torturing Detained Children
Documents Reveal Secretive UK Surveillance Policies
Guantanamo Shrinking but Obama Goal of Closing Prison Still Elusive
New Chemical Attack; 111 Killed in Iraq
Obama Says Political Progress Needed Before More Iraq Aid
Syria's Ancient Palmyra Has Been Demined: Russian Military
White House Concerned by Russia's Military Moves in Syria
Syria Relief Efforts Intensify Even as Peace Talks Falter
Jaafari Urges UN to Deter Israel From Violations in Golan
Turkish Appeals Court Overturns 'Ergenekon' Coup Plot Convictions
Turkey Freezes Assets of Yemeni Ex-President Saleh
Turkish Hotline for Erdogan Insults Angers Dutch
Kerry, Zarif to Discuss US Sanctions Relief for Iran on Friday
Iran Denounces US Ruling Over Bombing Compensation
Dem Fears Iran Nuke Deal Gives License to Back Saudis
Iranian Hopefuls Start Campaigning for Parliamentary Runoffs: Radio
UN-Sponsored Yemen Peace Talks Begin in Kuwait
Senator Says Bombing Yemen Is Distracting Saudis From Fighting Terror
Netanyahu Tells Putin in Moscow: Golan Heights Is a 'Red Line' for Israel
Netanyahu Says He Got Russian Assurances Over Syria
Outrage in Israel Over UNESCO Resolution on Jerusalem
Weapons Workshop, Arms Cache Found in East Jerusalem, Hebron
Middle East
US Prisoner in Bahrain Says He Has Been Freed Via Royal Pardon
Jordan King Abdullah Set to Consolidate Executive Power
Lawmakers Chain Themselves to Venezuela Election Board in Protest
Venezuela Opposition-Backed Congress Approves New Referendum Rules
Colombia: Guerrilla Peace Pact Would Make Big Dent in Drug Trade
In Major Shift, Mexico President Proposes Relaxing Marijuana Laws
Guatemala Condemns Teen's Killing in Belize Border Incident
The War at Home
US Navy Accuses Gulf Commander of Misconduct
Listen to an FBI 'Honeypot' on the Job
US Mulls Tech to Disable Rogue Drones Near Airports
'Worth It': FBI Admits It Paid $1.3 Million to Hack Into San Bernardino Iphone
China Confirms Another Test of New Long-Range Missile
China Eyes Deeper Military Ties With Afghanistan
Apple No Longer Immune to China's Scrutiny of US Tech Firms
China Drone Maker Says It May Share Data With State
China Steps Up Pressure on Taiwan Ahead of President's Inauguration
Afghan Attacker Admits Killing Americans in Kabul
Pakistan Army Sacks Six Senior Officers Amid Corruption Claims
North Korea Proposes Having 13 Defectors to South Meet With Relatives
In Vietnam, Outrage and Optimism as Party Thwarts Democratic Experiment
Indonesia Fears Piracy Surge on Shipping Route Could Make It 'New Somalia'
Teen 'Salafists' Arrested Over Bomb Attack on Sikh Temple
Germany: Refugee Initiative Finds Friends for Migrants in Need
US Soldier Helps Foil Plot to Blow Up School in Denmark
UK Warns Gay Travellers About US Anti-LGBT Laws
Paris Attacks Suspect Charged With Attempted Murder in Belgium
EU Threatens Sanctions Over Macedonian Crisis
In New Ukraine, Old Clan Ties Propel 'Boy' Prime Minister's Rise
Seven Killed in NE Nigeria Suicide Bombing: Army
Chadian President Deby Re-Elected to 5th Term in Landslide First-Round Victory
Gulf Arabs Back Morocco in Western Sahara Rift With UN
Egyptian Police Detained Italian Student Before His Murder
S. Sudan, Rebels in Weaponry Wrangle Over Machar's Return
Army Officer, Three More Killed in Burundi Violence, Officials Say
Ethiopia Army 'Locates Children Abducted From Gambella'
Mali Says It Arrests Planner of Deadly Hotel Assault
Zimbabwe Suspends Capital's Mayor, Opposition Goes to Court
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